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Full shot of the yacht
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Bottom center of map
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Sea level
goto 366 41 1390
On Patrol Route
Fair amount on the beach
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Lakeside Village
Beach Camp

The Yacht, or Sailboat, is an abandoned boat that can be found in a bay on the southwestern coast of the Peninsula. It contains a fair number of supplies, but it can be dangerous to access without a boat due to sharks that may dwell in the waters around it.


IconCloth.png 4x Cloth
IconSnack.png 3x Snack
IconSoda.png 1x Soda
IconBooze.png 1x Booze
IconAirCanister.png 2x Air Canister
IconSkull.png 1x Skull
IconRope.png 3x Rope
IconCassettePlayer.png Cassette Player
IconCassetteTape.png Cassette Tape 1
IconVirginia.png Photo - Virginia
IconMilkCarton.png Milk Carton
IconMagazineYacht.png Magazine - Yacht
TeddyPolaroid diff.png Teddy Bear Photo
MeganUnicornFarket.png Megan's unicorn drawing

ArtifactKeyFarket.png Artifact Key (behind locked door, accessed using Keycard Two)

Known Background[]


It is suggested that the yacht group came to the island purposefully sometime in 1984 (via the Yacht magazine's date), in order to use the resurrection obelisk or to rescue the group's children from said obelisk (see suggested theories below). Multiple obelisk drawings can be found scattered around the yacht table. A milk carton can also be found depicting a missing child, Zachary, similar to the missing siblings. Nearby in the yacht, a photo depicting a Virginia can be found.

Unfortunately, something went terribly wrong for the yacht owners. No live persons from the group can be found, though the Red Man may be seen wandering the yacht the first time the player approaches it in any save file. Blood, gore, and a severed head inside the boat suggest the owners may have met violent end.

A few bodies that may to belong to the yacht group can be found in various locations:

  1. Cave 2, behind a wooden wall with the Practical Caver
  2. Beachside Grave
  3. On the Yacht itself

This last one, found on the bed, could be the owner of the yacht. It looks like the person was possibly committing suicide because of the "calm" position it is laying in.

Theoretical Background[]

Theory 1) Sahara was taking children to their lab, and the yacht group (comprised of the Siblings Missing parents and Zachary's parents) came to the peninsula to rescue their children. They were not prepared for the mutants and cannibals, and the group was therefore overrun. One became trapped in Cave 2 and built a wall to keep the cannibals out, and summarily starved to death. One died (probably via cannibal or perhaps shark) and was buried on shore. One died (probably via cannibal or perhaps snow/exposure) and was buried in the mountain area. The last parent committed suicide on board upon realizing the hopelessness of their venture.

Theory 2) A father/mother had their child be kidnapped and killed, and somehow found out about the peninsula's resurrection obelisk. They decided to come to the island with friends/family to resurrect their child, but found the challenges of the mutants and cannibals (and possibly still existing Sahara) too great. The child was buried on shore, and the parent killed themselves aboard, with other inhabitants having their bodies scattered across the Peninsula (in Cave 2, the beach grave, and the mountainside grave). The Red Man appears on the yacht because he mirrors this story, except he decides to not give up, and thrives against the cannibal challenge.

Theory 3) The film camp inhabitants are the same people as the yacht inhabitants. The Charles script is dated to the same year as the Yacht magazine, which is possibly coincidence, but more likely not. The bodies at the film camp are much too fresh to be from 1984 (with flies still buzzing about), even as the weathered-ness of the tents suggests that the campsite has been there for many years, as compared to the other modern tents that can be found throughout the peninsula. The Yacht has four known bodies, and the film camp has 5 tents, suggesting the one other unlucky person was dragged away by the cannibals.


Due to the use of the keycard two to open a door onboard the yacht and the artifact inside the locked room the above theories are generally disproven.


This is a fairly common area to start a base, though it is one of the most dangerous (see enemies below). The suitcases and yacht along with the ample number of booze bottles on the beach nearby provide a nearly limitless amount of Molotov cocktails. When you dive on cliff-y ground with corals, you can find oysters. The waters nearby have fish to catch with a spear. The player is unable to build on the deck of the yacht, but can build in the interior of the yacht. However, not all structures will be usable after being built (for example, water collectors and drying racks appear to function normally, but fire pits cannot be lit). This, coupled with the yacht's cramped interior space, severely limits the potential for base build-up on the yacht itself.


Patrols of cannibals frequent the area often, especially if this was a crash location. As such, building a base on the ground nearby will lead to frequent and repeated attacks, though a tiny base can be built on the island behind the yacht without fear of cannibal attack. Additionally, if the player is overwhelmed on the shore, they can simply swim to the yacht, where the cannibals cannot go, easily escaping.

Additionally, there are often sharks around the boat and in the bay, which can kill the player in two hits if the player is too close. As such, it is recommended to have a small raft for boating back and forth between the little island / yacht / beach, so as to avoid the sharks.


Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Yacht - added new locked door and improved room props

Added ability to use Keycard Two to open the locked yacht door

v0.73 Fixed water splashes visible on other players while inside yacht
v0.72 Fixed player able to walk underwater if they glitch through the wall while inside the yacht

Algae added to yacht texture replacing rust

v0.69 (performance) yacht collision and interior objects are now disabled unless player is close by
v0.67 Fixed inside of yacht being climbable with the climbing axe

Fixed regression with redman on yacht animation breaking

v0.65 (Multiplayer) Fixed sleep on yacht achievement for clients
v0.56 Added new yacht sail art (replaces placeholder art)
v0.53 Fixed story items on yacht and cassette pickups respawning even after being collected by player

Fixed stretched texture in yacht salon

v0.40 Fixed area under yacht you could swim through that would remove underwater effects temporarily

Foam added around yacht in ocean

Improved yacht lod distance that high details appear

Fixed yacht life preserver sticking through ceiling

v0.37 Fixed partial ocean waves visible inside yacht when outside yacht

Better yacht interior and exterior reflections

Fixed/improved uv’s on yacht interior

v0.36 Fixed yacht magazine in cave10 being caver magazine when picked up
v0.35 Fixed yacht windows reflecting trees

Yacht & Caver magazine kept in notes of survival book is now a ripped piece of the cover

(Multiplayer) Fixed loading a saved game inside yacht as client causing player to swim and see ocean through yacht

Fixed fish sometimes swimming through yacht

v0.32 Fixed Red Man on yacht not appearing from some angles
v0.31 (Optimization) Plane and yacht shaders now use deferred rendering
v0.30 New yacht model with access to the inside
v0.27 Slight wobble added to yacht
v0.22 (audio) Sound effects added to abandoned yacht
v0.20 New story item added to yacht!
v0.19 Balance – removed rebreather pickups from overworld, can now only be found in cave location. Modern axe removed from yacht. Air canister added to yacht location. Removed old axe in wooden door at cave entrance. Changed cave dead to always be in cave 2 location. Removed lights from cave hats. Re-worked pickups in cave 1 dead room.
v0.10 (multiplayer) Fixed client/host sometimes having differently positioned yacht location
v0.06b Fixed yacht lod bug where it would vanish for some players
v0.04 Yacht random position won’t change now or get lost when saved game is loaded
v0.03 Yacht location is now random

Fixed flare gun falling through yacht

v0.02 New suprise item added to yacht
v0.01 Yacht added to the game