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The Wooden Path, also known as walkway, was a building that consisted of wooden planks in a square shape. It was added in v0.08 though was merged with the custom floor in update v0.38. In the v0.38 update it was removed from the survival guide. It technically has its own system as it can be added to the game through console commands using PlaceBuiltObjects WalkwayStraightBuilt 1. It is difficult to place using this command as it doesn't give you control of where it is going to go.


You can still place wooden paths using the custom floor. Select the custom floor in the survival guide and aim at the ground, then press E to make a wooden path. It can be difficult to make these into pathways as you can get caught on them quite easily.

Wooden paths can also be found in some caves, they are exactly the same as the ones that the player can build. These ones can also be destroyed.


Update history[]

Version Changes
v0.46 Procedural Floor/Walkway swap system can no longer place walkway below terrain when not in caves
v0.40 Fixed ghost walkway not buildable
v0.39 Creepy mutants can now break down wooden planks
v0.38 Wooden Path/Walk Way merged with Custom Floor

Merged walkway and procedural floor in a single placement tool, bring near terrain to swap to walkway or bring it back up to swap to extensible floor which can be added to a custom structure

v0.13 Wooden planks now have a health value and will take longer to be broken down by a stick versus an axe
v0.11 Fixed wooden path blueprint not saving
v0.08 Wooden Path/Walk way added to the game

New buildable item: WalkWay