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Also known as
Water Pouch
Added in
Item type
Obtained through
Yes, though does not remove the item
Other Effects
Collects & holds fresh water or polluted water
Max. Stack

The Waterskin is an tool item that was added in update V0.14 of The Forest.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Waterskin is a craftable portable water source, very handy if you are away from drinkable water. The waterskin can be used to collect either polluted or clean water, it can then be used from the inventory to quench thirst. When looking at your inventory, you will see what percentage the water skin is filled. Even if it is partially or completely filled, you can now equip the water skin using the left click button (it is no longer required to right click it onto the crafting mat first).

A water-skin can currently be used to gather water from the following water-sources:

As of v0.70, the waterskin can be used to gather water from the old pot. Use the old pot to gather polluted water, place it on a lit Basic Fire or Fire Pit. Once it has boiled, select the waterskin and press/hold E. This will transfer the contents from the old pot to the waterskin. Make sure you collect your old pot before leaving.

You can only hold one water-skin at a time, and since v0.49 the weapon racks will no longer accept backup water-skins.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Waterskin Deer Skin Rope

Known Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • After reloading a co-op save, the water-skin may disappear from the player's inventory.
  • After reloading a co-op save, the water-skin may be uncooperative completely in the player's inventory.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.71 Fixed issue with taking damage while filling waterskin causing icon interaction to break and making player unable to switch weapons
v0.70 It is now possible to gather boiled water from pot using a waterskin or even another pot
v0.50c Fixed old pot and water skins not being able to hold water
v0.50 Fixed a case of “Fire1″ action icon not showing in inventory tooltip for hybrid equipment/edible items (like waterskin or meats)

Fixed hold right click batching in inventory wrongly triggering in some cases, like after emptying waterskin Added a slight thirst threshold before it is possible to drink from waterskin or pot in inventory to prevent spamming the polluted water damage

v0.49 Weapon rack & wall weapon rack now only accept weapon items
v0.46 Waterskin can now be held (and thus refilled) anytime, even if not currently empty
v0.41 Waterskin tooltip in inventory now shows current water fill percentage
v0.37 Filled Waterskin now holds up to 2 full thirst replenishments and drinking from it is now based on exact amount.
v0.33 Fixed waterskin content not saving properly
v0.30 Fixed removing waterskin from crafting mat
v0.14 Water skin added to the game

Crafting recipe added to the survival guide. Note that the Weapon Rack would store up to 4 "non projectile equipment items," thus including water skins!

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