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Mutant Villages (also called Mutant Camps or Mutant Settlements) are settlements presumably constructed by Mutants in The Forest. They consist of small thatched huts and serve as a base for many Mutants, though not necessarily a home. They are often occupied by 2-7 Mutants during the day and night. Individual mutants can often be seen patrolling the area around a village. Surface mutants can also be commonly found in Mutant Camps once the player has sufficiently agitated them.


Fig 1: medium-sized cannibal village.

Villages often have an abundance and wide variety of loot, including cloth, clothing and rope. Many also have several luggage cases scattered throughout. These villages are often on Mutant patrol routes and aren't a suggested place to build bases or stay too long.

Grisly things seem to have occurred in some settlements, as evidenced by tables covered in bright red blood, rotting, fly-covered bodies, or fresh corpses mangled with tennis rackets.

Building Types[]

water hut

Fig 2: Long-house styled hut

There are two main types of buildings found in settlements. There are the traditional triangle huts, as pictured in figure 1, which are the most common. They can be found all over the island. Additionally, there are long-house style huts, shown in figure 2, that can only be found near water sources. Long-house huts are elevated and have ramps that the player can walk up into, along with thatch flooring.

In addition to the two large buildings (triangle huts and long-houses), Lookout Posts can be found throughout the peninsula, sometimes near the buildings and sometimes not. They are most often found near water. The cannibals in general patrol the lookout posts just as often as they do the settlements, making lookout posts a hotspot of cannibal activity.

Settlement Types[]

The settlements have been seen to come in four different types: Small, Medium and Large, as well as Fishing Settlements.

Small Settlements[]

These are scattered through the peninsula, and contain 1-2 cannibal huts. They are relatively low activity spots. Some of these may serve a religious purpose for the Cannibals, with an animal skull effigy to pray to.

Medium Settlements[]

There are currently 4 medium cannibal settlements, with 3-5 A-frame huts each.

  • One between the beach and the sinkhole
  • One downstream (southwest) of "Snow Lake", along the river
  • One near the large lake to the north-east of the yacht

Large Settlements[]

There is currently one large settlement in the entire map, located in the south east corner of the peninsula. It contains 10+ huts, and one of these has a cave entrance located inside. This settlement almost always has a cannibal(s) present, though they tend to leave rather quickly. This camp is the best place to harvest cloth, as many effigies are present containing two cloth each that replenish between visits. Additionally, it is the best place to harvest booze, as almost directly inside the cave entrance is a little nook with 10+ booze that replenishes. Many dead tennis players and other passengers can be found here.

Fishing Settlements[]

These are made up entirely of the elongated fishing huts, accompanied by scattered Lookout Posts nearby. These sites have few corpses, few items and decorations, and very little furniture, suggesting that they are primarily used for fishing and gathering resources, rather than other activities. Currently, there are two locations for the fishing settlements:


With peaceful mode turned on, these camps become an ideal location for bases due to the abundance of items and nearby wildlife.

A lot of the villages seem to be empty during the first day. Due to this raiding a cannibal village during the first day seems to be a great strategy to get useful items early in the game.

Gallery - Release 1.0[]


Update History[]

Update Changes
v0.01 Added to the game.
v0.03 Improved village sounds.
v0.04 Smoother cannibal spawning in villages.
v0.05 More decorative objects added to villages. Rope can be found in some huts.
v0.06b Increased chance for cannibals to enter villages.
v0.18 Cannibals stay at villages during the day. New beach hut villages added.
v1.0 New decorative props added to cannibal village climb entrance