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Opening the Vault Door advances the story and provides access to the Sahara Laboratory. It is located at the end of Cave HC (Hell Cave).

Vault door opened.

The employee security Keycard found in Cave 6 (Lawyer Cave) is required to open the Vault Door. In the passage leading up to the door, the player will discover multiple Timmy drawings depicting a swim through the water at the entrance to the cave, the Vault Door, and the initial passage of Sahara Laboratory. Approaching the door, the player must travel through a long cave hallway with man-made looking pillars on both sides, seemingly made of the same material as the sacrifice doors. If the player chooses to remain on the Peninsula after traversing the laboratory, the Vault Door will be blocked by a cave in of rubble. This prevents the player from re-entering the lab.

Vault cooridor.png

The hallway before the vault door.

Vault door.png

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Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Added loading UI when opening endgame