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v1.12 VR was an update released September 11th, 2019. This update was exclusively for VR and was first implemented as an opt-in beta.

Dev Notes[]

Hey everyone,

This patch updates The Forest VR to include support for the new index controllers as well as fixing and improving a ton of VR-specific issues.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions, Changes, & Fixes[]

  • Full support for Index and SteamVR 2.0 input system
  • Custom build Input binding maps for Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus, Vive, Knuckles VR controllers
  • Added Finger/grip tracking support for all VR controllers. Knuckles tracks all fingers independently
  • Rebuilt the input hint system to be dynamic and match controller bindings / controllers
  • Impact Haptic Vibration (can be disabled)
  • Item Hover Vibration (can be disabled)
  • Added support for VR native onscreen keyboard
  • Linked Haptic vibration support to ‘controller rumble’ in options
  • Fixed Timmy Epilogue camera
  • Fixed Survival book movement lock bug
  • Fixed Crossbow position reset when player knocked over during reload
  • Fixed missing helicopter in sinkhole
  • Fixed bug that prevented players from manually placing walls and fences on a foundation or floor
  • Fixed Map missing back faces
  • Fixed Climbing axe triggering power attacks
  • Fixed Locked sliders in the options menu if a Controller is not plugged in
  • Fixed Drowning not triggering
  • Fixed Oculus unable to take dried meat from drying racks
  • Fixed controls preventing players from adding meat to fires/drying racks while holding them
  • Fixed effigies not lighting from lighter interaction
  • Fixed Enemies color glitch in Multiplayer
  • Fixed missing UI prompts for Repulsor Artifact
  • Fixed duplicated Rebreather mesh in some 3rd person instances
  • Fixed some transparent objects not visible at ocean/skybox horizon
  • Fixed floating Bats in title scene
  • Fixed bug with disabled physical crouching in VR resetting player height
  • Fixed missing shelter Icons
  • Fixed issues with watch hints / tutorials
  • Fixed issue where options menu closes immediately when opened
  • Fixed missing “Host Not Responding” alert in Multiplayer
  • Fixed HUD visible during options / loading / pause menus
  • Fixed Keyboard hints visible when no controller connected
  • Fixed Pointer icon visible in certain contexts
  • Fixed Grip button combining inputs from the trigger button
  • Fixed intro Cutscene skip bug
  • Fixed Modern bow and crafted bow with flashlight clipping through the crafting list if it is brought up while they're not on the crafting mat
  • Fixed Crafting List overlapping Crafting Cog
  • Fixed instant ‘redrop’ of some items
  • Fixed bug allowing game to be paused during Megan transformation, causing music desync
  • Fixed 'Select' input on main menu switches to Grip after opening keypad door
  • Removed visible controllers in the main menus
  • Added missing Controller Hints
  • Fixed movement in VR not working with Pedometer
  • Fixed flare autolight when thrown
  • Fixed Sleep interaction / information for shelters
  • Fixed Save interaction for shelters
  • Fixed Marker interaction / visibility for shelters
  • Fixed tutorial backing bug issues
  • Fixed tutorials not clearing
  • Fix mapping controller changes for Unity 2017+
  • Fixed slow projectiles bug
  • Fixed glowing circle visible under remote players feet when viewing inventory in caves
  • Fixed controller hints inverted when looking from behind
  • Fixed issue with player models face features visible in inventory
  • Set Walkie Talkies audio to match selected output target
  • Fixed stashing the bow while it is drawn locks the animation into the drawn state. Cannot be fired or reset afterwards.
  • Fixed Samsung Odyssey deadzone issues
  • Improved rendering for ghosts
  • Ensured backing is updated for tutorials / building ingredients
  • Fixed building mission missing from watch
  • Fixed icon for artifact
  • Fixed molotov null ref error
  • Prevented haptics from triggering with grabber ping pong
  • Fixed custom floor placement
  • Fixed tutorial missing button for survival book
  • Fix for roof construction VR
  • Fixed VR 'interactable' destroy bug
  • Fixed hint display issue VR
  • Disabled some HUD gui in VR crafting
  • Fixed Opening inventory with survival book locked player
  • Fixed Sliders bug in options in game
  • Fixed HUD (health) display issues
  • Fixed bats visible at start
  • Setup new ingredients display for VR in inventory
  • Fixed issue with error when returning to title scene
  • Improved VR button shader
  • Improved VR hint system
  • Locked hand tracking for arm holding log
  • Set correct verbs for inventory ‘use’
  • Added Equip hint when item is crafted on mat
  • Stopped Ghosts rendering in pause menu
  • Fixed the 2d fire effect on held stick
  • Hid weapon stats in inventory
  • Fixed sleeping Queue in Multiplayer preventing players from opening inventory/book
  • Fixed adding rabbits to cages
  • Fixed visual bug with bow disappearing visually for a few seconds when crafted
  • Added repair blocked icon
  • Added repair ‘progress’ icon
  • Added ‘Stealth’ icon
  • Added lighter first use icon
  • Added building blocked icon
  • Added missing prompt for rabbit cages
  • Added core controller hints for inv/book on look at hands
  • Disabled some tutorials for VR (book)
  • Added new VR Quick Select System
  • Blocked Inventory/book hints when not in world
  • Fixed VR prompt translations
  • Setup all items for quickselect placements
  • Fixed quick select item placements on mat
  • Support visuals for ‘non-equiment’ quick select
  • Item names in inventory
  • Made drop action a little more deliberate
  • Fixed bug with the rabbit cages (hint not showing)
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the 'use' progress bar not displaying initially on the traps when resetting
  • Improved VR support for under water (shaders)
  • Fixed issue with ‘Vignette’ eye overlap
  • Fixed blotchy texture on VR player hands mesh
  • Fixed watch not visible in inventory while in caves
  • Fixed Unable to physically light pre-placed fires in caves
  • Fixed missing ending triggers hold prompt
  • Fixed missing Megan pickup hold prompt
  • Fixed missing Placing megan into artifact hold prompt
  • Fixed missing Timmy artifact hold prompt
  • Fixed missing MP Sleeping hold prompt
  • Fixed missing MP Backpack collection hold prompt
  • Fixed missing MP Taking items from the plane tray hold prompt
  • Fixed missing Drinking prompt hold prompt
  • Fixed missing Water collection hold prompt
  • Removed grip Lighter prompts
  • Prevented stashing of left hand items when holding logs
  • 2d HUD shows up on crafting mat when materials are added sometimes
  • Fixed camera breaking when dying on rafts and in water
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The current version is V1.12 - VR which was released on September 11, 2019
The current major version is v1.12 - VR which was released on September 11, 2019