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Version 0.72 was a major update released January 18, 2018.

Dev Notes[]

Hey Everyone,

For this patch we focused on bug fixing and polish, as well as adding in a couple long requested tweaks (the log sled can now carry a full 12 logs!)

In addition to over 100 bug fixes, we added an audio slider in options to tweak the volume of the walky talky, improved accuracy of building placement by using camera position to allow fine tuning of positions, improved the look of a bunch of buildings that were still using old logs, and added new cargo pant player variations in multiplayer.

It’s been a long journey since our first v0.01 release on Steam. In the next few weeks we will be announcing our plan for moving the game out of early access into a v1.0 release including some hints as to some of the new features you can expect! Stay tuned.

If you are running a dedicated server, you will need to restart your server with the latest version to be compatible with this patch release.

Additions, Changes, & Fixes[]

  • Fixed battery level able to fall below 0% when flashlight is taped to a weapon
  • After crafting an item, the entire crafting napkin is now used to target the product of the recipe.
  • Fixed animals sometimes getting stuck following the player
  • Fixed geese not affected by certain weapon types
  • Fixed player able to walk underwater if they glitch through the wall while inside the yacht
  • Fixed some missing rock sounds in world when walking over rocks
  • Fixed dynamite missing fuse on placed or thrown version compared to held
  • Fixed missing amount identifier for paints in inventory
  • Fixed wrong shark head on mounted version
  • Fixed wrong ui placement on sticks dropped from small coniferous tree
  • Fixed blue paint hard to select with full inventory
  • Fixed rope sheen visible on rope sitting on crafting mat
  • Lowered amount of green grass in snow areas
  • Fixed an error when repairing basic staircase
  • Fixed incorrect text for listed taped light recipes when adding a plastic torch to the crafting mat
  • Pressing the “Drop” button while holding a stashable item now always stashes it, with the exception of lit projectiles that will instead be dropped
  • Blackberries can now be collected with the pouch
  • Snowberries can now be used like twinberries to poison weapons and arrows
  • Fixed water pot no longer showing the drinking icon when containing only water
  • Drowning damage is now a continuous damage amount per second instead of several bigger ticks
  • Fixed player head clipping through ceiling when crouch jumping
  • Added particle effects when digging ground with a stick
  • Fixed enemies sometimes not turning green when shot with poison arrows
  • Fixed player held clubs using wrong block animation
  • Fixed incendiary spear looking transparent
  • Fixed regression with recipe listing when adding items to the crafting mat
  • Fixed fast climbing ropes not working with toggle sprint enabled
  • New shark head cut model with better cut detailing
  • Fixed benches and chairs able to be activated after being destroyed
  • Fixed raccoon ragdoll not colliding with player
  • Fixed some bushes not blowing up when near explosions
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of some held item pickups
  • Fixed herbs not having calorie stat
  • Fixed some thrown items not colliding with walls in sections of the end game
  • Fixed scale of dropped pot on fire
  • Fixed dropped fish from moving weirdly with the player when speared
  • Fixed enter cave icons visible when already entering an underwater swim cave
  • Fixed player rebreather not visible in shadow
  • Fixed issues with rusty axe upgrading & upgrade disassembling
  • Looking down while placing a structure now brings the ghost closer to the player instead of remaining always at the same distance
  • Walky Talky is now hidden from inventory in single player
  • Plane axe can no longer be placed on racks and will always stay in inventory
  • Gardens can no longer be built on dynamic structures
  • Fixed equipping incendiary spear from crafting mat retaining the incendiary bonus if crafting another spear
  • Fixed bone chandelier lacking collision and being impossible to repair
  • Added recipe to combine modern bow + arrow to set the active bonus
  • Slightly reduced distance that players can grab climbing ropes
  • Fixed water appearing in pot before it was submerged in a water source
  • Fixed enemies not reacting to sound of flare gun being fired
  • Fixed meat not doing fake drop in multiplayer games if inventory is full
  • Fixed wrong crafted club material on crafting mat when mousing over
  • You can now upgrade the enemy club
  • Survival Book – More consistent numbering and lettering in crafting guide pages
  • Survival Book – Health/med text in book and inventory is now consistent
  • Survival Book – Fixed some inconsistent building amounts vs blueprints
  • Survival Book – Added ‘defensive structures’ text to traps button in index
  • Fixed single dead body triggering old find passenger message
  • Fixed floating tennis ball icon in cannibal village
  • Fixed holes in geo of end boss ragdoll
  • Fixed missing seat 6c in passenger manifest
  • You can now add up to 30 of each item you have stacked in inventory
  • Fixed an area on terrain that could cause player to swim even though not in water
  • Fixed weird shadowing on old tent flaps
  • Fixed a bunch of cases of seaweed spawning on land
  • Fixed an issue with player built doors sometimes getting stuck open when moving far away from them
  • Fixed enemies and animals not reacting to being hit with unlit molotov’s
  • Fixed player legs not moving when rotating with the log sled
  • Procedural dock can now be placed after the first locked point whenever lock conditions are met again to match how other buildings placement works
  • Fixed plane axe equipping after entering caves with empty hands
  • Explosive holder no longer accepts small rocks
  • Fixed picking up a log during the eating animation causing player to switch to the Plane Axe after dropping the Log
  • Stairs & dock can now be removed with the hole cutter
  • Modern arrows pinned to enemies no longer turn into normal ones
  • Fixed story clues no longer visibly poking out of the book while viewing other pages
  • Fixed item duplication exploit with the catapult
  • Fixed placed distraction devices and bombs not falling to ground after tree is cut down
  • Fixed player controls getting locked if crane is destroyed while player is pulling the rope
  • Fixed an area where you could get stuck inside of a waterfall area
  • Fixed some stretched cliff textures in some parts of world
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed bushes and grass not bending for client players
  • Fixed cave worm shader changing look depending on time of day
  • Fixed some shaders lighting up incorrectly when flashlight was shone on them
  • Fixed story items re equipping if book was opened while looking at item
  • Fixed bombs still visible briefly after exploding
  • Player can no longer climb parts of the crashed plane, waterfalls, fig trees and old dead tree stumps
  • Fixed crosses on wood barricade not falling off when barricade was destroyed
  • Fixed player getting knocked into the air when destroying foundation chunks
  • Fixed an issue with survival book not opening or closing at wrong time when open button is pressed multiple times
  • Getting muddy now cleans up blood
  • Added a 0.05s delay before showing ghost buildings after selecting it in book to prevent it appearing to drop down from sky when first placed
  • Added a slider in options to tweak volume you hear other players talking through the walky talky
  • Added an option to items to prevent closing inventory when equipping it from there
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed soda not dropping to the ground for clients when grabbed from the metal tray while full
  • (Audio) Fixed wrong breathing sound effects playing when dying of drowning
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed issues with small log holder on moving structure after moving away (not retroactive)
  • Can now add both toy arms & legs to the crafting mat
  • Algae added to yacht texture replacing rust
  • Fixed an error occuring with hole cutter that could leave it in world but inactive
  • Fixed marigold in inventory having wrong shape when highlighted
  • Fixed in cave state breaking sometimes if player was knocked down close to a cave entrance
  • Fixed player able to push rafts from a distance after dying and respawning in a dedicated server game
  • Fixed rafts sometimes continuing to move after letting go of oar
  • Fixed player not able to aim spear for throwing while looking down
  • Fixed issue with enemy position not being updated correctly when getting knocked to the ground
  • Fixed enemies not able to jump over built wooden Targets
  • Lit molotovs and dynamites thrown in water are now turned off
  • (UI) Fixed flare gun & tennis racket icon in the weapon rack widget
  • Fixed bow distorted on racks
  • It is no longer possible to light custom effigies while holding an item that can be added to it, when not holding such item the entire effigy is used as a trigger that allows lighting it so that it is no longer necessary to look down to find the trigger
  • Fixed missing gamepad rumble when hitting enemies
  • Up to 12 crafting recipes are now visible when adding ingredients to the crafting mat
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed the revive icon staying visible while a downed player is respawning
  • You can now kill the small spiders that appear under rocks by hitting them
  • Log cabin,small cabin, gazebo, garden, bonfire, rock side platform, defensive spikes, tree platforms, floor platform, wood target, procedural roof all use new log model/texture type now
  • Water collector now uses newest shell model/textures
  • Fixed items on armor rack missing back faces on certain angles
  • Can no longer light arrows if the bow is already being aimed
  • Fixed animation glitch when aiming the bow while an arrow is being lit
  • Better looking lit bonfire material
  • Fixed players able to climb past the bottom end of custom ropes
  • Fixed players sometimes getting put back on the surface when climbing down into cave rope entrances
  • Fixed player hearing footsteps sfx when standing on raft that is being moved by another player
  • (Multiplayer) Upgraded spear’s incendiary upgrade is now visible on remote players
  • Sled can now carry up to 12 logs
  • (Multiplayer) While host is in the player crash sequence, time will now flow in background regardless of what host is seeing so that clients starting right away don’t have to wait for host to finish the sequence to get the actual time
  • Upgrade distribution UI no longer replaces the recipe list when not needed, for example with Rock & Cloth on the crafting mat which would show it for the Upgraded Rock recipe and thus hide the Repair Tool one
  • When using mouse a simpler pointer is shown in inventory
  • Fixed houseboat walls blurring weirdly when being moved by player
  • Player can no longer cycle arrow types while the bow is drawn
  • Fixed animals sometimes getting stuck not moving when very close to ponds
  • Fixed flashlight visibly popping off when stashing held flashlight
  • Fixed left hand items sometimes still briefly appearing in hand when holding a 2 handed weapon
  • Fixed following ghost objects not lining up closely with the built model: Basic wall, wall with window, Wall with door
  • Fixed stickholder large sticks having sheen when in partial construction, and fixed sheen on rocks on stick marker when in partial construction
  • Fixed wood couch, fireplace and zipline not showing all renderers collected when that part of the construction was fully added
  • Fixed chainsaw pickup showing wrong UI element
  • Fixed some wrong combine/equip tags in inventory
  • Fixed some items incorrectly capitalized in inventory
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed rock thrower lever rotation not moving when other players use the thrower
  • Updated roof log model
  • Fixed stick fence ghost being offset from the built one
  • Fixed upgraded rock showing a block value in the inventory tooltip
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed ghost cranes not synced properly upon loading a saved game
  • Fixed player able to be launched into the sky when using the climbing axe
  • Survival Book – build image polish to match built items for Rabbit Cage, Log Holder and Small Cabinet
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed other players plastic torch lights no longer visible after it has been stashed once
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed UI issues occuring when respawning after dying with the pause menu opened while downed
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The current version is V1.12 - VR which was released on September 11, 2019
The current major version is v1.12 - VR which was released on September 11, 2019