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Version 0.71 was a major update released December 15, 2017.

Dev Notes[]


Hey Everyone,

This patch adds a new electrical tape pickup item. With electrical tape you can now craft the new slingshot weapon type, which uses the small rocks in world as ammo.

Electrical tape can also be used to tape certain items together, such as taping the flashlight to the flintlock, or to the bows or chainsaw to help make those weapons more effective in caves. This crafting ingredient is also now needed for making explosives.

To simplify crafting, you can now put more ingredients than needed on the crafting mat and they will simply be left over afterwards, instead of stopping you from crafting. This can be used to speed up crafting multiple items of the same type, for example to make molotovs, you can now add all your booze and cloth at once and fast craft as many as you have the resources for.

We did an almost total re-work of the strength and stats system. Calories are now displayed in the inventory for each food item when you hover over them, and gaining strength, or weight or improving athleticism should seem more natural. Previously you could become overweight and it would take many in game days of barely eating to get back to a reasonable weight.

The player base clothing models have been redone at much higher detail. This includes new t-shirt variations, and much better looking pant, shoe and shirt models along with new textures.

The new modern arrows can be found in caves and in some of the modern yellow cases in the world. These arrows give more damage to the bows when equipped. For best use, combine with the modern bow.

There are also a bunch of smaller fixes and improvements full list below.

It’s been a really busy month for us, in addition to the patch, we showed a ps4 version of the game at playstation experience this past weekend. It was really great to meet some fans of the game, and lots of people who played the PC version came by our booth to say hi. We announced at PSX that we will be releasing on playstation in 2018. We are currently working out the exact release date for a version 1.0 of the PC release and will announce that date in the new year.

If you are running a dedicated server, you will need to restart your server with the latest version to be compatible with this patch release.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions, Changes, & Fixes[]

  • Added new electrical tape pickup
  • Added new modern arrow pickup
  • Explosives now require electrical tape to be crafted
  • Electrical tape can now be found in some suitcases
  • New craftable weapon added! To make a slingshot combine 1 stick, with a cloth and electrical tape. Use small rocks for ammo.
  • Small rocks are now collected directly to your inventory
  • (Performance) AI of enemies optimized
  • Reduced stutter from navmesh update when new structures are completed
  • Fixed enemies not positioned on ceiling correctly in caves
  • Fixed player able to get stuck if entering a rope trigger while knocked down on ground
  • Fixed enemies not drowning for clients in caves while host is in overworld
  • Fixed camera shake missing from explosions
  • Fixed player movement getting locked if getting hit while holding the catapult
  • (Performance) Improved clean up speed when closing game or after finishing game fixing issue where it would appear the game had crashed before entering end cutscene
  • Fixed partially burnt plants that are returned to the pooling system after going away before it finished burning not resetting the burn effect properly and looking partially burnt when reused
  • (Performance) Plant burning system no longer needs to duplicate materials
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed tortoises sometimes disappearing for clients while hiding in their shell
  • Fixed trap icons visible with the ShowHud option off
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed bats not being affected by explosions for clients
  • Fixed a case of player throw animation getting stuck on after jumping
  • Fixed fish getting thrown very far when blown up with explosives
  • (Multiplayer) Added in controller support for invite menu
  • (Performance) Shorter trunks on trees (previously some would extend far below terrain even though they were not visible)
  • Fixed issue with taking damage while filling waterskin causing icon interaction to break and making player unable to switch weapons
  • (Performance) Moved asset preloading to before loading saved game, while the black screen is up rather than right after the game starts
  • Fixed gamepad back button sometimes not working after using a menu
  • (Performance) Slightly optimized enemy encounter objects spawning CPU cost
  • Fixed a case of getting cold in caves due to rain outside
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed clients sometimes unable to kill fish with the spear
  • Fixed some story items in inventory not having correct outlines
  • Fixed enemies sometimes ragdolling weirdly when caught in traps
  • Fixed enemies sometimes not placed correctly when caught in happy birthday trap
  • Turned down intensity of cave worms
  • Fixed players sometimes swimming at wrong speed after colliding with ROV objects when underwater
  • Fixed enemies being difficult to set on fire when caught in a HBD trap
  • Fixed enemies sometimes getting stuck in burn animation loop forever
  • (Translations) Setup the various loading and error message in the MP screen to be translated, currently translated to: french
  • (UI) R/L gamepad button icons are now bigger
  • (Multiplayer) Moved prefab database warm up to when actually starting a game instead of when loading the MP start scene to smooth out menu navigation and hide the hiccup with a proper black screen
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bodies not dropping from happy birthday traps when reset for clients
  • Fixed player occasionally getting stuck underneath terrain when letting go of a climb out rope near the very top
  • Fixed player sometimes rotating away from cliff face when first using climbing axe on a cliff
  • Fixed finalizing roof with the Build action not working (was accepting Fire1 only)
  • Numerous improvements to MP scene navigation when using a gamepad, including using Back button (B on Xbox gamepad, Circle on Dualshock) to go back to previous screen
  • Fixed current book entry not properly selected itself after placing a ghost and going back in book when using a gamepad
  • It is now possible to close book and cancel ghost placement with xbox gamepad B button or dualshock Circle button
  • Fixed forcing cursor back in center after opening inventory
  • (Multiplayer) Reduced stutter on falling trees that could sometimes happen for clients
  • Fixed crafted club not doing correct ground attack animation
  • Action icon is now hidden if there's no mapping for it instead of showing the default sprite (ie: the Utility action with dualshock gamepads)
  • Fixed timed out / kick message not closable when using a gamepad
  • Nutrition System Revamp: Consuming edible items now yields calories on top of fullness, doing physical activities counts as burnt calories and strength, excess calories are resolved and transformed in weight and strength gain or loss
  • Cave 2 lighting improvements
  • Calories are now listed in the food and drinks when hovered over in inventory
  • New craftable item: Small rock bag increases how many small rocks you can carry.
  • Some yellow crates have modern arrows now
  • Fixed some cases of enemies getting stuck running against walls inside enclosed areas
  • It is now possible to tape plastic torches onto the bows, the flintlock and the chainsaw
  • It is now possible to have more items than what a recipe requires to complete and doing so will leave the unused ingredients on the crafting mat along with the created item (ie: can add all booze and cloth to the crafting mat, and thus quickly iterate through the molotov making process)

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The current major version is v1.12 - VR which was released on September 11, 2019