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Released September 8th, 2017.

Dev Notes[]

Hey Everyone,

This patch includes an almost total redesign of the survival book. We’ve added color bands across sections to make it easier to know which section you are currently in, and also matched the hover over buttons to use this same color. Along with this the stats page has been redesigned, it should now be both easier to read and give more context to how stats relate to the HUD elements.

A similar re-work was done across the HUD itself. We’ve kept the same basic ideas everyone is familiar with but cleaned up the look visually, with subtle gradients added to make the bars easier to understand, and cleaned up shapes that retain the same basic ideas whilst looking visually cleaner.

The build/item tracker has been reworked to feel less jarring. Items now smoothly animate in and out instead of popping visually. We wanted to make this feel like a mental checklist players are thinking of, and so have added a strike out line as each item has its requirements filled, as if you’re striking them off a list.

We’ve changed a bunch of stuff with how collision works, and how mouse movement feels. We also added some new mouse smoothing options giving players the ability to alter this to how they prefer or turn it off completely. Along with this there has been a re-work of the cave collision making it more accurate to the 3d rendered geometry, and also how multiplayer collision works – previously clients would rely on hosts collision for ragdolls and a.i. meaning dropped bodies for clients could fall through rocks unless client was very close to host.

Along with the collision changes, we added new head shot damage to enemies. A good projectile shot to the head of a humanoid enemy will now do much more damage than a body shot.

Animal A.I. was improved, We made deer run further and longer from players instead of forgetting instantly they were almost just killed. We also fixed some long standing issues with animals getting stuck on walls, and some animals not catching on fire when they should. To make being killed by either a crocodile or shark clearer, we now animate the player spinning around to show what just killed them.

It is now possible to add logs to ziplines, which should make this a useful way to transport logs across long distances. This is a first pass, we’re planning a lot more polish on this especially in multiplayer.

You can now collect mushrooms using your pouch, and even plant them in gardens you build in caves. Poison mushrooms can now be used similar to poison berries in inventory.

We did a pass on water collection, now pot will be properly held and also animate to scoop water up, it should also look better when placed on a fire.

We added a new ability to turtle shells, you can now use these as makeshift sleds. This system works most effectively in the snow, and can be used as a way to make a quick exit if surrounded by enemies.

Along with this we added some new cannibal village props, fixed some issues with loading games with an insane amount of buildings in 64 bit (over 10,000 structures!) Started in on some slow enemy CPU optimizations, balanced chainsaw weapon, improved how previous weapon selection works, improved hud performance, Improved the hole cutter to allow it to remove more items including paths and some decorations, and also prepared project for a switch to a newer unity version (which didn’t make it into this patch) and more.

If you are running a dedicated server, you will need to restart your server with the latest version to be compatible with this patch release.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub.

Additions, Changes, & Fixes[]

  • Fixed Sea Turtles sometimes being blocked by walls
  • Sea turtles will now be set alight if passing through a fire
  • Higher resolution textures on turtle shell
  • Hitting enemies with repair tool should no longer make them bloodied
  • Fixed very large save games sometimes crashing on load on 64 bit systems
  • Optimized cpu usage of all enemy ai routines
  • Better collision on some cannibal village props
  • Added new large bloody tables and broken bloody table variations
  • Deer now run away from player more after being attacked
  • Player will now spin to face direction of attack after being killed by a shark or crocodile
  • Improved cave wall collision accuracy
  • Improved look of cannibal village hut thatched grass textures
  • Fixed bodies ragdolling weirdly if dropped on bonfire
  • It’s No longer possible to attach bombs to enemy gibs
  • Held small rocks and tennis balls are now dropped when sitting on a bench
  • Fixed player arm clipping through camera sometimes during axe attacks
  • Fixed slightly laggy movement on player camera during plane crash
  • Fixed animals sometimes not pathing correctly around structures and other obstacles
  • Lowered overall movement speed while attacking with chainsaw
  • Reduced chainsaw damage against creepy mutants and end game boss
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed small meat not visible in remote player hands when held
  • It is now possible to bind mouse buttons to axis actions such as movement
  • Looking at a damaged structure (not needing logs for repair) while holding a log no longer shows the repair widget and instead shows the missing repair tool icon
  • Fixed loading saves with toy not initializing properly all renderers
  • Fixed flashlight not properly set as the current light item after selecting it in inventory
  • Fixed prev page button in Boats page of book pointing to Traps 2 instead of Traps 3 (defensive structures)
  • New HUD elements added. Replaced stomach drawing, and cleaned up and created new HUD backing, and added new gradients for bars
  • (multiplayer)Fixed player standing up after being killed while in injured state
  • (multiplayer) Enemies and animals will now collide with rocks for client players when the host is very far away
  • (UI) Revamped build mission UI items are now striked off and animated when completed
  • It is now possible to add logs to ziplines to let it transport them across to the other end!
  • When the Drop button is pressed and an actual item is dropped (rather than stashed) the previously equipped item is now equipped automatically
  • (Performance) Simplified physics setup of defensive wall reinforcements
  • (UI) New design for collected item messages and tutorials
  • Mushrooms may now be collected using the pouch ! It is now possible to carry up to 10 mushrooms
  • Gardens created in caves now have the option to plant mushrooms instead of seeds.
  • Survival book pages re-worked for majority of pages. Some pages are still wip such as bestiary, and older crafting pages
  • Fixed player camera breaking if taking damage during hanging in cave cutscene
  • You can now use equipped shell as a sled by jumping and doing a downward attack
  • Arrows, spears and flintlock pistol can now deal increased headshot damage to enemies
  • Hole cutter can now also remove rock path, deer skin, rabbit skin and skull decorations
  • Added mouse smoothing setting with option to set this to zero
  • Fixed player sometimes able to jump while crouched in vents and other tight areas
  • Improved held pot pose and added gather water animation when using pot at lakes and ponds
  • You can now make poison arrows using poisoned mushrooms
  • Fixed a case of prefab bundle loader going on and off quickly when placed as greeble creating several routines for a single object and causing the bundle to end up unloaded automatically after finishing loader as if unused (would result in some items not appearing when they should such as types of corpses in caves)
  • Added cpu ocean optimization when far away
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