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v0.54 was a major update that was released February 1, 2017

Dev Notes[]

v0.54 Posted on 1 February, 2017 by Anna

Hey everyone,

For this patch we’ve added a new late game tribe who are harder to kill and can do more damage to the player. These are recognizable by the crosses painted on them. We’ve also given skinny enemies the ability to carry and use sticks as weapons, and regular enemies can now use any of the crafted primitive weapons in the game to attack player.

For single player hard mode, we’ve removed inventory pausing, so you will need to get to a safe area before taking meds, or crafting items.

In multiplayer we’ve made some big memory optimizations for clients, fixed birds not syncing correctly between players and fixed a bunch of other bugs including issues with destroyed cave walls respawning for clients and clients having issues saving and loading in caves or in the sinkhole.

We’ve revamped the cold damage system. You will now take cold damage if freezing and standing still for 8 consecutive seconds. If you keep moving you’ll warm up slightly and won’t suffer any damage. To make this clearer we have a full screen frost effect when the damage occurs, and to show visually you’re cold you’re skin will turn slightly blue and you will visibly shake. We also tweaked booze to now give you a temporary warmth boost offsetting the cold damage and frost timers.

For bow and arrows, when the bow is fully drawn visibly the arrow will now be at full power, previously you would have to hold the arrow drawn for a longer period of time to be at full strength. We also made reloading slightly faster and added ability to light fire arrows directly from standing fires.

Caves 1 and 3 have had a bunch of extra details added to them, and we’ve done a pass on enemy layouts and pacing in these caves. We also added some floating suitcases and floating planks to some of the water areas.

Along with this we fixed a ton of bugs, added new art for the stealth armor and for the leaf shelter, finally actually turned on rabbits breeding in cages and lots more, for the full list check below.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • (Performance) Lowered engine CPU overhead cost from active sound emitters
  • (Performance) Optimized cpu usage on some enemy ai scripts
  • Fixed custom effigy costing 2 rocks instead of 3
  • Updated stairs stilt model to use latest log art
  • (Performance) Optimized clean up process of various systems to speed up time game takes to close
  • Closing inventory with metal tray and decayed meat not combined on the crafting mat no longer loses the meat decay state when it returns to the inventory
  • Fixed some issues with restoring meat decay state after loading a saved game
  • Fixed some issues with restoring arrow bonus after loading a saved game
  • (Multiplayer) Weapon paint now correctly syncs to other players
  • Fixed weak spear sometimes disappearing when thrown directly downwards
  • Caves – fixed hole in Cave 8
  • Fixed gamepad navigation in the new game difficulty menu
  • Rabbits in cages now have a 10% chance to breed each time player sleeps when there are 2 to 4 rabbits in the cage
  • Fixed weapon rack sometimes not refreshing the current target item type
  • Fixed painted inventory item material reverting when hovered
  • (Multiplayer) Birds are now synced properly in multiplayer games
  • (Multiplayer) Optimized total memory usage on clients
  • Fixed enemy bodies ragdolling incorrectly when killed in a noose trap
  • Fixed player able to get permanently stuck between gardens placed close together
  • Fixed already cooked meat reverting to raw if the fire runs out
  • Meat left on fire when saving the game now delay resuming the cooking until the black screen has gone away
  • (Multiplayer) It is no longer possible to open the chat silently while having the survival book open
  • (Balance) Opening inventory no longer pauses time in hard mode
  • Blood effect that shows when getting hit now occurs while in inventory
  • Lowered time inventory takes to pause the game in single player non hard mode games to 0.05s (from 1s)
  • (Balance) Skinny cannibals now have a chance of carrying sticks as weapons
  • Drying rack “rotate icon” now is properly positioned to avoid enter the meat placed on the rack
  • Hole cutter can no longer be applied if is there is an enemy in range
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed some cases of meat reverting to raw after using it on crafting mat with metal tray
  • Fixed log cabin sleep and save icons remaining visible if active when a wall is destroyed
  • Fixed spelling mistake in inventory arrows
  • Fixed picking up small rock and spear at the same time breaking weapon usage
  • Fixed loading a save outside of caves but in sinkhole not enabling cave grounds properly
  • Added back in experimental support for 5:4 and 4:3 resolutions
  • Revamped the frost survival feature. When the visual frost effect stops increasing, damage will occur if standing still for 8 consecutive seconds. Screen will visually frost entirely the time of a flash to indicate the source * of the damage
  • New high level painted tribe mutants added to world
  • Regular mutants can now sometimes appear carrying crafted weapons
  • Fixed weapons flying away from mutants sometimes when killed
  • Added a slight blue tint to player skin when cold
  • Player now does the check arms anim when getting cold if there are no enemies around
  • Fixed adding and removing rabbits quickly from cages causing them to disappear
  • Fixed scale of the static on ground snow particles
  • (Balance) Added some skinny pale enemies to cave 1 armsy room
  • (Balance) Cave 3 improved enemy layouts and added more enemies
  • Caves: Removed old purse model
  • Cave 3 added floating items and floating heads
  • Cave 3 lighting pass, extra planks, extra floating items, old pot prefabs, air canisters to flooded room, fixed missing climbing wall, added swim out area to above ground
  • Cave 1 More cave audio ambience between wood plank walls, Added broken wood plank details moved cross pick up to before first wall breakdown, Fixed unbreakable box on walkout side to sinkhole area
  • Caves: Fixed spawn sticks often intersecting rocks and positioned incorrectly
  • (Multiplayer) Extended player in ghost building check to prevent completion to other players in game
  • Snow no longer washes off blood, mud and red paint like rain
  • Current steam build ID is now displayed in bottom right of title screen
  • Bow and arrow improvements. Bow will now be at maximum strength when animation shows arrow fully pulled back. Slightly increased reload speed.
  • Fire arrows can now be lit by holding them close to a fire source while bow is drawn
  • Birds can now land on the cannibal art scattered around the world
  • Fixed gold keycard not getting picked up if picked quickly after the cutscene, while last weapon is equipping back
  • Using booze now also resets all current frost effect/timer
  • Player now shivers when cold
  • (Audio) Tuned sinkhole ambience to increase volume on cave exits into sinkhole area
  • (Audio) Tuned trigger threshold for player_splash sfx
  • (Audio) Added gore foot sfx for when stepping in gore piles.
  • New stealth armour model and textures added to player
  • Hole cutter no longer has any effect on ghost procedural buildings (which was making it non completable)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed nutrition/exercise/strength stat not restored properly for clients
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed exploded cave rock walls respawned after leaving and returning to caves for host
  • Fixed Cave 9 curled body in ground
  • Fixed some cave shimmy areas set to wrong scale and not functioning correctly as a result
  • Fixed some crates in caves not breakable or breaking at the wrong scale/wrong position when hit
  • New temporary (leaf) shelter leaf texture/model
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed players getting pushed around by enemies while injured and waiting for revive
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed spawning in sinkhole as client preventing cave entrances to work properly
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