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v0.51 was a major update that was released on December 14, 2016

Dev Notes[]

V0.51 Posted on 14 December, 2016 by Anna

Hey everyone,

For this patch we focused on opening up the door at the bottom of the sinkhole cave. The door is locked and you’ll need to find the keycard in order to get inside.

Additionally, some new story items have been placed around the world, particularly in locations where you can find red paint.

Our plan was to originally have the door be openable only once the game was fully complete however the feedback and help we’ve gotten from the community has been invaluable throughout the development of the game and so we wanted to have everyone involved in this part of the process also. Keep in mind, you should expect some bugs and possibly other issues, and may prefer to wait for a final release to play this part of the game.

Note: You can’t currently save in areas past the door.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • The door at the bottom of the sinkhole cave is now openable (if you have the keycard)
  • New drawings and story items added near red paint locations in caves and overworld
  • Changed delay in between appearance of light tutorial to 10 minutes (from 1)
  • Fixed player camera sometimes facing seat during plane crash sequence
  • Improved navigation mesh quality around geese lake and other lakes
  • Molotov fires now get put out by water
  • Fixed flintlock part 8 not showing inventory tooltip
  • Fixed some tutorials possibly staying visible if dying while active
  • Ghost tree structures no longer prevent completing it when standing below it
  • Fixed thirst icon displaying full when starting new game then a second later when player looks at hand drops to correct amount
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed a racing condition when taking item from food holder causing take icon to stay visible sometimes
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed adding crafted meds & energy mix to food holders
  • Fixed large stick holder turning into small stick holder when repaired
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed possible item duplication when attempting to grab too quickly from food holders
  • Fixed arrows and spears bouncing off animals and sometimes landing angled on trees etc.
  • Flintlock shots now destroy breakable wood object (such as tables and crates) and stalagmites
  • (Performance) Added a limit to the amount of collected item etc. entries HUD will show to avoid possible excessive amount of memory allocated
  • (Performance) Now unloading asset memory when exiting caves to help on systems which are short on RAM
  • It is no longer possible to place buildings only partially on dynamic support (i.e. the raft), it now has to be completely on the support. This is to prevent placing buildings crooked on the side which can cause physics issues (and in some cases make the raft sink or even fly)
  • Fixed a case of player not properly climbing rope if there was something around the bottom trigger (like a cliff or bumpy terrain)
  • Fixed grabbing a rope high up causing player to grab it at ground level instead of bottom of rope
  • Lighter now stays equipped when entering and exiting caves
  • (Balance) reduced katana damage and increased received block damage on katana
  • Fixed entering caves through rope entrance sometimes bringing player back up in world
  • Added fail safe to hopefully fix sled sometimes staying mounted to player doing something else
  • Fixed a specific case of water triggers not processed in the right order causing player to visible warp out of water for a couple frames
  • Changed default distance from player for ghost rabbit cage, water collector, weapon rack, stick marker, bench
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed exploded rocks in caves not properly synced with late joining clients and being stuck not exploded
  • Fixed molotov sometimes getting stuck non ignitable for a few seconds if trying to light it too fast after equipping it
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