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v0.50 was the 50th version of The Forest, and it was released on November 14, 2016.

Dev Notes[]

V0.50 – Balance and bug fixing Posted on 14 November, 2016 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

For this patch we’ve focused on bug fixing and some balance tweaks. It’s a small patch as most of the team is working on the bigger December 14 story update

For hard mode we’ve made animals less common, leader mutants and pales tougher, and drastically reduced chance of knock down from heavy weapon swings. Fire damage has been lowered considerably and more so on the big mutated creatures which should make them more challenging to defeat in this mode.

We’ve also fixed a bunch of bugs, made the explosive holder work the same as the other holders in the game, added some limits to some inventory items for balance, fixed some save/load issues, made animals run from players more consistently and lots more listed below.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • Fixed climb rope action bugging out if grabbing a rope while in another rope’s top trigger vicinity
  • Fixed getting damage from small rock fake drop
  • (Multiplayer) fixed small rock duplication
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed not getting any prompt when trying to join a game from the Steam friend list when the game is already running (in title or MP scene)
  • Fixed performance issue if players wore red paint around large distorted mutants
  • Added inventory gamepad navigation to new find cache photos and flintlock parts
  • (Building) Explosive holder now allows the new interaction scheme, switch with which item to add with the “Rotate” button
  • Fixed whoosh sfx playing several times in a row repeatedly before even finishing when batching items to or from crafting mat by holding right click
  • Fixed hold right click batching in inventory wrongly triggering in some cases, like after emptying waterskin
  • Added a slight thirst threshold before it is possible to drink from waterskin or pot in inventory to prevent spamming the polluted water damage
  • Fixed some structures not getting cut from nav mesh correctly on loading a saved game
  • Batteries inventory tooltip now displays amount
  • Cassette player fake drops no longer floats mid air
  • It is no longer possible to use air canister while not carrying a rebreathing
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed stone caches loaded exploded from a save not properly working for clients
  • (Balance) Aloe, Chicory, Coneflower, Marigold are now limited to 10 each in inventory
  • (Balance) Meds, crafted meds, energy mixes are now limited to 5 each in inventory
  • (Balance) Hard AI setting: fire damage ratio 50% of normal
  • (Balance) Hard AI setting: creepy fire damage 35% of normal
  • (Building) Fixed grab chair icon turning on then off before being in range of use
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed “cold & wet” tutorial not getting cleaned up after dying and respawning
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed mutant babies not dealing damage correctly to clients
  • Players now smoothly move into position when climbing onto a rope
  • Fixed some bag inventory icons set to wrong icon
  • Fixed player camera sometimes becoming offset after being knocked into water by an explosion
  • Fixed axes sometimes appearing to hit enemies after weapon has already swung through screen
  • Fixed texture stretching on top of shipping crates
  • Fixed some incorrect survival book recipes
  • Creepy mutants now try to avoid following players down narrow passages inside caves
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed (again)other players being visible during red death screen
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed host not revivable after opening the pause menu
  • Tortoises now have same drop as turtles
  • Fixed a couple icon not refreshing issues with racks
  • Fixed eating spoilt oysters not having the spoilt meat poison effect
  • (Multiplayer) Fetching items backpack now restores content of water holder and other item bonus such as the incendiary upgrade
  • Fixed a case of “Fire1″ action icon not showing in inventory tooltip for hybrid equipment/edible items (like waterskin or meats)
  • Shipping manifest can now be seen in survival book notes (page 3)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed boat loading unmoored from dock when launching game with a client in lobby
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed client not getting fat man entry in bestiary when hit
  • (Multiplayer) Improved emergency/last moment shutting down of server & client connection, should help with cases of player staying connected in game after application closed without going through the menu or not being able to restart server immediately
  • Fixed story item pickups respawning when game was saved/loaded
  • (Balance) Hard survival setting: player fire damage x2 from normal
  • (Balance) Hard animal setting: land animal spawn amount 66% of normal
  • (Balance) Hard animal setting: fish spawn amount 66% of normal
  • Fixed bug with ocean sometimes rendering extra reflection layers on custom quality setting
  • (Balance) Each killed fish now has a 2 in game days respawn delay
  • (Balance) Hard animal setting: fish respawn delay is 5 in game days
  • (Balance) Increased health of pale skinnies and cannibal leaders in hard mode
  • (Balance) Reduced chance of enemies being knocked down from heavy attacks in hard mode
  • Animals now run away from player more consistently
  • Fixed game settings for difficulty no longer changing after going back to title screen once
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