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v0.48 was the 48th major update to The Forest and it was released on October 21, 2016.
Custom wall angle snapping, Improved multiplayer combat, New large raft, bug fixing and lots more were some of the additions.

Dev Notes[]

V048 – Custom wall angle snapping, Improved multiplayer combat, New large raft, bug fixing and lots more Posted on 20 October, 2016 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

For this patch we’ve fixed a lot of animation timings in multiplayer, which should make combat and a.i. reactions a lot more consistent between host and client. Previously there were delays between animation states, now the timings and transitions are much closer to what you see in singleplayer, which should result in enemies and other players looking smoother and generally more responsive.

We also fixed a bunch of the more visible multiplayer bugs, such as players spawning in the wrong pose on the plane or still seeing other players walking around in the wrong perspective in the dead screen. We also fixed trees cut down far away from clients causing sync issues and fixed weapon upgrades not always visible to other players.

We added a large raft model to the survival book. This larger boat has two rowing sections, designed to work in coop with multiple players where players will have to co-ordinate well to keep the boat moving fast and straight

For building systems, we’ve added a corner snap to walls, fences, stairs and foundations. When selecting the position of a second wall piece, you’ll notice a subtle stickiness when the wall is within 45 degree angle of the previously placed wall part. You can now also snap ghost walls to previously constructed wall sections.

We’ve improved how storage works for the drying rack, you can now add items without having to take each out of the inventory manually, and can switch which item is added by pressing the cycle item button. If you like to manually take items out however and place them, this will still work as the default item will be what you currently have in your hand. We’ve transferred this system to the fire cooking system also.

Along with this we’ve improved the look of some plants, further improved enemy a.i pathfinding, fixed a bunch of bugs and lots more all listed below.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • (Building) Procedural stairs may now be built both up and down in a single unit instead of being one way only
  • (Building) Fixed a bug with hole cutter causing some buildings to leave a broken ghost behind when targeted, increased amount of buildings it can remove, and fixed some errors/crashes with removing some structures
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed edible items shared with tray not always usable
  • (Multiplayer) Added support for syncing meat decay state when shared with tray
  • (Building) Building repair trigger no longer shows the "Take" action icon when not owning any repair material
  • (Building) Fixed dock not having a max point limit
  • (Building) Lowered max angle between dock chunks
  • (Building) Collapsed building parts now have an accurate collider so they don't go half way inside other objects or ground and no longer spin on themselves
  • (Building) Fixed placing rock fence stub looking slightly different than placed version
  • (Building) Improved system that prevents autofilled walls and fences from placing over existing ones
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed coop players sometimes spawning on top of each other inside the plane
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed players spawning in wrong pose when first joining a coop session
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed other players and enemies visible during the player death sequence
  • (Building) Rock fence now breaks into individual rocks when collapsed
  • (Building) Added collision to defensive wall reinforcement spikes
  • (Building) Added angle snap when placing foundation, walls, fences and stairs!
  • (Building) Wall and fence chunks now attempt when placed to be nested with the support structure below if any. Fixes issue of destroying a single chunk possibly collapsing the entire upper row (not retroactive)
  • Fixed gamepad not automatically selecting the first UI element of opening panels (such as the received MP invite one or pause menu in game)
  • (Building) Fixed aiming back and forth between fences and floors breaking wall & fences placement in autofill mode
  • (Building) Switched walls and fences placement to a cast based system instead of trigger based, meaning that it will target whatever support is being looked at in autofill mode instead of having to bring the default log model (which isn't always visible) in direct vicinity of the support
  • (Building) Revamped defensive wall reinforcement placement with the new cast based targeting system
  • (Building) Added snapping with other walls when placing procedural walls in manual mode
  • (Building) Each floor and roof now has a 20 holes limit, this works around an issue in multiplayer causing clients to no longer receive holes past a certain amount, also prevents escalating computation costs due to inappropriate use of the hole cutter
  • (Building) Added new way to interact with fires: it is now possible to cook meat without holding it, when prompted press the "Rotate" button to select which meat you wish to cook, you may also choose to fuel the fire this way. Holding the meat item you wish to cook still works, it will lock the targeted meat type to whatever meat is currently held
  • (Building) Added new way to interact with drying rack: it is now possible to store meat without holding it, when prompted press the "Rotate" button to select which meat you wish to add for drying. Holding the meat item you wish to add still works, and will lock the targeted meat type to whatever meat is currently held
  • (Building) Not yet dried food on the drying rack can now be picked back up without waiting (it may be cooked on fire or relocated this way)
  • (Building) Centered drying rack repair trigger
  • (Building) New dynamic structure: Large Raft ! Features 2 oars that can be wielded by 2 players for greater speed and more accurate controlling
  • (Building) Added large stick holder storage option, after placing stick holder press the "Rotate" button when prompted to toggle to large version, cost 24 stick and stores up to 40 sticks
  • Fixed missing area not available message at end game door
  • Fixed fire mutants not aiming projectiles at target correctly
  • Improved far shadow and offscreen particles performance most animals now collide with walls and other objects in the world
  • (Multiplayer) Improved accuracy of animation transitions for enemies and players as client
  • Fixed thrown rocks not dealing damage to animals
  • Fixed limbs not matching host body when chopped off.
  • Fixed a bunch of text ‘can’t carry anymore’ items missing correct pluralization
  • Fixed bunch of items having incorrect item name capitalization
  • Fixed dropped climbing axe floating
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed(again) snow trees turning into regular trees when cut
  • Fixed missing Combine prompt in inventory item tooltips for a bunch of items
  • Set bushes and small plants to no longer spawn under lakes/ponds
  • Improved look of small tree and added touch bending
  • New textures for bush08
  • Fixed cave fires incorrectly rotated
  • Fixed club selected material in inventory having wrong texture plugged in and a bunch of other selected materials looking wrong when hovered over
  • Added collision to beach log, and hollow log and wood sound when hitting or walking over
  • Plant 21 vertex colour fix
  • Caves - removed old map pick up
  • Fixed touch bending on Sapling 5
  • Caves - fixed angled magazines on cave floors
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed player switching to previous weapon after being revived
  • Fixed player camera getting permanently offset sometimes when skinning an animal very close to a wall
  • Fixed creepy mutants sometimes running away from player when in shallow water inside caves
  • Caves - removed doubled up magazine in cave 5
  • Fixed flares and tennis balls not having splash effect when hitting water
  • Fixed berry pop in for blueberry and snowberry bushes
  • Increased view distance on some cave climb down areas/surrounding rocks
  • Fixed cowman blood seams
  • Improved ai pathfinding around cliff edges and plane crash sites
  • Fixed bombs/dynamite/talky place on wall system interacting with invisible triggers, thus allowing to sometimes place the item mid air
  • Sheen billboards are now more consistent/brighter
  • Improved resolution on plane seats/tray
  • Increased meat on fire overcook duration to 90s (from 60s)
  • Fixed thrown rocks not dealing damage to enemies
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed weapon upgrades not showing on remote player if he hasn't opened inventory once since starting game
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed defensive wall reinforcement possibly not loading for clients in bigger games or laggy conditions
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed excessive distortion when building receive damage
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed some issues with tree save states being different between host and client depending on where client was when trees were cut down or game was saved
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed severe lag when client joins a game that has garden with planted seeds located far away from all current player locations
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed and smoothed out world object sync sweep that occurs when a client joins a game
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