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v0.47 was the 47th major update of The Forest, it was released on 21 September 2016. This update made enemies a little more agile, fixed some bugs, and updated some of the custom building mechanics.

Dev Notes[]

V0.47 – Improved custom building, combat/a.i improvements, bug fixing and more Posted on 21 September, 2016 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

For this patch we’ve made a bunch of improvements to the custom building systems. Visual feedback when placing custom foundations or walls should now be much clearer. For custom walls we have also removed the minimum length requirement and walls will place vertical logs if below the length to place horizontally.

Advanced building of custom floors and roofs has had a total re-work and the new gizmos should make it much easier to build advanced structures. We’ve also improved how hole cutter works, both visually and allowing it to remove items placed above what you are cutting out.

For combat we’ve made enemies more agile with the ability to dodge away and then counterattack immediately after getting hit by players. Parrying enemy attacks is more reliable to pull off now, and parried enemies stagger for longer to give more time for a follow up attack. Clients in multiplayer sessions can now parry enemy attacks as well. Large axes now also have a heavy attack that can cause smaller enemies to be knocked to the ground in one hit.

We’ve also added a new profile button to the multiplayer player list so players can see each others steam profiles, added some new particles, fixed a bunch of bugs and lots more, all listed at:

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • Improved parry hit detection, should be easier to consistently perform parries on enemies
  • Increased length of stagger animation on parried enemies
  • Improved ghost building placer staying above floors instead of constantly snapping to terrain
  • Procedural walls/foundations and fences can now be placed after the first locked point and reaching the minimum length requirement
  • While placing a ghost wall or fence, parts that cannot be locked and wont be placed by pressing the place button now have a red tint to differentiate it from the rest of the structure
  • Placing a procedural wall with a short chunk places logs vertically for that chunk, instead of not allowing placement. These vertical chunks cannot be made into window or doors
  • Lowered min angle requirement for procedural walls and fences
  • Removed all ghost procedural buildings placement legacy gizmos (round half circle, grid)
  • Procedural foundations, floors and roofs now have a new dot and line gizmo when placing it in manual mode to fully visualize what is going on within
  • Revamped procedural floors & roofs manual placement in a similar way to bridge anchor locking, except that instead of targeting a single point it is possible to slide along the supporting structure shape (i.e. edge of wall)
  • It is now possible to place bridge directly when targeting it’s second anchor instead of having to first lock the second anchor and then place the bridge
  • Added edge intersection check when placing floors and roofs
  • Floor hole cutter now also removes (some) overlapped structures
  • Optimized calls to nav mesh update when opening and closing defensive gate
  • Improved large log holder repair trigger positioning
  • Added a slight offset to fake gamepad cursor in menu so it doesn’t overlap texts so much
  • The escape key (on keyboard) or back button (on gamepad, either B or Circle) can now be used to navigate back to previous menu location
  • Improved look of wood chunk particle effect when hitting structures (now uses 3d geometry)
  • Increased stipple range on some plants that were set wrong causing them to fade out too soon
  • Improved look of dead mossy log
  • Fixed enemy attacks sometimes still registering after being parried
  • Fixed incorrect stamina drain when doing heavy attacks
  • Fixed camera rotating upwards slightly when exiting survival book
  • Fixed some cases of buildings placing bellow terrain while player isn’t in caves
  • Fixed ghost procedural stairs trigger not matching shape and environment well enough to always be reachable.
  • Fixed floor hole cutter rendering on wrong layer
  • Fixed floor hole cutter not properly showing wood particles at all rotations
  • (Performance) Fixed unnecessary allocations in multiplayer games when in range of lakes or ponds
  • Fixed ghost bridge being red after locking first anchor
  • Fixed red ghost material visibility
  • Fixed attacking with held meat items not doing any damage
  • Fixed cut snow tree trunks material
  • Fixed stick & rock holder icons positions
  • Fixed wrong material on ghost log holder sticks, ghost basket sticks, raft built sticks and wrong layer settings for ghost weapon rack and floor hole cutter
  • Fixed player/player_net held log still using old model and textures
  • Fixed a bunch of material numbers for buildings being incorrect
  • Fixed eat meat animation not playing while player was on fire
  • Fixed eat meat animation not playing when eating burnt meat
  • Fixed broken transparency on coral and part of arrow feathers
  • Fixed medicine cabinet using old log model/texture
  • Fixed rock and stick holder book pictures looking different than built versions
  • Fixed head cooking bug after using a decaying meat item
  • Fixed cooking head floating high above fires
  • Fixed cut fern texture not matching fern type
  • Fixed garden rotate seed type icon remaining visible after planting max amount of seed
  • Fixed meat not set to back to the saved decay state after loading a saved game
  • Fixed eating oysters not working
  • Fixed a.i issue with enemies in caves sometimes not attacking players
  • Enemies can now dodge away from player attacks immediately after being hit
  • Bone basket and arrow basket now have unique models and dedicated icons
  • New rain follow system that compensates player movement and time it takes particles to hit the ground
  • Added heavy attack for large axe type weapons
  • Added new hit rock particle effect
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed camera shake not working for client during fat creepy foot stomps
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed case of dropped meat reverting to previous decay state
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed bug where clients could be kicked from game if attempting to chop shark head
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed dropping bodies sometimes being unpredictable/difficult to judge drop distance
  • (Multiplayer) client player body and skin materials are now correct during opening plane crash
  • (Multiplayer) Looting backpack now equips the plane axe if not already owned
  • (Multiplayer) Setup steal item feature to transport extra data such as meat decay state
  • (Multiplayer) Added a “Profile” button in player list pointing to the Steam profile
  • (Multiplayer) Clients can now parry enemy attacks
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