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v0.44 Was the 44th major update of The Forest and was released on 4 August 2016.

In this update, the AI were improved a lot, some buildings got improvements, the skin rack was added and lots of bugs were fixed.

Dev Notes[]

V0.44 – AI improvements, memory reductions, building improvements, skin holding racks, bug fixes and more Posted on 4 August, 2016 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

For this patch we’ve done a bunch of a.i. and pathfinding improvements. Enemies will now attempt to climb structures you build, and if inside a structure, break down through the ceiling to get to you. The new pathfinding improvements also fix a bunch of issues with enemies having troubles on certain floors of custom buildings and on certain structures- along with this we’ve managed to lower memory by a few hundred megabytes for the a.i. which should result in less instances of the game crashing especially on lower memory pc’s

For building, we’ve re-worked how anchor connections work, they should now be much easier to attach and should act more consistently. We also added the option to choose if you want elevated structures to include a rope or not — this enables you to build bridges between tree houses and opens up a lot of possibilities for more complex tree structures. There’s also a new connected rope model, so ropes no longer just float in the air in front of structures. Building autofill feature has also had several improvements to simplify its use – it will now memorize the last setting used and prevent blocking placement when building on terrain in wrong mode.

We also added ability for players to remove all upgrades from a weapon, as we found people could get stuck with a bunch of upgrades they didn’t want. We found and fixed a save game issue that could wipe save games both locally and on the cloud, added a new skin rack building type that allows you to store lizard, deer and rabbit skins. Added some new audio, fixed a bunch of multiplayer and single player bugs and more, the full list of changes can be viewed at:

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • (Audio) Fix for crafting sound sometime being inaudible in inventory!
  • (Audio) Fixed one of the big rock types in world not sounding like rock when walked over or hit
  • (Audio) Fixed cave footsteps playing on terrain footsteps instead of on rock footsteps
  • (Audio) Added new ambient emitters to more empty parts of world
  • (Audio) Added sound effect when opening wooden doors on cabins and doorways
  • (Audio) Added new sound for fish trap being triggered
  • (Audio) Added new sound for air tank dropping when inventory is full
  • (Audio) Impact sound for bone, stick and rock fences when hit with weapon.
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed time of day looping really fast when host isn't responding
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed decoration place icon staying up after placing one as client
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed meat decaying state resetting when dropped and grabbed by another player
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed client toggling stick marker or sled flag color not properly syncing to other players
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed error when picking up rabbits in traps as client causing it to be duplicated
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed player movement breaking if hit while waking up on plane
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed input getting stuck and unusable if interacting with chat at wrong time when dying* Now enforcing a UI refresh after sleeping, should prevent tutorial that should be in bottom left corner to remain at top of screen occasionally
  • (Multiplayer) Setup cloud forming for clients before rain starts
  • (Multiplayer) Now returning extra ingredients added to ghost building by going faster than syncing speed to complete the required amount
  • Fixed held rock and other weapon speed not being affected by low stamina
  • Fixed spear attacks not draining stamina at all
  • Fixed some icon positioning issues in book
  • Fixed some cases of weapon switching to default axe or none when toggling between book and inventory
  • Fixed some issues with thrown upgraded/incendiary spear not acting as expected
  • Fixed equipping items from crafting mat losing its active bonus
  • Fixed loading game on a computer for the first time clearing cloud saves!
  • Fixed cooked rabbit (from rabbits burnt live) not edible
  • Fixed ghost procedural stairs bug preventing from locking perfectly fine short stairs (within constraints)
  • Fixed ceiling skull lamp not snapping to procedural ceilings
  • Fixed toggling back and forth between book and inventory switching back to default weapon or no weapon
  • Fixed ghost skull light placing floating above ground
  • Fixed platform anchors icon being inside its foundation instead of outside
  • Fixed rope bottom trigger position not set correctly if ground is at the verge of its max distance
  • Fixed rare type of dead tree that had cut point too hard making it hard/impossible to chop down
  • Fixed repairing a damaged stick marker breaking its color toggling
  • Fixed regression with stick & rock bag changes causing poisoned arrows to not show up as such (but functional anyways) and incendiary upgraded spear to not work correctly
  • New building: Skin rack ! Has slots for rabbit, deer, and lizard skin each with room for 15 items
  • (Performance) Reduced CPU usage when survival book is open
  • (Performance) Work around some engine physics allocations on player to reduce garbage memory generated each frame
  • Caves - better collision on curved rock wall
  • Added stipple to plane food carts and blue/green tents
  • Planting seeds in garden now uses the "Craft" button (use to be the "Take" button but was inconsistent with other feature that imply adding items in world, like food on fire)
  • Added hit proxy system to main stairs colliders (was only on stilts previously)
  • New casting based anchoring for single anchor structures (currently climbing ropes only), grabs anchor in view near center of screen instead of within range of ghost, thus requiring less accuracy in aiming and being a lot easier to lock with anchors
  • Added splash particle when throwing small rocks into water
  • Removed delay on picking up rocks and other small items before equipping
  • Massively lowered memory usage pathfinding takes and fixed a memory leak when going back to main scene multiple times
  • Changed default "Build" action mapping for gamepads to the bottom row 1 button ("A" or "Cross") * note that this change won’t override custom settings if any
  • Player death camera will no longer show extra in world enemies walking around
  • It is now possible to rotate ceiling skull lamps and decorations in ghost mode
  • There is now a 60s minimum duration to rain after it actually starts to rain
  • It is now possible to remove fixed upgrades from weapons (tooth/feather/glass): Place an upgraded weapon alone on the craftng mat and press the "Craft" button. Upgrades will visibly fall off the weapon and about 40% of the tooth/feather/booze will be returned to the inventory if there is room for it
  • Wall auto - fill mode is no longer available on terrain, it always uses manual placement
  • Built rope now has a visible connection to structures
  • Updated world nav mesh system, reduced memory cost and improves navigation inside and around player built structures
  • Collision added to some tourist models you could walk through
  • Added a cap to damaged building distort ratio for building with lower max HP, fixes really high distortion on smaller buildings like skull lights
  • Tree house, Tree House Chalet and Tree Platform can now be toggled with the "Rotate" button after being placed on a tree (but still in ghost mode) to a version in which rope has been replaced by an anchor !
  • Walls/Fences and Floors/Roofs each save and restore the latest autofill/manual mode
  • Blocked small rocks and regular rock pickups from spawning in lakes and ponds to fix issue where drink trigger could be blocked by these
  • Enemies will now attempt to climb structures to get to the player and break down the ceiling if on the roof!
  • Improved positioning of ropes on several buildings anchor (not retroactive, already placed ropes will likely be slightly off)
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