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v0.42 was a major update that was released on July 8, 2016.

Dev Notes[]

V0.42 – Tree regrow mode, multiplayer hole cutting, meat eating animations, bug fixing and more Posted on 8 July, 2016 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

This patch introduces a new game mode, where trees will grow back overtime as you sleep. Type: regrowmode in the title scene to activate this mode. With it enabled, a percent of trees will grow back each time you sleep at a shelter. Sleep enough times without cutting down any trees and eventually the entire forest will be repopulated. Note – to keep a tree from regrowing in this mode, remove both the tree and the stump so that they don’t grow back inside your base.

For multiplayer we fixed some issues where enemy a.i. would often prioritize the host player over any clients if both were nearby, and have finally gotten hole cutting working for structures in multiplayer games, it’s actually even possible to cut holes right out from under other players. We’ve blocked this action for clients if iron forest mode is enabled by host to stop unwanted renovations to your buildings by other players.

A new meat eating animation has been added to help with immersion, and a new poison system for enemies has been added – now when hit with a poisoned arrow instead of simply taking damage they will move much slower for a short period of time – this is especially helpful for some of the game’s faster enemies.

Sticks can now be stored in and transported in the log sled, a ton of bugs have been fixed including one where it would make it impossible to open your inventory upon loading if you had saved without the plane axe in your inventory, there have been some a.i. Improvements especially with pathfinding around villages, some new particle effects added, and lots more tweaks and fixes all listed at:

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • Fixed limbs being difficult to chop from dead bodies
  • Fixed birds sometimes flying in small circles
  • Added additional particle effects to exploded enemies
  • Enemies will now die when falling from a great height
  • (Multiplayer) Floor/Roof hole cutter is now available! Clients cannot cut holes in ironforest mode to prevent griefing
  • Caves – fixed 2 holes in cave 2
  • Fixed player head clipping through objects when doing downward axe chop
  • Added missing rabbit fur cost for bed in survival book
  • Fixed excessive random jitter sometimes occurring on floors after cutting holes
  • Fixed deer sometimes standing on edges of cliffs
  • Fixed survival book not mentioning rabbit fur cost of bed
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed random object spawned at the location of metal tin tray for clients
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed distortion of damaged procedural buildings
  • New poisoned effect: when shot with poisoned arrows enemy movement is slowed and damage output is reduced for a short time
  • Bigger structures that can’t be placed on houseboat floor can no longer be placed on its walls
  • Fixed enemies sometimes able to kill players who are in downed state
  • Killing enemies in trees should now cause them to fall to the ground
  • Enemies should no longer get stuck running inside cannibal huts
  • Log sled can now also be used for transportation of up to 58 sticks ! When sled is empty, hold a rock or stick to place the first and thus select the carried item type, after that the selected item can be added without needing to hold it first (like on regular holders)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed ghost tree structures loaded from a saved game not getting removed if tree is cut down
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed remote player plastic torch flashing when they enter the game
  • (Performance) Fake drop feature now re-uses existing instance whenever possible (only when used pickup is dynamic, otherwise we have to spawn a dynamic one), also fixes fake drop cleaning up decaying meat
  • Fixed extremities of foundation’s floor not perfectly overlapping the area, eventually causing foundation to be visible on the sides, also fixes some weirdness with holes on sides of floors and roofs not perfectly conforming with hole area. Might have an impact on look of previously made buildings/holes
  • Added new cheat code: “woodpaste”. Can be used to reset floor & roof holes in a saved game. Cheat works once when game is started then gets reset when going back to title screen. Does nothing for MP clients
  • Shortened minimum stairs locking length down to the minimum technically possible length with current formula
  • Downwards stairs (place first point up then aim down) now skips the platform part on the first chunk if locked shorter than the regular minimum length
  • Deadfall, HB, swinging rock, noose, rabbit and fish traps now cost one stick to reset
  • Ghost foundations can now be snapped back at first locked point regardless of what height is currently aimed at
  • Enemies will now attempt to jump up onto structures built low to the ground to get to the player
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed client not seeing host climb rope animation, if loading a save game with no weapon equipped
  • Added new cheat code: type: regrowmode in title scene to activate/deactivate. When enabled 10% of cut down trees will grow back each night the player sleeps, For multiplayer games this needs to be enabled by host to have an effect on game. Only stumps will regrow into trees, so if you want trees cleared in some areas, for example inside your base, be sure to remove the stumps!
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed syncing of iron forest mode so clients no longer run distortion logic when it’s enabled, which could cause clients to see highly distorted structures that will never be destroyed
  • New art added: pamphlet
  • When a bush is burning, its remaining berries are now removed
  • (Multiplayer) Stalagmite destruction is now synced to nearby players
  • Improved enemy pathfinding around villages and firepits
  • Fixed jumping axe attacks sometimes not registering hits on enemies
  • Regular enemies will interact more with dynamic objects in the environment
  • It is no longer possible to place items such as bomb when in range of an interacting trigger (such as save trigger from shelters) to avoid blowing yourself up when trying to save with C whilst also holding a bomb.
  • Fixed gap between roofs and walls
  • Added ‘eat meat’ action to player when consuming cooked meat
  • Fixed repaired fish trap turning into rabbit trap
  • Fixed pause menu not visible on super wide monitors
  • Now filtering out rocks from clearing system (used by ponds etc.), preventing to end up with invisible collision like at the pond near the cannibal village
  • Fixed lizard, crocodile and rabbit skin vanishing if player tried to pick them up whilst already carrying max amount. Dynamic version will now drop in its place
  • Fixed mud spawning underwater after rain
  • Burnt headless bodies now stipple in
  • Fixed cave waterfalls missing flowing water effect making them dark/hard to see
  • Improved raft buoyancy settings, should prevent it from not properly unlocking driver when leaving water
  • Fixed tortoises not dropping heads
  • Fixed tortoises not dying when set on fire
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed distant cut down trees not refreshed and showing billboard when late joining a game or joining a saved game
  • Fixed a bug when loading a saved game without owning plane axe preventing inventory system from functioning, notably causing both inventory and book to be impossible to open
  • Added generic protection against inventory initialization failure, game should keep working even if something goes wrong in there
  • (Audio) Fixed some environment SFX (like waterfalls) not working after loading a saved game
  • Added information about poison arrows to survival book
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed survival book on other players not using correct texture for front of book
  • Roof hole cutter now allows cutting several holes aligned with each other without completely cutting the roof in between holes
  • Fixed elephant leaf plant billboard turning off too soon
  • Fixed bird on hand not motion blurring correctly
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed bird on hand not appearing on other players
  • Light molotov tutorial now gets hidden when opening inventory or book
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed bow not being drawn back on other players
  • Upgrade recipes now show the 2d filling cog when there’s at least 2 different ingredients on the mat
  • Fixed small crafting ingredient (such as teeth) below crafting cog not reachable when crafting cog is hidden
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed enemies tending to target host more than clients
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed client unable to remove tree stumps when far away from host
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed sky lightning getting stuck visible for clients when host is in snow biome and client isn’t
  • Fixed FPS lowering when survival book was opened
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