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v0.41 was a major update that was released June 22, 2016

Dev Notes[]

V0.41 – Improved building visuals, Ragdoll enemies, Fish trap, Floating logs, Bug fixes and more Posted on 22 June, 2016 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

For this patch we’ve remade the basic log and half log art used for custom building, we’ve kept the basic shape but improved texture look and shading. We’ve also added variations of the half log so floors no longer have a visible repeating tile and will instead pick from one of the random variations when created.

Floor hole cutting has been massively improved, we’ve made the cut appear as a ghost outline above your built floor which makes it visually easier to see the cut and also fixes frame rate issues with cutting the colliders in real time for the preview. Floor cutter can now also be used to cut through multiple buildings at the same time.

The survival book has had a pass on layout and readability. We’ve added color coding to the different sections to make it easier to jump to a tab based on color and to more easily identify the different buildable items. Custom building is now in blue, fires in yellow etc

Enemies finally have ragdolls! They should now fall against rocks and cave walls in a more realistic way. (but expect some bugs)

We’ve also added buoyancy to logs, now when they are dropped in water they will float instead of sinking to the bottom. The rabbit trap can now be converted into a fish trap if placed in water. We redid the houseboat to use the new half log art and set it up so it can now be moored at the dock. We fixed an issue with HBAO on ATI cards, improved the fire arrow system to be clearer when switching between arrows and made it so they require cloth to craft, fixed a bug where snow trees turned into normal trees when cut, along with lots more bug fixes and tweaks all listed below.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • (Performance) Reduced CPU overhead cost from animal spawning logic
  • (Performance) Reduced allocations from tree wind sfx logic
  • All mutants now have improved explosion gibs
  • Physics objects will react more to nearby explosions
  • Particles - replaced fire effect on lit arrows!
  • Fixed arrow fire wrongly showing fire hit particles when shot
  • New art added: Dead baby corpses combined
  • Fixed issue with HBAO artifacts on ati cards
  • Chopping dead sharks will now leave a headless ragdoll
  • Fixed walls sometimes snapping below when placing on custom floor
  • Hole cutter can now cut several buildings at once, whether side by side, at different heights and/or overlapping each other, making it a lot easier to edit complex/composed structures. Watch out for side effects of this change when trying to cut a single floor
  • Ghost floor is now red when it cannot be placed
  • Added rolloff to building distortion intensity, looks a lot more natural and avoids axe hits from distorting a whole house boat (for example ;)
  • Fixed book tabs not having sheen effect when player is in cave
  • Caves - Dead baby piles added to cave 4
  • Fixed pine tree cut having shimmering cut section where model was overlapping
  • Caves - ROV added to cave 9
  • Ghost raft now stays above water
  • Ghost house boat now stays above water and can only be placed above water
  • Improved look of bestary drawing outlines
  • Caves - thicker collision on cave entrances
  • Option menu now updates its centering after resolution changed
  • Limited framerate to 60 in title screen to fix overheating issue on some graphics cards
  • Added low SSAO quality (effective with HBAO only)
  • Setup buoyancy on logs !
  • (Performance) Fixed extra physics cost for MP clients when there was a raft or houseboat in the game
  • Push houseboat icon is now outside its walls
  • Hybrid ragdoll system added - enemies will conform better to the floor when dead or dropped from carried.
  • Fixed dropped bodies sometimes disappearing when dropped on a steep slope
  • New building: Fish trap ! Bring the legacy rabbit trap to a water area and it'll turn into a net able to catch fish. Must be suitably placed in a fishing area to be efficient !
  • Arrows are now limited to 5 on the crafting mat and adding/removing arrows from the crafting mat moves all 5 without requiring to hold the batch button
  • Added cloth to burnable arrow upgrade recipe
  • Setup burnable cloth model on arrows
  • Fixed rock path rocks not getting a randomized rotation
  • Increased view range for all ponds
  • Pond spawned rocks now stipple on
  • Caves - reachable skull lamps now all dynamic
  • More health on elephant leaf plant
  • Touchbending added to saplings!
  • Fixed plane lod being drastically lower in save game versus new game for interior
  • Dead bodies can no longer be dropped when standing very close to walls/rocks etc.
  • New art added: Revised log model, spike log model, and 3x half log variations
  • Ex Floors now accepts log model variations + setup 3 variations
  • Ex Stairs now accepts log model variations + setup 3 variations
  • Ex Dock now accepts log model variations + setup 3 variations
  • Setup new log model on wall, foundations, log pickup
  • Setup new defensive wall log model
  • Setup burnable cloth model on crafted club ! (recipe was already in but not working because this wasn’t setup)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed alt tabbing while chat input is open breaking all input
  • (Multiplayer) Enabled physics on log pickups for clients so that they may push logs
  • (Multiplayer) Improved granularity of dynamic pickups position syncing to reduce jitter
  • (Multiplayer) Client adding 2 logs to a log holder/sled with only one free slot will get back the extra log instead of it being forever gone
  • (multiplayer) Reduced pop when spawning creepy ragdoll bodies as client
  • Added docking capability to house boat ! Approach houseboat close to dock stilts until the dock icon shows up and use the "Take" button to toggle the docking. While docked the boat cannot move or rotate
  • Fixed being unable to block while jumping
  • Fixed being able to pass through the edges of some cave entrances
  • Replaced arrow type toggle icon with a suited one
  • WaterSkin and pot inventory tooltip now shows current water fill percentage
  • Fixed ghost tree structures not going down when tree is cut down
  • Updated houseboat with new log model
  • Fixed player still moving sometimes while inventory is open
  • Fixed foundation's floor position locking possibly going out of sync with foundation's one
  • Fixed aiming up or down from last locked foundation position allowing to go around the minimum chunk length limitation
  • Fixed cowman not showing up in bestiary
  • (multiplayer)Fixed bodies being dropped in wrong place for client when first dropped
  • Slightly lowered randomisation of floor logs (was giving bad result sometimes and it's far less necessary now that we have variations)
  • Fixed houseboat on land not automatically unlocking the driving player
  • Setup new log model on procedural wall doors
  • Rebalanced procedural wall door physics to ease entering structures in some cases
  • Fixed dead bodies floating in air if dropped from a height
  • Better scale/position of deadshark head when held by player
  • (Performance) Revamped floor hole cutter preview, instead of cutting the actual floor or roof it shows a ghost overlaying it with no physics/navigation cost involved
  • Fixed player being shot out of cave 2 exit if they had entered via rope entrance
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed snow trees turning into regular trees when chopped in MP games
  • Fixed explosion damage not always being properly accounted for on buildings
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed damaged building distortion being so soft that it wasn't visible
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