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v0.40 was a major update that was released on June 10, 2016.

Dev Notes[]

V.40 – Permanent death mode, Multiplayer houseboat, New building type, book bestiary and item pages, bug fixes and more Posted on 9 June, 2016 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

For this patch we’ve filled out more of the survival book. The new bestiary section will contain information on the enemies as you encounter them in game giving some descriptions to make dealing with them a little easier. A New items section lists the animals and plants you find in the gameworld and ticks them off as they are discovered.

For the houseboat we’ve added a paddle to control it’s movement. Combined with the new dock building type getting in and out of the houseboat and raft should be a lot smoother. This is now buildable and working in multiplayer also!

A new permanent death cheat mode has been added, to play this type: rawmeatmode in title screen – this mode will permanently delete your current save game when you die and only allow you to save that game in one slot! Only recommended for those who want a much harder game.

Enemy A.I. has seen some improvements this patch and we’ve hopefully fixed all cases of enemies being able to get into your base through solid walls although they can still leap in via trees or by jumping over rocks.

We’ve done some cpu optimization this patch mostly related to the hud interface and how some of the lods were set up which should help those with slower processors. We also added some new audio, fixed a bunch of bugs and lots more all listed below.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • (Audio) Added hurt sounds to baby fire anim
  • (Audio) Balanced tree wind in distance, tuned waterfall large, tuned snow footsteps and snow jump in wet
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed book tabs flashing when second player held bomb
  • Fixed rotation when flat items are placed on the crafting mat using multiview positioning (i.e.: ropes)
  • (Performance) Heavily optimized cost of stippling system for objects that aren’t in viewing range (when using high draw distance it can lead to up to 2* 3% FPS increase)
  • (audio) Added deafness when standing next to large explosions!
  • (audio) Fixed missing creepy mutant burning sfx for clients
  • (audio) Fixed missing animation sfx on cowman for clients
  • (audio) added snapshot to duck ambient audio when inside house boat
  • Fixed ocean floor ending too soon and allowing players to fall through or stop seeing sand
  • New art added: bloody gibs (added to armsy blown apart model)
  • Fixed tennis balls on dead tennis players being scaled too small
  • Fixed rope trap view distance set wrong and popping off too close
  • Fixed gap between emergency plane door exit and plane wall
  • Fixed area under yacht you could swim through that would remove underwater effects temporarily
  • Foam added around yacht in ocean
  • Improved yacht lod distance that high details appear
  • Revamped building explosion: buildings now suffer regular damage instead of having parts removed altogether and instead will collapse when their HP reaches 0
  • (Balance) Lowered explosion range of crafted explosive to 12 (from 15), 500 point blank damage to buildings
  • (Balance) Lowered explosion range of head bomb to 14 (from 15), 600 point blank damage to buildings
  • (Balance) Increased explosion range of dynamite to 17 (from 15), 750 point blank damage to buildings
  • Building explosion damage now has a rolloff applied based on the explosion radius
  • (Multiplayer) Improved building distortion calculation to better reflect accounted damage
  • Fixed ghost walkway not buildable
  • Player can no longer die from staying too long in plane crash sequence
  • Color highlighted items in the crafting section of survival book to make them clearer and stand out more
  • New building: Procedural Dock ! Must be built near water, places like walls except it stays over water at a fixed height, can have several chunks like other procedural buildings
  • (Performance) Fixed rocks never going to lowest lod level
  • New difficulty changing cheat code: rawmeatmode ! Enables perma death mode, can be turned off by typing vegan, vegetarian or meatmode. In this mode the second death in single player deletes the save slot and after loading a saved game or having saved once in a new game, it is no longer possible to save in another slot.
  • Reduced player melee damage to structures if hitting an enemy at the same time
  • (Performance) Optimised enemy ai routines around lots of built structures
  • Fixed misaligned water zone near upper part of map
  • Added a full reset when entering a trigger using a delayed action (i.e.: saving at a shelter), should prevent it from ever getting stuck
  • Fixed cooked rabbit meat looking like it is burnt
  • (Performance) Cleared out a bunch of small runtime allocations, helps reducing stutter/freezes
  • (Performance) Fixed/improved slowdown/stutter when approaching enemies or when enemies attack
  • Revamped sun rotation delaying formula, it is now based off time of day rather than sun rotation which allows greater control such as making sure it never cumulates delay past a certain point. This should prevent the occasional weirdness with sun rotation
  • Fixed dead sea weed not stippling in. Fixed small green rock not stippling in.
  • (Performance) Lowered amount of starfish and now stippling them in only when closer to player
  • Water collector's water visual now scales with amount of water and visibly fills when it rains
  • Fixed water collector not working after being repaired and water collector giving infinite clean water if damaged whilst full
  • Improved lod switch for cockpit
  • Fixed cases of enemies glitching through walls
  • Fixed camera clipping through plane floor sometimes during intro stand up sequence
  • Fixed stairs ghost mode's built stilt having a collider before being finalized
  • Fixed player getting dragged through a tree sometimes during drag away cutscene
  • Fixed some cases of enemies following player into water while attacking
  • New tick off system, can be found at end of book, currently wired with usable plants (either eaten or picked up with pouch) and animals (must grab cut off head)
  • (Performance) Added pooling to hud’s tutorial runtime generated entries and removed unnecessary anchors causing extra CPU cost
  • Fixed player view sometimes becoming misaligned after entering cave doors
  • Survival book - fixed wrongly linked pages
  • (Performance) Switched 1000 cliff caps that used unity lod for much faster lod system and now lowest low level will stipple on
  • Fixed slightly misaligned buttons for building tutorial fire and tutorial hunting shelter
  • Fixed log sleds not colliding with other log sleds
  • Fixed log sled getting stuck to player if hit while entering log sled
  • Fixed jagged icons in Hud tutorials
  • New bestiary chapter in book: fills with information regarding enemies as you encounter them !
  • Added a rowing paddle to house boat !
  • Fixed weapon block sometimes getting stuck when using a gamepad
  • Fixed yacht life preserver sticking through ceiling
  • Improved some plant billboard distances
  • (Multiplayer) Unblocked house boat
  • Fixed player body disappearing sometimes while driving raft/houseboat
  • Increased delay before adding find timmy task at start of game to 10s (from 3)
  • Fixed jitteriness sometimes when driving raft/houseboat
  • Fixed player camera occasionally facing the wrong way during planecrash
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed destroying custom effigies leaving parts flying behind
  • Custom effigy parts now properly collapse along the effigy
  • Fixed opening book immediately after entering place ghost mode causing player camera to lock up
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed raft paddle getting stuck if player leaves the trigger right after engaging control of it
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed issue of remote non driving player falling off raft while moving it (not very noticeable on raft but was mandatory with houseboat)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed red sphere showing under turtles for clients
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