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v0.38 was a major update that was released on May 11th, 2016

Dev Notes[]

v0.38 – Rock paths, Improved roof building, Cave balance tweaks, Moon cycles, bug fixes and lots more Posted on 11 May, 2016 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

For this patch we’ve merged the floor with the wooden path, so instead of them needing to be two separate items, they will instead act differently depending on how used. Place the floor directly on the terrain and it will act like the wooden path, place it on a foundation and it will act like procedural floors. With wooden path removed, we’ve added in a new buildable procedural rock path in its place.

Cave’s have seen some major balance tweaks this patch, from enemy placement to the location of some key items. In addition to this we’ve improved a bunch of cave collision issues, fixed a lot of pickups, improved some cave lighting, and added in some new distant cave groans/sounds

Stars had been missing for awhile due to a conflict with the ssao, however this has now been fixed and along with this we have added moon cycles, some new animations were added to the opening plane crash, a new story item hidden deep in one of the caves, lots of balance tweaks, bug fixes and more all listed below.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • All equipment pieces on the crafting mat can now be equipped directly from there!
  • Enemies will attempt to run away from thrown bombs more often
  • Burning weapons are now put out and can be relit for remaining burn duration when entering a water trigger
  • Burning weapons are now put out and can be relit for remaining burn duration when stashed (i.e. when climbing rope)
  • Passenger manifest is no longer automatically equipped while in combat
  • A simple press on the "Lighter" button now stashes it when holding a lightable item (holding the button still lights the item)
  • Fixed equipping pot in inventory
  • Revamped roofs to show autofill preview by default (like floors)
  • Fixed switching floor between autofill and manual placement when there's a preview floor displayed causing preview structure to remain visible and eventually causing improper icons to be displayed
  • Fixed lighter sometimes being equipped while survival book is open
  • Fixed teeth no longer dropping when hitting enemies
  • Fixed incorrect normals on plane seat metal
  • Plane crash set to nighttime and relit plane and abduction scene
  • Adjusted enemy layout in caves 1, 8 & 10
  • (balance) Increased player walking sound detection range
  • When woken from sleep, enemies will now walk towards the sound source
  • (balance) Increased speed and aggressiveness of large pale mutants
  • Fixed mutants occasionally getting stuck in fall pose when dropping down from ceilings
  • Changed armor hud display formula to be solely based off amount of pieces equipped and not armor value (boots cold protection no longer shows at all in this)
  • Now saving cloth (burning) weapon upgrade
  • Fixed plastic torch not getting bloody anymore
  • Each deer skin armor piece now has 10 HP and can be destroyed like all other armor types
  • Ghost stairs now use a half log as default mesh
  • Dynamite can now be attached to walls & trees
  • Aiming reticle is now 3x smaller and has a vertical cylinder halo
  • New art added - campsite junk
  • Added more props/layout and details to old film crew camp
  • Hanging scene now only shows the equip light tutorial and no other hud element
  • Fixed skin shading appearing black when using legacy renderer
  • (particles) Improved look of flies (made darker, especially in caves)
  • Player now conforms to the angle of terrain when dying and injured
  • Adjusted timmy toy position on plane to make it more visible
  • Fixed cave mutants when feeding on limbs sometimes not being alerted to nearby player
  • (balance) Increased health of pale skinny cave mutants
  • Caves - fixed intersecting sticks in cave 1
  • Caves - brighter lamps
  • Caves - fixed skulls inside walls in cave 1
  • Caves - removed bone texture from timmy drawings room
  • Caves - removed old rocks from Cave 1
  • Caves - fixed some rock textures
  • Caves - fixed bad value on hanging body in cave 5
  • Caves - brighter bible textures
  • Caves - work on badly placed stalagmites
  • (Performance) Halved mesh resolution of main building log
  • Increased quality of collision detection of flare gun flares so they work better in caves
  • Fixed ghost custom effigy rendering issues
  • Caves - Better collision on main cave rocks
  • Caves - Moved Climbing Axe to cave 9
  • Creepy enemies now spawn blood particles when hit
  • Added a restore defaults button in main scene's control settings panel
  • Fixed icons not refreshing when pressing escape while in control settings panel after changing an input mapping without saving
  • Fixed pressing escape while having the input mapping conflict resolution popup, it now has same effect as pressing the cancel button
  • Fixed a case of input mapping override not getting applied correctly
  • Audio - Fixed missing sound effect for cave door in sinkhole
  • Audio - Increased Bats flying out of caves sound
  • Audio - Fixed missing book opening sound
  • Audio - Increased volume of page turning sound effect
  • (particles) Added broken glass particles to plane crash scene
  • (particles) Dust and small rocks will now explode out of broken stalagmites when hit
  • Caves - adjusted tennis player lod so they don’t pop on
  • Caves - added more save tents deeper inside caves
  • Caves - replaced old skull lamps with dynamic versions
  • Caves - cave 7 entrance work
  • Caves - more lighting in cave 7
  • Caves - fixed hole in cave 7 where you could fall out.
  • Armsy is faster and more aggressive now when attacking player
  • New death and melee reaction animations added to armsy
  • Virginia is now faster and more aggressive when attacking player
  • Updated enemy cave layout to have more difficult enemies in later caves
  • Added back missing stars to night sky!
  • (Balance) Climbing axe now only works on climbing walls
  • Added blood particles to babies when hit, and to their ragdolls
  • Caves - Smaller peek hole in cave 8
  • Caves - Fix for door popping in inside the sinkhole.
  • Cave - Fixed ceiling too low in cave 8 exit to sinkhole
  • Moon cycles added!
  • Audio - Fixed mutant audio not pausing when player was in inventory in single player giving illusion game wasn't actually paused
  • Fixed ghost rock holder loading from save file as a stick holder
  • Audio - plane crash sound now gradually fades out if plane crash is skipped
  • New building: Rock Path ! Place and extend it like custom walls, conforms with terrain when placed, cuts grass when built
  • Fixed dropping bones & fixed inventory item tooltip displaying 0 bone after dropping last bone
  • Fixed enemy club not displaying pickup icon when dropped
  • Fixed dropped enemy club using old mesh/old texture
  • (multiplayer) Fixed player_net molotov fire looking different than local player molotov fire
  • Limited the amount of turtles that can spawn over time
  • Fixed ghost sometimes rotating automatically
  • Lowered opacity of stealth icon and lowered position on screen
  • Climbing wall made brighter, and added leftover old climbing props on wall to make climbable clearer
  • Updated enemy layout in cave 5
  • (balance)Added more supplies to cave4 room (Virginia room)
  • (balance)Added food and soda near cave 5 air pickups
  • Replaced granite cave rock material with mineral rock material
  • Added more fat mutants to caves
  • Audio - New creaking large tree sound added
  • Removed loose sodas and cash pickups from caves, instead these are found on bodies, under bodies, or in suitcases/crates
  • Added small rock pickups to caves to aid with stealth (hint: try throwing them as a distraction)
  • Audio - added new distant cave variations to various caves
  • Audio - Bats exiting caves will now play multiple squeals and squeaks
  • Fixed custom effigy not working after being damaged and repaired
  • Fixed garden plant flashing big when planted before getting proper size
  • You will now only get cold in cave water if you stay swimming in it for 12seconds or more
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed saving inventory for clients
  • Fixed creepy mutants not breaking apart stalagmites inside caves
  • Merged walkway and procedural floor in a single placement tool, bring near terrain to swap to walkway or bring it back up to swap to extensible floor which can be added to a custom structure
  • (Balance) Added more rocks/layout to bottom of sinkhole and tweaked enemy positions/layout
  • New art added: Corpse piles, added to cave 6
  • Audio - added new extinguish sound for when molotov is put out by water
  • Survival book pickup added to the start of plane crash sequence
  • Add hit reaction animation to cowman
  • (Audio) Added experimental “Voice Count” in gameplay sound options to hopefully work around some audio issues for some players.
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