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v0.36 Is the 36th major update for The Forest, and it was released on April 6, 2016.

Dev Notes[]

V0.36 – New cave, Unblocked sinkhole, Side platform building, Improved options menu, New Timmy drawings, Rock thrower converted to multi-item thrower, bug fixing and lots more. Posted on 5 April, 2016 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

This patch unblocks the hole at bottom of sinkhole, allowing access into a new cave below. We’ve also removed all the blocking collision from sinkhole, so you’re now free to jump down to your death, or alternatively try building a staircase downwards, or platforms using the new side platform building which can attach to cliffs without needing a foundation built.

The rock thrower has been converted to the multi-thrower and can now throw many more items, including explosives and molotovs!

Timmy drawings found in caves can now be collected and will be stored in inventory. After equipping them you can place them on built walls as decorations.

We’ve also added a new multiplayer standup revive animation, smoothed out some jerky mp animations, added some new audio, fixed a ton of bugs and lots more, for the full list view:

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • Fixed opening survival book breaking look at special item animation
  • Improved skinning on small bird wings
  • Winter TopHeavy pine now drops sticks
  • Fixed timmy’s shirt clipping through body during plane crash
  • Fixed timmy legs clipping through seats during taken away cutscene
  • Fixed No Hud option not working
  • Fixed top part of ghost Ex* Platform looking different color than rest of building
  • Feathers are now detached from bird ragdolls thus remaining active even after small meat has been picked up
  • Fixed cave map clipping through legs while crouch walking
  • Fixed dead sharks sometimes duplicating on contact with player
  • Bloody tables now move when hit with melee weapons
  • Fixed player grabbing end of burning stick while blocking
  • Fixed wrapped cloth clipping with held stick
  • Fixed cash sometimes getting stuck when spawned from hanging bodies
  • Fixed player being able to double jump while player menu is open in MP game
  • Better single armed block pose on player
  • Fixed anim glitch when transitioning into single arm block
  • Catapult can now be built on the raft without it sinking
  • Effigies now save burn status and done duration
  • Closing inventory or removing an item from crafting mat while implanting upgrades now attempts to instantly place all the views
  • Underwater air consumption stops while time is paused in SP
  • Paint on weapons is now saved
  • Blood on weapons is now saved
  • Fixed stashing bow while looking down leaving the toggle arrow type icon active
  • Eating cooked or dried arm & leg now also yields 1 bone
  • Fixed sinkhole rocks making bush hit sound and giving leaves when hits
  • Opened up blocking to cave system at bottom of sinkhole!
  • New art added: (Text removed * SPOILER)
  • Fixed crafted axe not getting bloody
  • Fixed black line passing through ghost objects against horizon at night!
  • (audio)Rabbit Boots reduce/muffle sound of footsteps when worn
  • New option menu look matching new UI look
  • Fixed swimming no longer cleaning weapons, it now cleans all weapons in inventory
  • Reworked top of sinkhole mesh to make it harder to glitch down it
  • Removed sinkhole blocking collision, you can now jump down to your death if you like. Or if you have the climbing axe climb down! (or up)
  • You may now build in/out the sinkhole
  • Fixed enemies not appearing at bottom of sinkhole area
  • Dying inside the sinkhole no longer plays the drag away sequence
  • Fixed duplicating equipped item using batch in inventory
  • (multiplayer) Fixed crocodile looking different/worse than single player version
  • Fixed watch missing fake drop when you pick up more than you can carry
  • Fixed arrows sometimes bouncing off deer and other animals
  • Fixed host game new game and continue buttons being flipped compared to single player
  • Fixed lighting fires loaded from a save with 0 fuel causing errors and killing performance
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed jerkiness in some player animations
  • Limited ability for player to stand on extreme slopes
  • New building: Multi Thrower ! (replaces the rock thrower) Most right hand held items can now be added to the holder. Projectiles such as bombs produce their standard effect while other items act like rocks previously did
  • Meat picked up from multi thrower is now always spoilt
  • Fixed some issues loading saves with meat in inventory
  • (Multiplayer) Stand up animation added when revived
  • Fixed animation breaking after being revived from dying while on a rope
  • Fixed player not being able to climb ropes while affected by poison/cold/thirst etc.
  • Fixed player doing knockdown animation if hit with explosive while in water
  • New art added: 5 new timmy drawings
  • New timmy drawings placing system: Hold timmy drawings while looking at a wall and press the Craft button (‘C’ on PC by default)
  • (audio)New audio added for multi* thrower
  • (audio)Fixed clients not being able to hear dropped body sound
  • (audio)Fixed missing cave water splatter sound effect
  • (audio)Sticks dropped from saplings, effigies and bush2 now all make a dynamic sound when hitting ground
  • Improved shadows inside sinkhole
  • Fixed cowman not dealing damage to structures and walls
  • Sinkhole cubemap added to sinkhole water
  • New rocks added in sinkhole to (hopefully) prevent players surviving jump in by landing in water
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed ghost rock fence looking filled when placed
  • New art added: Sinkhole entrance models x3
  • Fixed Climbing axe halting player in mid* air if used on wall while falling/jumping
  • Fixed yacht magazine in cave10 being caver magazine when picked up
  • More accurate sinkhole ground collision added
  • Fixed camera shaking if grabbing onto a cliff with climbing axe while falling
  • Fixed player block reaction animation sometimes not playing correctly
  • Fixed player not damaging other players with downward axe strike
  • New building: Rock Side Platform ! Bring a procedural platform next to a big rock to swap to a lighter structure attached by the side to the rock. Has 3 anchor points
  • Stopped player receiving camera shake from cowman footsteps while in water
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed loading save as host sometimes causing duplicate ghost bridge to show up client side
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