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v0.35 was a major update that released on March 24, 2016.

Dev Notes[]

v0.35 Posted on 24 March, 2016 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

This patch introduces the new defensive structure, the mini-catapult. It works best built up high and used against attacking forces, but can be built on anything. Currently it accepts rocks as ammo but by next patch should accept almost any item so if you’ve ever wanted to fire a dead fish at approaching enemies you should be able to soon.

For big save games we’ve started optimizing how buildings are handled from a distance. Walls are the first big part of this and will now convert to a 2d textured quad from a distance improving memory and performance in large bases.

For multiplayer, we found an issue with the display of public games in the steam lobby. Players should now see lots more public games available. We also fixed a bunch of multiplayer bugs including an issue with the item database that could drastically lower frame rate for host if host and client entered a cave together.

Small animals such as birds and squirrels now provide small generic meat pickups when killed. Bone fence building has been improved, we’ve re-done the title screen and dead screens, made more audio tweaks, remodeled and textured the fig tree and fixed a massive list of bugs big and small. The full list can be seen below.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • Player now drops held logs when swimming
  • Fixed single/first arrow not upgrading like others
  • Fixed destroying nested building from old saves causing damage to parent structure, they no longer propagate any damage if not having the right destruction setup
  • Fixed skull lamps sometimes not visible after loading a saved game
  • (Multiplayer)Fixed overflow dynamites fake dropped from picking up in trading tray exploding
  • Fixed arm mesh poking through sleeves on player model
  • Fixed log sled movement glitches when driven over a happy birthday trap
  • Added dodge animations to regular cannibal types
  • Caves – Bloody table and robot toy part are now dynamic
  • Improved first person crouch walk/idle animation
  • Caves – loose heads and headless body now have sound if you hit them.
  • Fixed crocodiles killing player in 1 hit
  • (Multiplayer)Fixed dying by crocodile breaking respawn in MP
  • Fixed player being able to walk along the ocean floor while underwater
  • Better held position of toy head pickup
  • Fixed heavy axe behaving like a stick if swung while jumping
  • Fixed cave map sometimes not loading correctly from saves
  • Rock based fires that are destroyed now spawn a partially filled ghost after showing the broken apart model (you have to put sticks & leaves in to restore the fire)
  • New art added: Fig tree re-do
  • Blood now washes from weapon/body if player is crouched in shallow water
  • Dynamic trunk/leaf bending added to falling trees
  • Fixed exploding wood particles in chopped trees from pushing player around
  • Better held position of spear on player in MP
  • Fixed playing in vegan mode clearing out caves for good (not retroactive)
  • Fixed taking damage when going through legacy wall with door
  • Added an icon as visual feedback when using the ‘batch’ place building feature
  • (Performance) Massively lowered physics per frame allocation cost
  • (Performance) Reduced allocations involved in the tree burning process
  • (Multiplayer) Clients may now burn trees even if away from host
  • Improved collision on huts, and fixed bug where if holding climbing axe huts were climbable
  • Fixed crosses on wooden walls sometimes hanging in air after wall has broken away
  • Fixed yacht windows reflecting trees
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed cave map positioning on remote players and removed the fully revealed map material
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed head bomb exploding when dropped from picking up in metal tray while full
  • Fixed log pickups sometimes having the E action icon visible from far away
  • (Multiplayer) Now syncing rotation of fire particle, should better follow weapons
  • (Multiplayer) Now spawning correct amount of overflown items when trying to pick up from metal tray while full
  • Fixed toggling Defensive wall gate increasing log count in build mission
  • Toggling partially filled Defensive wall and defensive wall Gate now drops back same amount it would have if ghost had been cancelled
  • Fixed bonfire not lightable after going out of fuel
  • Cutting down a tree that has a ghost building attached to it now properly destroys it in Single player
  • Tree structure ghost destroyed through removal of the tree now drops back same amount it would have if ghost had been cancelled
  • Fixed picking up held only item (i.e.: small rock) while holding logs causing the small rock to vanish, now logs will be dropped and the item equipped
  • Lods – fixed inside of plane vanishing from some distances. Added new lods for anchor and big dead wood to stop them popping on. Fixed camping chairs pop on distance. Fixed tennis team corpses popping on. Fixed dead seaweed popping on, now stipples on.
  • Added missing collision to beach anchor
  • Berry bushes now have touch bending!
  • Fixed batching items in inventory being limited to amount of views in inventory
  • Fixed setting the default arrow type to use with bow on the crafting mat
  • Fixed bone fence collider height, stacking other buildings on top of it shouldn’t leave a huge vertical gap anymore
  • Added door visual to legacy wall doorway ghost
  • (Audio) Improved and balanced bird chirps sound effects
  • Yacht & Caver magazine kept in notes of survival book is now a ripped piece of the cover
  • Improved pickup auto equip feature: it will now work regardless of current state of inventory, this way it goes through even while item slot is locked while equipping another item (hint: allows super fast combat style with spears)
  • Winter Top Heavy tree has new fire points
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed player count stuck at 1 for clients
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed delayed action icon (the white circle filling in black) sometimes staying up when action was first completed by another player (i.e.: resetting traps)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed client resetting Happy birthday trap while in its trigger causing trap to be sprung on host side but not client
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed loading a saved game inside yacht as client causing player to swim and see ocean through yacht
  • (Audio) Added book close sound effect
  • (Audio) Added new sound effect for when player blocks
  • Maple trees are now burnable
  • Fixed blocking animation breaking sitting on bench action
  • New structure:  Catapult added
  • Fixed fish sometimes swimming through yacht
  • Fixed camera shaking continuously if grabbing a rope while falling
  • (Multiplayer) Consuming blueberries in garden no longer removes the whole bush and instead each individual berry can be used as expected
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed missing mud after rain for clients
  • Now saving which garden blueberry have already been used so that gardens no longer respawn at full yield after loading a saved game if previously consumed
  • Fixed cave map sometimes not loading correctly
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed an issue with streamed cave props causing lag on remote endpoints
  • Fixed arrow combined with bow losing its bonus
  • Added Steam username display in save slot screens of title scene, defaults to Anonymous if not connected, should make it clearer that you have to be connected to your own account to see your saves and avoid feel of having lost save files
  • New item: Small generic meat ! Can be cooked on fires. Dropped from Squirrels and most birds. Yields lower fullness, health and energy when eaten than other meats
  • (Audio)Tuned volume and distance setting for mutant corpse burning on campfire
  • Fixed automated removal of multiview items from the crafting mat when closing inventory
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed adding first material to repair buildings not refreshing display
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed first tick of toggling wall addition not going to window
  • Traps reset trigger now uses a 3D sheen billboard icon instead of the 2D icon
  • Fixed oysters starting with the “none” decay state
  • (Performance) Optimized inventory animator scripting cost
  • Creepy mutants will attack walls and structures that are blocking the path to the player more often
  • White tents no longer climbable with climbing axe
  • New title screen!
  • New pause menu – and now blurs camera instead of black screen backing
  • New dead screen and dead eaten animations
  • Fixed attempting to climb rope while sitting on a bench breaking player animations
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed clients being unable to deal melee damage to armsy
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed player’s weapon fire not following weapon perfectly on remote avatar
  • Fixed bird landing on hand breaking the lighting campfire sequence
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed high CPU usage when loading old save with tree structures attached to trees that no longer exists
  • Updated Crafting pages in Survival book
  • Caves – Fixed cave blocker intersecting cave 7 entrance.
  • Fixed sapling 2 fading on too close to player
  • Caves – Fixed dead body intersecting with pedestal in cave 5
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed birds flying into fires for client
  • Custom effigy can now always be lit by everyone when there’s no limb attached but will have an effect area of 0
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed bug with steam lobby displaying very few public games
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