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v0.34 was a major update that was released on March 8, 2017.

Dev Notes[]

v0.34 – Defensive gate, Incendiary spears, Better sharks, deadlier Virginia, improved gardens and seed system, bug fixes and lots more. Posted on 8 March, 2016 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

This patch adds the option to create a gate in the defensive wall. You can create either a half gate, or convert two chunks into one larger gate. Unlike regular doors the gates are large enough to push items such as the log sled through.

For enemies, we’ve added a new system where they will attempt to avoid your attacks more by ducking and rolling. We’ve also changed how spawning in caves works, previously when returning to a cave all previously killed enemies would be respawned – we now save and keep track of who you have killed making it possible to totally clear out entire cave systems.

We’ve also done a pass at improving gardens, instead of having no choice on what you can plant in the side wall planter or garden, You can now toggle which seed gets used.

Sharks were re-worked this patch to be more deadly and giving them the ability to swim at different depths. They are also now killable. Along with this a new player die in water and tread water animations have been added.

For multiplayer we’ve fixed a bunch of small bugs. Clients are now able to share items amongst themselves and not just with host, and we’ve fixed a bunch of issues with client item duplication.

Our audio team is back after a short period away and has been hard at work implementing new sounds and balancing the current audio.

Along with this we’ve also fixed a bunch of bugs, added some new art (new plane bathroom!) a new craftable item – the incendiary spear and lots more all listed below.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • (Multiplayer) Fixed item duplication when quickly picking up items that are spawned when picking up something while being full
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed player anim breaking if killed while holding a logsled
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed sun rotation not matching time of day when starting game as client
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed bug where clients could not share items with each other only with host
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed player_net held cave map looking transparent for other players
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed trip wire traps sometimes leaving bits behind after being triggered by client
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed delay/flash when placing walls and fences as client
  • Skinny mutants will sometimes attempt to avoid player attacks by rolling out of the way
  • Birds will attempt to avoid flying through trees and structures now
  • Fixed entering cave sometimes breaking if player was blocking while entering
  • Improved look of player bone armor
  • Improved model/textures of mutant leader props
  • Fixed player arms still appearing to hold oar for a second when disconnecting from raft
  • Suitcases now stipple on instead of popping in
  • More accurate Bone Fence image in survival book
  • New art added – plane bathroom!
  • Rain now has a maximum time limit to avoid raining for entire days
  • Sharks now swim at varying depth and can be killed
  • State of cave enemy encounters are now saved! Instead of all the mutants respawning when you re-enter a cave.
  • Burnt trees trunks now turn into small log pieces
  • Fixed blood on female mutants not syncing on death
  • Fixed flying axe attack sometimes not triggering correctly
  • Fixed missing motion blur on mutant baby
  • (Balance) Slightly faster transition into heavy axe attack
  • Stick swinging now blends correctly with walking animation
  • Fixed fern alt being difficult to cut due to positioning of trigger
  • Improved some player third person animations
  • Improved sapling 1 billboard, now uses vface shading
  • Fixed cave mutants sometimes spawning in very close to player
  • Blocked bird from landing on player hand while survival book is open
  • Fixed slight delay on stealth icon removal when standing up from crouch
  • Virginia is now more deadly at close range
  • Fixed blue creepy mutants skin not syncing on death
  • Fixed repairing bone & arrow basket breaking display of content
  • Made stealth eye icon less opaque
  • Improved some tree/cliff/rock intersections
  • All book pages now have a numbered tab which expands from the chapter tab when hovered over
  • (Performance) Halved ocean waves allocations per frame
  • (Performance) Improved memory usage of ai pathfinding routines
  • (Performance) Further optimized physics usage on animals
  • (Performance) Reduced memory allocations on ai routines
  • (Performance) Reduced memory allocations of cave map revealing system
  • (Performance) Several minor allocations improvements
  • (Audio) Fixed some sounds not being affected by volume slider
  • (Audio) Added exertion sound when a log is dropped
  • (Audio) New burning bodies and bones breaking apart sound added
  • (Audio) Improved underwater ocean audio
  • (Audio) Arrows hitting trees now have a sound effect!
  • (Audio) Added sound effect when player held shield is hit
  • Fixing some trees/plants in wrong areas, in water, inside sinkhole etc.
  • Blocked look at arms animation playing while survival book is open
  • (Audio) Caves – fixed footstep sounds in caves
  • Blur removed from crafting and notes tabs in survival book
  • Ground axe chops now adjusts based on the angle of terrain
  • Clamped player rotation when chopping trees, in the same way as chopping at ground
  • Fixed dropping lit dynamite spawning an unlit one
  • Collision from above with a collapsing foundation now kills player
  • Collision from above with a collapsed structure now deals damage to player based on velocity (i.e.: flying log)
  • Plane fixes – fixed missing net under seats, fixed small gap in wall. Fixed/improved plane distance lod and cockpit lod
  • (Audio) Dead bodies and limbs should now sound fleshy when hit
  • Tread water animation added when swimming and stationary in water
  • Fixed some anim popping issues when transitioning into swimming from walking
  • Fixed arms clipping through rebreather when swimming underwater
  • Fixed falling from a height sometimes causing mouse rotation speed to decrease
  • (Audio) Added sfx to skull rolling away when getting axe in hanging cutscene
  • Fixed a bunch of holes in terrain/cliffs in snow area of map
  • Removed black squares from cowman
  • Improved skin deformation on cowman
  • Fixed Rope, Circuit boards, air canisters and booze vanishing when players attempt to pick them up whilst already holding maximum. Will now spawn dropped version.
  • Caves – fixes to cave 8 sinkhole entrance
  • New procedural Defensive Wall addition: Defensive Wall Gate ! Ghost DW chunks can be turned into standalone one-sided gates (same fashion as regular wall window/doors) and 2 concomitant one-sided gates will automatically merge into a 2 sided gate, you may then toggle the gate again to switch orientation, or again to go back to DW chunks
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed hand icon occasionally getting stuck on screen after trading with another player
  • Fixed fire over sky breaking over horizon!
  • Fixed mutant babies becoming invincible if hit with a burning cloth wrapped weapon
  • Fixed batching multiview item on the crafting mat not working
  • Fixed bugs when mixing fire/poison/regular arrows on crafting mat
  • Fixed inventory batching with fire/poison/regular pile of arrows (both to and from the crafting mat), batching arrows will now only grab the targeted type (i.e. control click on poison arrow while having 7 poison arrow and 20 fire arrow in the pile will move only 7 poison arrow instead of 10 arrows with undetermined bonus)
  • Fixed held arrow type switching when having a mixed fire/poison/regular pile of arrows, also fixes fire staying up on arrow sometimes
  • Added R to toggle arrow type while looking down with having bow equipped (you can still use crafting mat to specify which arrow type to use in advance)
  • Replaced glowing “B to close” text in book by a nicer looking image & the matching action icon when using a gamepad
  • Fixed molotov exploding when dropped from sharing tray
  • Fixed rockpit fires not lighting dynamite
  • Player can no longer be cold and wet while being on fire
  • Fixed cowman in cave 10 sometimes disappearing when approached
  • Fixed mutants sometimes appearing to drag nothing, instead of a downed friendly
  • Added dying in water animation when drowned or killed by shark
  • Fixed crocodiles sometimes floating in the sky
  • Increased chance of crocodiles attacking while in water
  • Fixed lighter flame breaking when camera moved due to motion blur!
  • New seed loot odds 70% = 0, 30% = 1 (was 50% = 0, 25% = 1, 25% = 2)
  • New item: Aloe vera seed (can be planted in garden and wall plant pot)
  • New item: Coneflower seed (can be planted in garden and wall plant pot)
  • New item: Blueberry bush seed (can be planted in garden)
  • You can now pick which seed type to plant in garden and wall plant pot !
  • (Audio) Added hit from behind while blocking sfx
  • Improved lighting on Timmy carried away scene, made red man clearer.
  • (Audio) New sliding down rope sfx added
  • Fixed client hit animation not playing when hit by enemy in MP
  • Fixed mutant baby ragdoll not being removed after time
  • Fixed turtles intersecting each other all the time
  • New Upgraded Spear upgrade: Incendiary ! Combine Upgraded Spear with 1 booze and 1 cloth to burn targets when spear is thrown (one time use)
  • Arrows on the crafting mat show the tint matching their current bonus
  • (Audio) Added player crawl forward sfx during opening cutscene
  • (Audio) Added player stand up sfx at end of plane crash
  • (Audio) Fixed missing sound when spears hit trees
  • Fixed player animation sometimes breaking when sprinting up hills
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