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v0.33 was a major update that was released February 18th, 2016

Dev Notes[]

v0.33 – Bone armor, More structures destroyable, Multiplayer player name hiding, Balance, Bug fixing and lots more Posted on 18 February, 2016 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

For this patch we’ve added a new armor type for players, made from cloth and bones it provides double the protection of lizard armor and looks cooler. It does have the side effect of being louder when worn so won’t be as effective for stealth.

We’ve also gone through and made almost all buildable items destroyable. Rock walls, the log sled and raft are currently the only things you can build that can’t be destroyed (yet). Note: This only applies to newly created structures. Old saved game structures won’t be destructible.

In multiplayer games we’ve added a new system to hide player names when players are crouching. This allows you to hide from the other players if you like to sneak around. We’re really interested to see what everyone thinks of this and how it changes players interacting with each other.

Along with this we have added some new player hit animations for multiplayer, put in a new armor formula and balanced some systems including fire weapons and player weight. along with a bunch of single and multiplayer bug fixes and tweaks all listed below:

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • Fixed stick marker overlay flag icon sometimes missing in old saves
  • Fixed issue with garden preventing to load properly from a save if it had planted seeds
  • Fixed eating berries after failing at collecting with pouch because of having reached max carried capacity
  • (Performance) Lowered grass displacement CPU cost during stutter/spike frames
  • (Balance) Increased arrow poison tick delay & total duration
  • Fixed player camera breaking when taking starvation damage while sitting on bench
  • Fixed wake up music playing at wrong time at start of game
  • Fixed a skinning issue on player sleeves
  • (Multiplayer) Added left/right hit animations when attacking another player
  • (Multiplayer) Added client hit prediction to player
  • Added grass displacement to suitcases & food cart
  • Improved sled grass displacement settings
  • Improved rain particles settings to help it catch up with player when moving
  • Optimized animal and enemy cpu usage
  • Fixed cave 1 bats exiting cave at wrong position
  • Fixed mutants sometimes spawning very close to plane crash on first day
  • Applied new door physics settings to small cabin, log cabin, and legacy doorway
  • Fixed arrow, thrown spear and upgraded spear not properly targeted when trying to pick it up, making it difficult to collect
  • Thrown spear and thrown upgraded spear are now automatically equipped when picked up, thus making them a more viable hunting option
  • most player built wood-based structures are now destructible ! (Not retroactive: already built structures in saved games will remain not destructible, but newly built ones will be)
  • Fixed issue where fire thrown by enemies could cause explosions and destroy bases in multiplayer games.
  • Creepy mutants in the overworld can now travel in groups with other mutants!!
  • Tougher, pale creepy mutants can now be encountered in the overworld
  • Slightly increased health of all creepy mutants
  • Fixed applying bow arrow bonus with crafting cog while having bow equipped
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed weapons sometimes not visible on other player
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed enemies sometimes snapping into death pose as client
  • (Balance) Removed the part of the weight formula which was causing it to change faster if player had lots of overeating points (eating 10 chocolate bars in a row shouldn’t cause player to take 5lbs in a single day anymore, weight gain will however keep going for several days anyways until nutrition points are stabilized)
  • (Audio) Added break apart SFX to non-foundation building collapsing
  • (Multiplayer) Lowered MP data memory footprint of each non foundation based buildings by 95%
  • Defensive spikes now use a combined spike log mesh to have proper distortion & destruction effects
  • Mutants now become blackened and bloody when hit with explosives
  • Fixed lighter clipping through various weapons when blocking
  • Player can no longer spin freely when axe is contacting the ground with a downward strike
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed quiver bonus not preserved after picking up backpack
  • Poisoned arrows can now also infect players & animals ! Players can cure it with aloe vera
  • Fixed tree stumps spawning wrong model in saved games
  • Fixed cut up tree stumps being wrong size for some tree types in saved games
  • Fixed Shelter, Log Cabin & Gazebo destruction looking weird with LODs wrongly taking part in the distortion/collapsing sequences of the destruction system
  • Fixed small cabin floating above ground a little bit (not retroactive)
  • Player can no longer hold anything he picks up while underwater, held only items are dropped again and other items can only go to inventory
  • Underwater sound now triggers when water covers about half the screen
  • Fixed projectiles not preserving memory of the previously equipped item after running out
  • Fixed waterskin content not saving properly
  • Caves – extended water zone in cave 9 climb entrance pool so you don’t fall through to the ground.
  • Caves – fixed short rope alignment in Cave 2
  • Wall Garden image added to survival book
  • Fire warm whole home system of custom buildings has been expanded to log cabins as well
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed sleeping in temporary shelter not collapsing them for clients
  • Trip wire traps are now triggered by nearby explosions
  • Only fuel based fire weapons (such as molotov) will now cause enemies to flail around on fire, otherwise they will receive fire damage, stagger back but still remain able to attack
  • Arrow on held bow now shows arrow bonus material
  • Added poison arrow bonus green looking material
  • Added arrow bonus material toggling to quiver arrows
  • Fixed hair still visible when chopping off head of female mutant
  • Removed hint from dead screen that tells players to build fires to scare away mutants since fire will attract them
  • Caves – New cave 6 climb down entrance added
  • Fixed seam on severed head model
  • Added “stable” weight forward arrow in stats page of book
  • Added the “fortune” story clue to pages 3 of notes
  • Added page numbers to survival book sections to make clearer some building sections have multiple pages (i.e. custom building which has 3 pages)
  • Wearing fur boots now correctly reduces the sound detect range of walking/running
  • (Multiplayer) Improved fall to ground animation of mutants as client
  • Fixed an issue with saves that have rabbit fur boots equipped, was stacking bonuses each time game was loaded
  • Increased chance of seeing enemies drag away injured family members during combat
  • New art added: small cave rocks
  • Caves- rock clumps replaced with small cave rocks
  • (Multiplayer) Player name is now hidden for crouched players!
  • Fixed a case of enemies sometimes not transitioning to death animation
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed issue with nested buildings causing clients to get kicked out when destroying foundations
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed ghost vanishing for a second when placing buildings as client for all but custom building types
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed not being able to gather arrows/spears from other players
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed connecting issues with receiving multiple invites to the same lobby
  • (multiplayer) Fixed enemies not turning head to client/looking at clients
  • Fixed turtle shell shield not correctly blocking attacks
  • (Multiplayer) Improved enemy spin around when hit reaction for clients
  • (hopefully)Fixed some issues with enemies running into plane crash and getting stuck
  • Added right click to drop from inventory action on spoilt meat
  • Fixed issue with pond reflection in upper part of map
  • Caves – Tighter light blocking around cave 10 climb entrance to prevent leaks
  • Position of axe tip is now dynamically adjusted when hitting crocodiles/turtles and other objects
  • Fixed player camera sometimes offset after plane crash when starting a new game directly after saving an existing game
  • Fixed hanging enemies in noose trap being offset from noose position for client
  • New craftable item: Bone Armor ! (5 bones + 2 cloth)
  • New armor formula based on armor HP, lizard & stealth armor take 20 damage, bone armor takes 40, following damage goes to the next armor piece and to player when there’s no armor left
  • Replacing a damaged armor piece doesn’t give back the item in inventory
  • Better positioning of all held animal heads
  • Fixed random rocks & sticks found on ground stop spawning after picking up a bunch
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed building warmth not functioning properly for clients
  • Added dedicated destruction to bonfire (similar to other fires)
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