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v0.31 was the 31th major version of the game, and it was released on January 21, 2016.

Dev Notes[]

v0.31 – New multiplayer clothing variations, player dynamic blood! Roof hole cutter! Multiplayer sleep system. Craftable Snow shoes. Choppable removable stumps! Improved bone fence, bone and skull effigies, combat tweaks, edible birds and squirrels and lots more Posted on 20 January, 2016 by Anna

Hey everyone,

For this patch we’ve made more of the world’s animals interactable and edible. If you’re able to kill a crocodile, you’ll now be able to gather its skin and some meat. Smaller animals such as birds and squirrels can now also be harvested for food.

We’ve also added the ability to chop stumps! Previously you would have to use explosives to remove them and in the process probably blew yourself or half your base up.

Visual feedback in combat has been improved by pushing further the dynamic blood feature, including in multiplayer where you can now see damage taken by your teammates. It should now be a lot clearer how injured a player character or enemy is by the amount of blood visible on them.

On the multiplayer side we’ve added new player clothing variations, fixed an issue with blood not syncing on enemy corpses, and also implemented a sleep system. Sleep works basically the same as single player, only all players need to go to sleep at the same time.

Along with this we’ve also made the bone fence look more unique as previously it used same formation as stick fence. We added a new ability to cut holes in roofs which should allow for even more freedom in construction, flies are now attracted to dead cannibals, we also fixed a bunch of bugs, added some new art and animation and lots more all listed below:

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • Player crawling animation added to opening scene
  • (Multiplayer) New player clothing texture variations added! New revised camo, relaxed T-shirt and tourist clothing
  • Improved map system: increased map granularity and added simple outside cave location map
  • New todo task: Condition: have less than 40% air underwater, Completion: Find rebreather
  • New todo task: Condition: Find climbable wall, Completion: Find climbing axe
  • New todo tasks: explore caves 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
  • Dynamic blood added to player body
  • Fixed bug where rapidly opening and closing survival book could cause it to not appear in hands at all.
  • Added support for PS4 DualShock controller
  • New art added: Second frozen body
  • New art added: Re-done player character textures
  • (Performance) Amplify motion blur updated to latest release
  • (Balance) Slightly reduced health on all creepy mutants
  • New bird types added to world
  • Cave 9 – adjusted layout and lighting
  • New art added: improved crocodile textures
  • (Rendering) Cheap far distance shadows added (experimental)
  • Fixed grass rendering incorrectly on latest AMD crimson drivers
  • Extra turbulence animation added to plane opening scene
  • Removed floating stalactites from Cannibal Village cave entrance.
  • Fixed burning weapons not emitting light
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed timed bomb exploding when dropped from metal tray when full
  • Fixed burning player not removing leaves of stealth armor
  • Burnt trees now properly destroy attached structures as well
  • Tree structures now collapse upon being destroyed
  • Added 4 rabbit skins to bed ingredients
  • Added colored flag to log sled to make it easier to locate
  • Cliffs are now double sided and shadow correctly when sun is behind them
  • Fixed rebreather not getting picked up when inventory already full of air canisters
  • (Performance) Memory lowered by disabling read/write on meshes that don’t need it
  • Added ability to chop at leftover stumps to remove them
  • Added stump removal to tree types that didn’t have it yet
  • Blowing up a partially cut down tree no longer removes the stumps (tree needs to first be fully cut down)
  • Burnt Armsy texture seams painted out
  • Improved arrow behavior with physics objects, it now properly collides with most objects it can be expected to even if it cannot stick in it
  • Can no longer equip map while on rope
  • Fixed wrong model bow and arrow on crafting mat and brightened bow textures
  • Added some tents to cave 9 climb down entrances to make them easier to find
  • Added stand up animation when first waking up on the plane
  • Fixed breakable flare crate containing soda’s instead of flares
  • Updated enemy layout in cave 7 & 8
  • Added climb out areas to cave 9 sinkhole overlook area
  • Fixed pine trunk material not matching between cut and standing versions
  • Added option to hide stealth meter
  • Added option to turn other player names off in mp
  • Added far shadow option to gfx menu
  • Removed depth of field from gfx options
  • Fixed sunshine occlusion not turning back on after being disabled and enabled again in options
  • Rain should last way longer once it starts
  • Burning body now yields 2 bones from torso
  • Limited max amount of each berry type to 30
  • (Multiplayer) Added sleep feature, all currently connected players must use a sleep trigger (regardless of place in world) and sleep will start once everyone is in
  • (Multiplayer) Added “current view” icon display to Player List
  • (Multiplayer) Added “Sleep” current view, active while waiting for rest of party to join
  • You can now skin crocodiles and receive both skin and meat.
  • Increased chance of seeing enemies praying at ritual altars
  • Raccoons are now nocturnal
  • Newly discovered map areas now smoothly reveal over 1s instead of instantaneously
  • Fixed rain not cleaning up bloody weapons
  • (Optimization) Plane and yacht shaders now use deferred rendering
  • You can now cut downwards at stumps without clipping through
  • Cave 1 – adjusted stalactites in flooded room, sinkhole walkout hallway walkout added
  • (Multiplayer) Added backpack model to player
  • Increased dynamic blood effect on enemies
  • Inventory can no longer be opened while airborne
  • Texture quality setting is now properly saved and restored
  • Chocolate bars and soda now give overeating points when used
  • Task system messages no longer spam hud
  • (Multiplayer) Grabbing backpack no longer auto equips first item in list if hands are empty
  • Fixed enemy bodies sometimes at wrong angle when dropped on fires
  • (Multiplayer)Fixed enemies sometimes floating in air when killed in MP
  • (Multiplayer)Fixed blood not appearing on client players when hit by an enemy
  • Building collapsing now destroys triggers of nested buildings (blocks the feature before the end of the physics animation)
  • New bone fence tribal look
  • (Balance) Slightly lowered time to pull back axe before strike
  • Fixed hanging bodies in main cannibal village not dropping items when hit, not counted on passenger list
  • Plastic torch made brighter, longer bigger throw. Added brighter fill light
  • Fixed various anim glitches when chopping downward with an axe
  • Birds no longer land on bodies that have been dropped on a fire
  • Fixed fish not receiving damage from regular weapons
  • Smoother player rotation while pushing the log sled
  • Added animals to parts of the map where there were few/none
  • Blocked player rotation during stand up part of hanging cut scene
  • There is now a delay at start of game before player can sleep (roughly at first night)
  • Crafting anything now closes the crafting tutorial (was closed only by making molotov or closing inventory)
  • Increased sled logs max amount to 11
  • Stick, ropes and booze now use the multiview feature (can be used with amount > 1 in crafting)
  • Walking in snow now sinks feet and slows down player
  • New item: Snowshoes ! (craft with 5 sticks and 2 ropes, prevents foot sinking and slow down while walking in snow)
  • Glass shard upgrade views are now 50% smaller
  • Made glass upgrade material more transparent and more reflective
  • Flies are now attracted to dead cannibal bodies, once flies are there chopping off limbs may cause infection
  • Experimental walls renamed ‘Custom Walls’ in Survival Book
  • New image for Log Sled in Survival Book to make it clearer
  • You can now cut holes in custom roofs ! (using the same tool as floors)
  • (Multiplayer)Fixed blood sync issues on dead enemies
  • (Multiplayer) -hopefully -Fixed enemies sometimes randomly running on spot
  • Birds and squirrels now yield 1 meat
  • AO fix for Bush 08
  • Fixed camera being able to see down neck sometimes when using bow
  • Stopped player getting leaves when cutting rope in hanging cutscene
  • Added bones & skulls to custom effigy materials
  • Now showing the “X climbing axe icon” when climbing axe isn’t out while targeting a climb wall
  • (Multiplayer) Improved time syncing for clients
  • Fixed spawned crocodile head scale
  • Dynamite must now be lit before thrown in order to explode
  • Fixed player sometimes drifting slowly down if damaged while airborne
  • Replaced hanging skull lamp model and replaced cloth requirement with rope
  • Staying in a fire now properly keeps burning player until death or getting out
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed burning trees
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed issue when leaving game while having a backpack pickup in game preventing client from reconnecting if making a new game
  • Fixed tangents and normal maps on tree bark
  • Optimized touch bending on plants
  • Optimized shadows casted by plants and trees
  • Fixed material settings of waterfall
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