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v0.28 was a major update which was released November 24th, 2015

Dev Notes[]

V0.28 – Removable stumps! New leaf fire trap, new molotov trap, new passenger manifest system (find the missing passengers), Dynamite enemy type, arrow basket, Rock fall tree trap, cave fixes, hanging cave bats and lots more! Posted on 24 November, 2015 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

This patch finally allows players to remove leftover tree stumps. Simply place a bomb on a stump and stand back.

We’re also introducing the passenger manifest system. Once collected this can be used to keep track of the missing plane passengers you find in the world. This is a first pass at this system – currently some bodies may not register correctly

Additionally 3 new traps, an arrow basket, a new enemy type, cave bats, new improved looking tree trunks and lots more, all listed below.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • New item: Passenger Manifest ! (find all fellow passenger bodies in world to cross their name’s off the list)
  • New building: Arrow basket ! (stores up to 86 arrows)
  • New building: Swinging rock trap
  • New building: Molotov trip wire trap !
  • New building: Leaf pile trap ! (costs 50 leaves, once built can be set on fire for 20s
  • to fry enemies) (Hint – works well combined with molotov trip wire trap)
  • Lit molotov and arrows can now set leaf pile traps alight
  • Lit molotov can now set all fire types alight
  • Extended molotov fire duration by 2 seconds
  • It is now possible to blow tree stumps up by sticking explosive on it !
  • Fixed Cave Map not restoring map properly after loading a saved game
  • Fixed case of sprint sometimes being unresponsive
  • new mutant type added: dynamite mutant
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed memory leak when cutting down/blowing up trees
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed trees cut far from host or client pop on when approached
  • (Multiplayer) The cave map and the passenger manifest are passed on to the respawned player when dying
  • (Multiplayer) Improved cases of log staying stuck mid air
  • (Multiplayer) Player list now displays properly for clients
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed issue where meat from animals would duplicate
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed issue where upgrades for weapons would not show up
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed issue where raft would become unusable after if person driving it got damaged
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed issue where mutant hanging in a noose-trap would vanish if trap was reset while mutant was still trapped
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed some issues with receiving invites while in the MP screen
  • Bushes & saplings are now properly pooled back when cut down
  • (Audio) Improved animation related system memory usage
  • Fixed finalized trophies not parenting properly with their supporting wall
  • Cut down thin trees are no longer loaded in saved game as tiny floating pine tree stumps
  • Reworded information on Garden in survival book
  • (Audio) Last Armsy audio
  • Increased skull lamp draw distance, and its light now fades in when enabled
  • Fixed wrong settings on tree cut causing them to vanish on ultra low draw distance when exploded
  • Art added: Camping Light
  • More stalagmite/stalactite models can now be broken apart
  • (Optimization) Improved performance of cave shadow blockers, and rendering on cave wood panels when not in cave
  • (Audio) Cowman breaths events added
  • (Audio) Fixed plane crash SFX playing again if you skipped the intro cutscene after the plane had already crashed
  • (Performance) New lod added for firestand built and treehouse built
  • (Audio) retimed plane crash sequence
  • Improved look of molotov explosion and of timedbomb explosion
  • AO added to dead trees
  • (Audio) Added grunts for Cowman’s Belly Flop Attack
  • Fixed drawn bow being automatically reset after jumping
  • Increased time for falling camera shake to kick in
  • Player will no longer be woken by enemies if he is sleeping inside a base that completely blocks enemies from entering
  • (Audio) Cowman dodge backwards sounds and recovery breaths
  • (Audio) Fixed hitting foliage with club sometimes sounding like sword
  • Thicker collider on tennis racket pickup so it falls over rocks better
  • Fixed enemy bodies sometimes disappearing when killed at a distance
  • New art added: Loose ground sticks
  • (Art) Improved all terrain to ocean transitions
  • Happy Birthday ghost model now matches built model
  • Fixed player getting thrown up in air when standing very close to exploding structures
  • New art added: Revised trunks, more detail, more variation
  • World mutants no longer instantly despawn when entering a cave
  • Cave 5- improved lighting, removed old purses, many collision and wall fixes, fixed cross pick up fixed, cleaned up stalagmites and replaced with breakable versions. Stalagmites added to geeselake swimout. Cleaned up pick ups and props. Replaced unbreakable tables with proper versions. Made tighter light blocker to prevent light leaks. Removed rock dressing from ground that looked cluttered.
  • Caves- upped collision detail on walls for cave 1,5 and 6
  • Caves- yellow flare crate should be synced in MP in cave 10
  • Caves- fixed missing wall in cave 6
  • Caves- lighting fixes in cave 2
  • Caves – replaced old lamps in cave 1 and improved cave 1 lighting
  • Lowered speed and damage of crafted axe
  • Fixed player head collider being disabled when in water
  • Added “Map” action icon when holding map
  • Cave map pickup no longer unequips after a few seconds when picked up
  • Tennis racket is now stashed when pressing the “Drop” button while holding it
  • Removed Armsy from bottom of cave 5
  • (Audio) added flies sound
  • Fixed burnt bodies all aligned same way
  • Fixed blood effect repeating after killing fish and effect never being removed from world
  • Fixed missing blood on Katanta and climbing axe, improved look of rusty axe blood. Fixed plane axe not bloody when first picked up.
  • Moved second modern axe from dead tree to deeper inside cave 2. Moved katana from in front of cave 1 to deeper inside cave 1. Moved rusty axe from early in cave 5 to deeper inside cave 5
  • Fixed missing “Lighter” action icon during cave hanging scene
  • (Performance) Optimized memory usage of AI’s path finding
  • Flies added to burnt dead bodies
  • Skull Ceiling Lamp drawing added to book
  • (Audio) added on fire, hurt and death sounds for Armsy
  • Fixed plant bomb on tree not showing when equipping bomb while in another trigger
  • Fixed dropping animal heads, then picking it up again quickly causing it to vanish
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The current major version is v1.12 - VR which was released on September 11, 2019