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v0.27 was the 27th major version of the game, and it was released on November 11, 2015.

Dev Notes[]

V0.27 – New cave Map, Animal head trophies, Balance, Improved mp combat, New decorations, Tennis racket weapon, Better ambient lighting, Fixed windows 10 audio bug and more Posted on 11 November, 2015 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

This patch introduces a new version of the cave map – this should make exploring caves a lot clearer, and help you keep track of which caves have been uncovered.

Along with some new home decorations, there is a new head mount building type. Want to kill a deer and mount its head on your wall? Now you can.

We have also added a bunch of balance tweaks, getting hungry will take slightly longer, reviving a friend in multiplayer no longer requires you to have medicine, axes are a little bit stronger and we added some tweaks to how low player health is handled. Check the full changelog for more information on this, along with the other fixes/changes we made. This patch which include some new art, new spherical harmonics ambient lighting, Improvements to performance of large multiplayer saved games, new sounds, and lots more.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • New item: Cave map ! Once found, visit cave system to reveal it. Replaces piece together map.
  • New Weapon added : Tennis racket!
  • It is now possible to harvest heads off the following animals: Boar, Crocodile, Deer, Goose, Lizard, Rabbit, Raccoon, Seagull, Shark, Squirrel, Tortoise.
  • New building: Trophy Maker, once built you may bring to it an animal head to turn into a trophy !
  • New building: rabbit skin rug!
  • New building: ceiling skull light!
  • (Multiplayer) hits from enemies on player are now calculated locally, reducing appearance of lag
  • (Multiplayer) Reviving another player no longer uses meds and restores only a minimum amount of health
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed issue of explosions not destroying trees when players were far away from host
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed another log-dupe bug (sorry!)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed issue where some of the smaller tree types were not cuttable with explosives
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed performance issues with lots of buildings
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed an issue where (randomly) some wood planks being destroyed would not replicate out to other players
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed issue where client could not kill fish with explosives
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed suitcases sometimes jittering back and forth for client when stuck between objects
  • (Multiplayer) enemy hit reactions are more varied and closer those in single player
  • (Multiplayer) Optimized remote player animator cost
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed exploding trees spawning 2 cut tree models
  • (Balance) Slightly increased all axe damage
  • (Balance) Deer can no longer be killed with 1 arrow
  • (Balance) Slightly lowered attack range of plane axe
  • (Balance) Lowered crafted club damage
  • (Balance) Lowered attack range of mutants when attacking with only hands/claws
  • (Balance) Run stamina Cost reduced by 15%
  • (Balance) Hunger speed 30% lower (was about 2 full stomachs per in game day, now 1.35 per day)
  • (Balance) Hitting an enemy with flying axe attack now does more damage based on height of the jump
  • (Balance) Adrenaline rush ! When player’s health reaches grey zone because of an enemy hit he gets half his missing stamina back over 1 second. Has a 2 minutes delay.
  • (Balance)Player can climb up/down ropes faster now by holding “run”
  • (Balance)Warm day no longer triggers in north (the system that makes cold go away when sun rises)
  • (Balance) enemy hit that should cause death while player health is above grey zone instead brings player to 1 HP
  • (A.I.) enemies can now see player from further away when not surrounded by trees
  • (A.I.) prevented enemies targeting downed players in coop
  • (A.I.) fire mutant is now immune to fire
  • (A.I.) fixed praying behaviour from enemies almost never occurring
  • (A.I.) fixed fire mutants almost never choosing to throw firebombs
  • (A.I.) fixed Armsy occasionally spinning on the spot for no reason
  • (A.I.) enemies will attempt to cut their friends down from rope traps
  • (A.I.) Fixed some issues with enemy spawning over days. Should see more variety/amounts of mutants in general
  • (A.I.)mutants will break off attacks from structure more often if player is nearby
  • (A.I.) fire mutant is now faster and more aggressive
  • (Rendering) New SH lighting added! More ambient break up/better looking less flat ambient fill light
  • (Visuals) improved look of distant terrain – more break up, more bump
  • (Visuals) Ocean white caps will now fade in as players moves closer to ocean instead of popping on
  • (Visuals) Sun brightness is now dependent on cloud coverage, giving appearance of overcast days. Weather may now be cloudy without raining at all
  • Procedural buildings can no longer be stacked with defensive walls as a support (was causing numerous issues)
  • Increased speed terrain dries after raining by 2x
  • Added 1 cloth to cost of stick marker
  • Reorganized survival book pages and entries in each page
  • Held walkman playing music will alert nearby enemies now
  • Regular mutants should no longer follow player into water (much)
  • Enemies can now jump over and interact with the rock holder
  • Jumping onto small objects directly in front of player is now smoother/less glitchy
  • Added camera shake when falling a long distance
  • Sleeping bag models added to caves
  • Hanging body models in caves moved down to stop wobbling
  • Slight wobble added to yacht
  • 4 types of large cave stalagmites can now be smashed apart
  • (Performance) skull lamps particles and light get turned off at a distance from player
  • (Performance) optimised cpu usage when building lots of rope traps
  • (Performance) cut down trees now use pooled log pickups, limited to 100 instances (oldest ones get removed if new one are created past the limit)
  • (Performance) tree wood hit particles are now using a pooled version
  • (Performance) optimized cpu usage on log sled
  • (Performance) Fixed some object not getting cleaned up when cutting trees
  • (Performance) Lowered memory usage of freshly cut down trees remaining stumps
  • (Art) New lighter model and textures added!
  • (Art) New seaweed clumps added for beach!
  • (Art) Added new grass types and visual improvements to foliage
  • (Art) New prop added: R.O.V
  • (Art) Snow-covered areas have new grass type and new grass placement
  • (Art) North and south of the big lake, terrain polish and added grass
  • (Art) new sleeping bags (and bloody alternate)
  • (Art) Torn version of blue tent added (can’t be slept in or used to save game)
  • (Audio) Fixed audio bug with windows 10 and some drivers which could cause a weird static sound
  • (Audio) added Armsy running breaths and tuned the trees falling sound a little more
  • (Audio) Made rain start loud, and then loop a little louder than it used to
  • (Audio) Tuned mutant distant cries
  • (Audio) Added Armsy Tree Knockdown sound
  • (Audio) tuned tree falling and tree hitting ground sounds
  • (Audio) Added new Armsy yells
  • (Audio) New Snow footsteps added (not yet implemented)
  • (Audio) Mixing on: small bird on hand, distant surf, leaves falling, leaf rustles, laptop dragging, hammering, footstep rock, footstep grass, footstep mud, footstep jump
  • (Audio) Fixed deadfall trap not playing sound event issue
  • (Audio) Fixed footsteps sometimes getting stuck as wood, regardless of what surface the player is walking on
  • (Audio) Deadfall Trap Sound Redesigned and added to game
  • (Audio) Happy birthday trap sound event timing adjusted
  • (Audio) cleaned up mixer objects so audio events don’t play when game is paused
  • (Audio) Added glass smash for unlit molotovs
  • (Audio) improved small birds flying sound
  • (Audio) Chopping trees don’t duck wind so much
  • (Audio) Removed a waterfall audio emitter that was incorrectly placed
  • (Audio) Tuned dying sound so first ragged breaths, then heartbeat, then blood in ears. World sounds get affected a little earlier also
  • (Audio) Fixed tree bridges triggering incorrect player footstep sound
  • Fixed sleep timer broken when having nearby enemies
  • Fixed wrong item equipping after having cancelled placing a blueprint by opening book
  • Fixed exploded enemy pickup objects icons showing the “Inventory” action key
  • Fixed garden blueberry respawn bug
  • Fixed dropped katana turning into dynamite
  • Fixed issue with custom effigy automatically lighting up
  • Fixed dead text having gradient inside it
  • Fixed missing sticks on sled ghost model (cost is 21 sticks now)
  • Fixed missing 7 leaves cost on rockpit and standing fires
  • Fixed tree platform missing 1 rope cost
  • Fixed thrown dynamite having sheen effect on material
  • Fixed missing collision on drying racks, rock holder, cannibal village old fires, pig head sticks, and hollow logs
  • Fixed firestick missing from fire mutant in MP
  • Fixed placed distraction device not waking sleeping enemies
  • Fixed an edge case issue with cold system causing after being warmed by the sun to never get cold until going nearby a fire
  • Fixed hud disappearing when attempting to open book while pushing sled (It is no longer possible to open book while pushing sled)
  • Fixed player losing stamina if stationary while holding the run key
  • Fixed spears not doing any damage when thrown or aimed downwards
  • Fixed spears not sticking into half cut trees
  • Lowered health of crocodiles
  • Player can no longer perform heavy swing attack if stamina is very low
  • (Rendering) Deferred skin shader improved: Subsurface scattering will only be applied on lights casting real time shadows
  • (Visuals) Large scale ambient occlusion added to trees and plants
  • (Art) Improved the look of snowy area and backdrop cliff transition
  • New input action: “Map” Set to M on keyboard and Left shoulder 1 on gamepad (check your settings if you have done custom mappings it won’t overwrite it)
  • Fixed camera seeing down neck sometimes during plane crash
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The current version is V1.12 - VR which was released on September 11, 2019
The current major version is v1.12 - VR which was released on September 11, 2019