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v0.24 was the 24th major version released, and it came out on September 17, 2015.

Dev Notes[]

V0.24 – Multiplayer ban/kick menu, Clearer weapon upgrading, Improved tree cutting and more Posted on 17 September, 2015 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

We’ve had lots of requests for a Kick/Ban menu in multiplayer and so have implemented a first version of this. Kick is temporary and players are able to rejoin instantly, ban is set by the server host and can be for as long as you want. Press TAB to bring this menu up.

For weapon upgrading, it was never really clear how much faster or deadlier a weapon was getting when you stuck teeth and feathers to it, so we’ve changed the display of the tool tip when you hover over weapon items. We now also display more information when placing items on the crafting mat about what effects the upgrade will have on the weapon stats.

Axes will now align much better to cut point on tree, hopefully improving feel of tree cutting.

You can now put out lit fires by hitting them, added new player animation for opening book, we finally added option to lower texture resolution (this means we will eventually enable much higher resolution textures, but for now the option to go lower is available).

We’ve also fixed a bunch of bugs, added ability to place rocks in log sled, more balancing and cave layout/fixes, added some new art (some new cave wall types, club models), some new hidden story pickups, A bunch of new audio and way more fixes and tweaks all listed below.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • New input action: Multiplayer > PlayerList (set to Tab by default, not added automatically if custom bindings exists)
  • (multiplayer) Fixed host not counting itself in lobby member count displayed in game browser
  • (multiplayer) Player list (has ban/kick features)
  • (multiplayer) Banned players list (has cancel ban feature)
  • (multiplayer) Title scene displays a message when sent back there after being kicked or banned or attempting to join a banned game
  • (multiplayer) Fixed weapon damage inconsistency between single player and multiplayer – i.e. modern axe now takes less chops to chop down a tree in multiplayer
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where enemies would play standing up animation often right after being killed
  • (multiplayer) Fixed client unable to finish defensive wall reinforcement
  • (multiplayer) Moved back button down to avoid blocking hosting game by Steam for several hours when clicking too fast on create lobby button at some resolutions
  • (multiplayer) Fixed mutant babies disappearing for clients when they die
  • Inventory camera now moves back to fit whole carpet in view at all aspect ratios
  • (performance) Texture resolution options added to options menu!
  • Rabbits that are lit on fire turn into edible cooked rabbits when they die
  • Fixed gamepad navigation in menus
  • Fixed ghost rock fence not saving properly (might require to recreate the ghosts to have the proper shape)
  • Fixed distance from water at which fires must be built to be lightable
  • (Audio) Added break SFX for wooden objects, cardboard boxes, laptops and effigies
  • (Audio) Updated drinking sound for drinking from water sources such as ponds and water collectors, sound now timed to pond drinking animation.
  • (Audio) Added bone rattle and cracking atmosphere sounds that react to wind to each of the cannibal art structures.
  • (Audio) Added new bone sounds to mutant leader movement, hit reaction and attack animations.
  • (Audio) Added SFX for weapons hitting ground, water, rocks and other inanimate objects
  • (Audio) Added slide SFX for wooden crates, small cages, tables, rocks, laptops and cardboard boxes
  • (Audio) Added moaning wind ambient SFX to cave entrances and built structures
  • (Audio) Added burn SFX for female creepy mutants
  • (Audio) Rain SFX now responds to wind intensity
  • (Audio) Added cracking wood sound to fishing stands, sound responds to wind intensity.
  • (Audio) Added creaking ambient sound to Tree House and Tree Platform structures, sound responds to wind intensity.
  • (Audio) Fixed female creepy mutant SFX getting left behind as she moves
  • (Audio)Seagulls make individual sounds
  • (Audio) Large structures now moan in high wind
  • (Audio) underwater, swimming sounds, and jumping into water splash made louder
  • (Audio) Fixed pale mutants sound being muffled
  • (Audio) Log Cart sound intensity lowered
  • (Audio) Fixed missing katana air Whoosh sound
  • (Audio) New hacking up mutant body sounds and new hitting/killing animal sounds.
  • Reduced maximum amount of feathers you can get from hitting dead birds with rocks
  • Player can now put out lit fires by hitting them
  • Axe should line up to cut point better when chopping trees
  • Fixed various animation glitches when transitioning between axe animations
  • Fixed enemies not jumping over stick & rock fences
  • Fixed dropped upgraded spear turning into dynamite pickup
  • Fixed houseboat not floating correctly
  • Book open animation added!
  • New art – Enemy club remodeled/retextured
  • New art – new model for regular crafted club – also now easier to select in inventory
  • Fixed some breakable wood planks giving leaves and playing plant hit sound effect
  • Fixed dead screen showing action icons
  • Fixed big buildings (like the houseboat) flashing out when looking down while placing on slopes
  • Molotov tutorial now only shows when a molotov is up, and is deemed done when a molotov has been lit
  • Blood now accumulates on screen for longer whilst getting hurt and stays even longer while in grey zone
  • Fixed bug with ghost skull decoration when loading a saved game
  • Fixed place bomb feature showing place talky icon
  • Fixed action icons disappearing when alt tabbing back in game
  • Fixed rare case of UI looking doubled
  • Lowered swing speed of craft club and held enemy club
  • (performance) New lods added for cliff rocks, cliffs, lake rocks
  • Fixed suitcases sometimes showing as open but having a locked icon above them.
  • New cave tileable wall textures added
  • New cave ceiling textures added
  • Fixed mutant baby spawning 2 ragdolls when killed with fire
  • Fixed some survival settings (starvation/thirst/cold) broken after loading a saved game, causing for example breathing duration to be really small
  • Fixed some pathfinding issues with defensive walls
  • Fixed action icons of inventory item tooltip breaking their scale and position when switching from mouse to gamepad while it is visible
  • Faster transitions into and out of axe attacks
  • Thrown molotovs will wake nearby sleeping enemies
  • Screaming enemies will attract/wake up nearby enemies
  • New player/timmy animations added to opening plane crash
  • Hitting hanging bodies now has a chance to spawn cash
  • Improved foundation system to better work with explosive destruction and improve destruction performance
  • Fixed an occasional bug when using pouch to collect berries causing all icons to stay visible on bushes in range
  • Fixed issues with save files date not displaying sometimes
  • Fixed several file dates issues, including dates of cloud files (should now properly sync only once)
  • Fixed listening to walkman music not regenerating energy (works once per in game day) + the return of the flashing outline !
  • Arrows now go through cave doors and can stick to terrain behind !
  • Fixed slight fired arrow positioning issue
  • Tweaked arrow physics settings so that it falls down more at it flies in distance. With those settings, a fully charged arrow shoot (5s bending) is very accurate while a mid charged one cannot go far in distance and can only be used for close up combat
  • Fixed enemies sometimes facing wrong direction when hit with arrows
  • Fixed enemies sometimes glitching through walls during combat
  • Fixed skinny mutants appearing to damage defensive walls
  • Thrown flares should emit more light and be more useful for finding way in dark
  • Fixed burnt baby texture looking shiny
  • Building distortion now scales with damage proportional to max HP (from 1x to 10x)
  • Building distortion now only effective past 0 damage
  • Fixed upgrades not spawning renderers when reaching max amount
  • Removed upgrade counters in inventory item tooltip
  • Now displaying weapon speed & damage values (upgrade bonus included) in inventory item tooltip
  • Now displaying preview for weapon speed & damage upgrade bonus when adding ingredients on the crafting mat !
  • Improved inventory item tooltip positioning so that it cannot go below bottom of screen
  • Lowered penalty of each upgrade type
  • Arrows now limited to 12 in inventory
  • New upgrade recipe: Fire arrow (1 arrow + 1 booze)
  • New upgrade recipe: Bow set ammo (1 bow + 1 arrow, none consumed, sets which arrows are used first by the bow)
  • Picking up an item while underwater and dropping it underwater no longer equips previously equipped weapon
  • Fixed lighter tut coming up in caves while underwater
  • Improved molotov fire particle quality
  • Fixed issue causing rocks to stop spawning after collecting a large amount
  • Fixed issue where some hidden caches of dynamite were not pickup able
  • You can now place rocks in log sled! and switched log sled add to a generic icon
  • New close range attack animations added to cowman
  • Fixed some swimzones in cave 6 and in other areas around world that shouldn’t have been there
  • Fixed issues with jumping into water while holding story clues. Also prevented dropping those items
  • (performance) Lowered cost of rain particles to render and killed them faster instead of rendering them far under terrain
  • Deer run away from player more consistently, and run faster
  • Updated cave 8 enemy layout
  • Two new story clue pickups added
  • Terrain – fixing some areas with holes, fixing some cliffs misaligned. Improving look of area around big lake.
  • New terrain shader, renders faster, looks better. Includes improved snow, wetness near water and more
  • Improved cave water shader – now easier to see, better reflection and better clearer refractions
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The current major version is v1.12 - VR which was released on September 11, 2019