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v0.22 was a major update that was released on August 14, 2015.

Dev Notes[]

v0.22- Improved multiplayer, Better audio, smoother player movement, better visuals and more Posted on 14 August, 2015 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

This patch cleans up a lot of the multiplayer combat, fighting enemies as a client character should now feel a lot smoother and react better.

Player movement has also been improved, as we found the positioning of the player camera was causing some additional stutter as the player moved.

Visually we’ve replaced our bloom (again) with a new faster better looking physical bloom, replaced tone mapping and camera adaptation, and added some new effects. This includes a pretty amazing looking depth of field that isn’t quite ready to be used yet (currently blurs player and weapon) but we’ve left the option in in case anyone wants to play around with it.

We’ve also fixed a bunch more bugs, added new audio, added a new moss/grass shader which allows moss to grow on rocks and cliffs, and added more animation to the opening plane sequence along with lots more all listed below.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

New features and gameplay tweaks

  • Plane crash animations added! Draws now fly open, luggage gets sucked out!
  • New cave floor variation type added
  • Enemies and animals should do a better job of avoiding player built fires
  • More chance of seeing skinny mutants climb trees
  • Tweaked weapon upgrade stats – making a weapon lighter will now also lower its damage slightly. Lowered all upgrade amounts.
  • Improved cleaning up equipped stuff when dying (drops body, logs…)
  • Equipping plastic torch now properly hides lighter tutorial
  • Pressing escape while in save screen now properly closes it
  • Reduced power and speed of katana slightly
  • It is no longer possible to pick things up while pushing the log sled
  • Crafting arrows while having bow equipped and no arrow before now properly equips an arrow automatically
  • Defensive spikes, basic wall with window, basic wall with door, Bonfires, Gazeebo and basic stairs now have proper render distances on the max setting
  • Animals should do a better job of avoiding cliffs/walls/trees etc
  • Broken crate bits no longer impede player movement
  • Player now faces the direction they approach benches when sitting


  • Improved mutant animation, more death variations
  • Smoother overall player movement, hopefully less camera stutter
  • New faster tonemapping and eye adaptation
  • New physical bloom (faster and better looking
  • New cliff shader! Adds grass/moss based on slope. Used on big cliffs and big rock chunks, fallen logs, etc everything.
  • Made Ex Floors & Roof closer to supporting walls (not retroactive)
  • Material Quality setting now changes water material for a cheaper one when using the low setting
  • New image effect: Depth of field (currently blurs player also, this is experimental and not recommended!)


  • Improved lichen rock visuals
  • Improved enemy burn animations
  • Book light now only affects book and not rest of world
  • Water now accumulates faster on terrain when raining
  • Lightning flash now casts shadows!
  • Cave 6 major re-work
  • Cave 8 rework
  • Updated enemy layout in cave 6
  • Metal food carts now react to being hit
  • New cliff rock art (connects terrain to cliffs)
  • Cleaned up/reorganized graphics options and added new category for post effects
  • Improved look of sinkhole transition
  • Improved look/layout of cave entrances
  • New Art: Replaced large ugly rock
  • Halved chance of rain
  • Standing fire will now also warm players as well as give off light – but has much smaller warmth trigger than regular fires


  • (multiplayer) Massively improved responsiveness of enemies for clients. Should fix issues of them playing wrong animations, stuck in wrong poses or sliding during combat.
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where mutants could get stuck in burning animation (which could also be mistaken as disco-dancing)
  • (multiplayer) Fixed enemies sometimes not acquiring new target after current target is knocked down
  • (multiplayer) Revive other player feature now requires to hold the “Take” button for 2.5s
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where client entering save game would hear multiple building complete sounds
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue where players would sometimes not hear building complete sounds
  • (multiplayer) Fixed clients getting kicked when eating leg/arm after it got burnt
  • (multiplayer) Fixed clients having lighter stuck after loading a saved game with lighter equipped
  • (multiplayer) Fixed clients not being able to repair custom foundations
  • (multiplayer) Increased time clients can wait with black screen at start of game to give time to bigger maps to load before enabling gravity (should reduce cases of falling through structures)
  • (multiplayer) Fixed client seeing tree stumps host doesn’t arround plane crash
  • (multiplayer) Fixed some inventory sounds audible to other players
  • (multiplayer) Fixed fat creepy not attacking client players
  • (multiplayer) Other players flashlights now visibly light up on mesh
  • (multiplayer) Fixed female enemies sometimes having wrong dead body
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue causing foundation floor to not fully show up for clients when structure isn’t closed
  • (multiplayer) Breakable pathways in caves are now synced with clients
  • (multiplayer) Fixed partially cut down trees saved as cut down in MP


  • (audio) Impact sfx added to cages crates and wooden table
  • (audio) Ambient river now fades in/out on approach
  • (audio) Linear emitters for river sfx, sinkhole streams, oceans, some waterfalls and clifftops
  • (audio) Events added for all different lake sizes
  • (audio) Crocodile sounds added
  • (audio) Voice count raised to 128
  • (audio) Raft will now play ambient sound when positioned over water
  • (audio) Sound effects added to abandoned yacht
  • (audio) Mutant baby audio added!
  • (audio) River sound improved
  • (audio) Clifftop wind added to clifftops
  • (audio) Player extinguish sigh
  • (audio) Unique sounds added for eating meds, eating meat and drinking water
  • (audio) climbing axe on rock sounds added
  • (audio) Bat Scare created
  • (audio) New events added for breaking laptops,cardboard boxes and effigies


  • Fixed crouch player input sometimes not responding
  • Fixed fig trees popping off too soon
  • Fixed issue with v-sync needing to be disabled in game options menu
  • Fixed missing rain particles when raining – new rain particle has fake refraction added
  • Fixes issue with lighter not working properly when having a bow on a weapon rack
  • Fixed icons staying up after exiting item holder triggers
  • Fixed blown up floor logs on custom foundations not getting respawned when repaired
  • Fixed ghost wall defensive not saving properly (retro compatibility hack might cause old saves to have an overlapping log in between chunks)
  • Fixed player not aligned to benches sometimes when sitting
  • Fixed player heavy attack sometimes getting stuck on
  • Fixed animals not triggering big traps
  • Fixed bug causing suitcases to look open but be closed or the other way around
  • Fixed bug where carrying an enemy body on fire causes the fire to stay forever after dropping it
  • Fixed right arm on dead bodies not choppable
  • Fixed player being able to double jump under certain conditions
  • Fixed issue with structure anchor not being stored correctly, causing it to accept multiple objects instead of one and destruction to fail working properly for bridges (not retroactive)
  • Fixed turtle meat not spawning when already owning a turtle shell while picking it up
  • Fixed water partially covering entrance to cave3
  • Fixed equipping lizard skin while having plastic torch out breaking its held animation
  • Fixed bug where one of the cave climb out entrances would stop terrain loading
  • Improved foundation destruction logic to prevent some cases of foundation ending without bottom row, flying in the air
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