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v0.20 was another big update. The team added some new weapons, a new distorted creature, some new breakable objects, Improved cave combat/layout and look, added a bunch of multiplayer fixes, some new improved audio, some new player animations along with spear throwing, the ability to upgrade spears and a bunch of bug fixes and improvements. It was released on July 15, 2015.

Dev Notes[]

v0.20- Throwable spears, new breakable objects, new story clue, new weapons, new distorted creature and lots more! Posted on 14 July, 2015 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

For this patch we’ve added some new weapons, a new distorted creature, some new breakable objects, Improved cave combat/layout and look, added a bunch of multiplayer fixes, some new improved audio, some new player animations (look down at your feet when you turn!)along with spear throwing, the ability to upgrade spears and a bunch of bug fixes and improvements check out the full list at:

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Known issue: V-sync has been disabled for now from in game options menu. Use title screen options menu to enable this!

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • New usable item added: Dynamite stick
  • New art added: Dynamite crate
  • New distorted cannibal creature added!
  • Improved skin shader - now supports ambient scattering
  • improved crocodile attack animations
  • Added more story clue items to note section of book
  • (audio) Fixed building complete sound sometimes not playing
  • (audio) Body drag sound added to drag away scene
  • (audio) Seagull audio improved
  • (audio) exertion and cold no longer play underwater
  • (audio) Pale male audio added
  • (audio) Pick up whoosh sound now plays more consistently
  • (audio) New Spike Wall trap sound
  • Tree moss added! Always faces north regardless of tree orientation, can be used to help navigate
  • Removed ‘animal’ layer from inventory camera fixing bugs with animals walking over inventory, blocking view, or viewing fish swim over inventory
  • Female mutants will jump on and attack player from tree trunks more often
  • Improved balance between mutants being aggressive and stalking player
  • Player feet now stick to ground when looking down and turning!
  • Fixed some issues with hit direction not being set properly when swinging stick
  • Unblocked and fixed entrance to cave 7
  • Cave 2 hidden stash room added
  • Deer now have motion blur
  • Partially cut trees are no longer saved as cut down, instead they are fully restored when loading a saved game
  • Decay system added! Meat now ages over time in inventory, going from fresh to edible to spoilt and providing less and less benefits and eventually becoming harmful. (meat appearance as well as inventory tooltip title change to reflect decay state)
  • New items added: Old breakable soda crate! Old breakable empty crate, old breakable dynamite crate
  • New pickup/craftable item : Upgraded spear!
  • spear is now throwable!! - hold right mouse to aim, press left mouse to release
  • Removed plastic torch from suitcases, can now only be found in gameworld.
  • Fixed fish falling through terrain if dropped by player
  • Fixed bug where breaking cave wood doors would give you leaves and play hit plant sound effect.
  • Bloody tables are now breakable!
  • rough Cave 10 added
  • props and pickups added to main cannibal village. Dynamic
  • Bodies now hang from dead tree.
  • Ultra low draw distance is now more aggressive/culls items closer
  • (optimization)Material quality setting in options menu now simplifies some shaders on lower settings
  • (optimization)Gpu performance improvement removed unnecessary pre-clamp shader
  • (optimization) Water lod added to ponds, previously would calculate refraction for all lakes/ponds now will only do this for screen visible water. Removed second grab pass roughly doubling performance of ocean/lakes when visible.
  • (optimization) Bloom performance doubled
  • (optimization) reduced memory garbage collection per frame drastically (should reduce stutters)
  • Fixed story clue tutorial sometimes being outside of tutorials section on screen
  • Small boxes can now be smashed open to recover item inside
  • Laptops can now be smashed open to retrieve circuit boards
  • better combat layout throughout cave systems
  • fixed an issue where baby mutants would not target player properly
  • more range of movement when looking around on a rope
  • flashlight now follows camera direction when on a rope
  • fixed animation popping on mutants when sleeping in a cave and near edge of screen
  • New art added: Underwater coral!
  • Going back & forth towards berry bush no longer respawns berries
  • Eaten berries & some bushes no longer respawn after loading a saved game
  • Fixed lighter getting stashed after lighting a fire even if it was previously equipped
  • Added distortion to breakable wood planks when hit
  • Fixed plastic torch light color not being set properly on startup causing low battery flicker to be not visible before getting bloody or going into water
  • Fixed suitcases cloth sheen icon and chocolate bar pickup icon not rendering
  • Enemies can now hear explosions and will be woken up/react
  • (multiplayer) Fixed not receiving invites after playing a SP game and going back to title screen
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where logs would sometimes get stuck in air
  • (multiplayer) Added display on clients to let them know when server is not responding
  • (multiplayer) Fixed log sled grab icon staying up when targeting the trigger while another player grabs it
  • (multiplayer) Fixed not being able to continue saves as client
  • (multiplayer) Fixed black screen as client when starting a new game
  • (multiplayer) Loading a game saved on a building as client should now respawn on top of it
  • (multiplayer) Fixed having to walk out of trigger and back in to target a in range building after placing it
  • (multiplayer) Fixed client not seeing present ingredients in ghost buildings until some more were added after host loaded a saved game
  • (multiplayer) Foundations now use the same destruction system as in SP
  • (multiplayer) Not yet available book entries are now clearly shown as such
  • (multiplayer) Raw meat dropped by a player is now seen by others too !
  • (multiplayer) Clients now place ghost items instantly without a lag delay
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issues when dying with inventory or book opened
  • (multiplayer)Fixed boar vanishing when killed by client player
  • (multiplayer)Fixed enemies falling through ground if host entered a cave without client players
  • (multiplayer)Hopefully fixed issue with animals sometimes invisible, and mutants sometimes invisible
  • (multiplayer)Fixed bug where if player was killed in a cave (instead of outside) ocean would stop rendering and issues with animals vanishing could occur
  • Cave 1 tweaks - added more holes with light streaming in, fixed some stalagmites floating above floor, moved headless body,
  • added dynamite pickups near hole to sinkhole. Fixed hole to sinkhole view being blocked. Added more enemies to large room.
  • Re-worked dead room with better pickups. Replaced hanging bodies with dynamic hanging bodies. Fixed repeating story pickups, so now only 1 of each is pickupable (i.e. bibles) Cave 1 now connects to Cave 3. Hanging bodies added to armsy room.
  • Fixed bird landing on hand if lighter was out
  • Fixed lighter staying on in water until you dive a certain depth
  • Fixed bug where point or spot lights would cause ocean to glow like a hottub
  • Fixed error in story clue folder when loading a saved game
  • Fixed (again) bug where picking up a raccoon would give you lizard skin
  • New story item added to yacht!
  • Overcooking arms or legs on fire will turn them into bones eventually
  • New pickup/weapon item: Bone!
  • New cave grounds! New cave walls
  • New cave wall shader with running water!
  • Fixed bunch of overlapping cave shadow objects
  • Fixed plane hull not getting cut out of nav mesh on load game
  • Fixed tree shadows turning off when coming from behind or side of player camera
  • Fixed sharks swimming through sand sometimes
  • New game stats: Cooked Food, Burnt Food, Cancelled Structures,
  • Built Structures, Destroyed Structures, Repaired Structures, Edible Items Used, Items Crafted, Upgrades Added, Arrows Fired, Lit Arrows, Lit Weapons, Burnt Enemies, Exploded Enemies
  • Can no longer build big structures on raft & sled (only small ones like log holder/fires will work)
  • Building raft & sled on other structures now works properly
  • Fixed cave lights popping on/off too soon
  • Cave ambient fill lights added in cave holes
  • Forced volume light occlusion to take caves into account
  • Picking up mutant bodies now requires to hold the “Take” button for half a second
  • Held map is now more readable under lighter
  • Fog will now slowly fade away if player is inside a cave
  • Fixed fireweed/horsetail plants not being cuttable
  • Improved look of save game thumbnails & added date/time (community request)
  • Attempting to pick up soda while at max capacity now drops it back on floor instead of destroying the pickup
  • Reduced energy drain when cold
  • Fixed arrow fire going out when right clicking while aiming
  • Getting hit while holding lighter now has a 1 on 4 chance to stash it
  • instead of always
  • Brightened plastic torch light, increased battery lifetime a bit
  • Fixed cut arms falling through cave meshes
  • Burning stick now stays lit 4 minutes when not attacking
  • Improved burning weapon formula fire scale formula to look better with higher durations
  • Fire weapons now emit much more light!
  • Massively increased brightness and range of throw flares when held or thrown
  • Equipped cold armor (Deer Skin) parts are now visible in armor bar of hud
  • Closing inventory while upgrading weapons now properly turns things off instead of breaking craft item positioning
  • Loading a save with a bridge not attached to anchors now destroys it instead of erroring (could block loading in mp)
  • Bridges are now properly destroyed when the tree structure they were attached to is cut down
  • Fixed equipped items switching when exiting rope
  • Player can now equip rebreather underwater without dying instantly
  • Using air canister while underwater and rebreather isn’t in use (if it was out of air) now actually reloads it
  • Out of water with rebreather, light stays on for 2 seconds and then dims over 5 seconds
  • Fixed bug where falling off some fishing stands would cause player to wake up in cave but not be able to swing axe
  • Fixed wrong icon display in inventory item tooltip while using a gamepad
  • Fixed fire not playing sounds when lit
  • Torch in suitcases replaced with new batteries pickup
  • Fixed enemies not reacting to effigies
  • Enemies can now jump the log sled!
  • Effigies now burn a lot longer but turn into skulls, bones and rocks pickup when done !
  • Fixed weird molotov throwing anim when spamming
  • Fixed wall placement when below a ceiling
  • Fixed rope bottom trigger position in caves (not retro active)
  • Improved draw distance on some items
  • Dropped item fixes: taking more meds than you can carry will now drop the med instead of vanishing it.
  • Circled map cave entrances to make them more clear, and made crosses to blow up caches smaller
  • New surprise weapon added. look for some dead tourists in front of a cave.
  • Fixed molotov spreading fire not centered on flame position
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