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v0.19 was the 19th major version and was released on June 25, 2015.

Dev Notes[]

v0.19 Posted on 25 June, 2015 by Anna

Hey Everyone,

Inspired by community feedback this patch introduces a tiered destruction system, so now only certain types of enemies can destroy certain structures. Sick of cannibals breaking through your base? Defensive walls are now a lot more secure and only destroyable by the larger distorted creatures.

Save slots have been added! so you’re no longer limited to a single save file. We also added some cool new usable items (Compass, torn map!) Balanced caves with a new variation of enemy (skinny pale) Added new art, new underwater visuals, fixed a bunch of multiplayer and single player bugs and much more, all listed below:

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

Additions / Changes / Fixes[]

  • (multiplayer) Fixed some cases of creepy mutants not targeting remote players correctly
  • (multiplayer) Increased priority of mutants, making them smoother/less laggy
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issues with log sled after loading a saved multiplayer game
  • (multiplayer) Typing in chat no longer triggers in game actions
  • (multiplayer) Fixed chatbox being locked when input loses focus
  • (multiplayer) Fire now spreads/replicates
  • (multiplayer) Rope is now buildable
  • (multiplayer) Players will now appear as the correct body type/clothing for everyone
  • (multiplayer) Game invites are now properly queued
  • (multiplayer) Clients now have a different save per server and respawn after loading where they saved instead of in plane (respawn after dying is still located in plane)
  • (multiplayer) Fixed a bug with experimental stairs in saved games which could cause issues for clients loading
  • (multiplayer) Added message when alt tabbing as host to warn about risks of disconnecting clients
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issues where dead bodies would sometimes not replicate correctly
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where modern axe would appear as old yellow axe to other players
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where killed turtles would give infinite shells and no meat for client players
  • You can now toggle the color of stick markers (SP only)
  • Fixed Stick Marker flying above floor (not retro active)
  • Fixed several tree structures which did not properly save which tree they are built on (not retro active)
  • Fixed tree structures not getting destroyed when their attached tree is found cut down after loading a saved game
  • It is now possible to build small structures (like log holders ;) on top of rafts !
  • Added collision box to log holder
  • Cut down trees are now accounted for by the tree occlusion system
  • Improved building placement formula, now handles better big height variations like you can have near edges of floors
  • Deer will react more to being shot with arrows
  • Deer can be seen nibbling at bushes sometimes
  • Tiered destruction system! Enemies can now only damage certain structures, depending on how strong they are. Only armsy can bring down defensive walls.
  • Armsy will attack structures more often and deals more damage
  • Improved animation for Armsy behaviours
  • Improved animation for Virginia
  • Crocodiles can now swim and attack player in water, also have more health and deal more damage
  • Fixed player arms not aligned to mutant sometimes during drag away cutscene
  • Fixed water vanishing at some angles from the camera
  • Fixed pickups looking solid white when viewed underwater
  • Fixed some issues with loaded plane prefab/multiplayer plane prefab- flying seats, missing decals, misaligned geo
  • Fixed judder when sprinting and low stamina
  • Player must stop running now before stamina will recharge
  • small delay added to stamina recharge if you run out of stamina while sprinting
  • New plane dirt chunk added to plane crash
  • New save slot system, you can now have up to 5 SP games and up to 5 mp games (as host)
  • Save slots are organized per steam user id to prevent cloud from messing things up when using the game with multiple steam accounts on a single computer
  • Saving now archives the previous save file in case you need to restore a backup (local only)
  • New save slot selection screen when saving in game
  • Save black screen is now in sync with the time saving takes
  • Improved cloud save management
  • Added “Equiped” status display to rebreather inventory tooltip
  • New mutant type “pale skinny” added to caves
  • Shadows now fade off to darkness when player is in a cave, and fade to bright when not in a cave
  • Sun/Moon are no longer faded out when in caves – making transition from outside to caves more natural and allowing light to bleed in from outside
  • Improved terrain around beaches
  • New small burial sites added
  • Fixed bug where inventory would appear black if an integrated (intel) graphics card was used
  • Fixed some winter pine trees sitting on ocean
  • Happy birthday trap is now twice as wide
  • Noose trap has a wider trigger zone, making it easier to catch enemies
  • Lighting camp fires now requires player to hold the lighter over the fire until it is lit
  • Enemies will react properly to walkman placed as a distraction device
  • Fixed a save/load issue that could cause experimental walls to increase size of save game drastically and crash loading
  • Added a 60s delay in between displays of lighter tutorial
  • Burning weapons & arrows no longer burn things when not attacking with it
  • Burning weapon stay up longer when idle but use fuel quickly when attacking
  • Burning arrows no longer damage owner player when fired
  • Cave combat layout tweaks for balance
  • Player feet sink slightly now when walking through sand and speed is slightly reduced
  • Some collected story items are now stored in back of survival book in notes section
  • Standing fires are now destroyed upon collision with enemies
  • Timmy photo added to backpack as reminder to be a better parent
  • Player camera no longer clips through terrain when entering a rope from above
  • Better position of exit rope trigger on fishing stands
  • Removed weird delay on gravity when exiting a rope
  • Pickups added to top of some fishing stands
  • Animation added now when player drinks at ponds/lakes
  • Balance – removed rebreather pickups from overworld, can now only be found in cave location. Modern axe removed from yacht. Air canister added to yacht location. Removed old axe in wooden door at cave entrance. Changed cave dead to always be in cave 2 location. Removed lights from cave hats. Re-worked pickups in cave 1 dead room.
  • Revamped multiplayer start game UI to be compatible with gamepads and save slot system
  • Cave mutants can be found sleeping on the ceiling again
  • Plastic torch now rotates more in line with camera, making it useful to look up and down
  • Pale versions of armsy/vag added to world. Faster, stronger, with more armour
  • Underwater fog added!
  • Fixed a broken link when navigating in survival book with “prev/next page” gamepad buttons (left & right shoulders by default)
  • Repairing buildings now costs 2 treesap plus an amount that increases with damage suffered
  • Fixed missing Tooth & Feather upgrade recipes for stick & stick upgraded
  • Fixed flare gun sometimes hitting player when firing
  • Smaller scale on stealth armor leaves to make things easier to see
  • New art added: Boar skull, boar skull on stick, boar decorative statue
  • New prop added : Lifesaver
  • New prop added : Skull pile
  • Cave 9 added
  • New usable item added: Compass
  • New item added: World Map (torn apart in 4 pieces to find and combine on crafting mat)
  • Replaced “pedometer” input action by “Utility” which toggles latest item used from inventory of Pedometer/Walkman/Compass
  • New art added: better looking Lichen rock
  • Lowered amount of sharks and moved further away from shore to avoid sand sharks
  • New props added to cargo crate
  • Added physics to (some) hanging bodies, hit them and see them swing around
  • North area cold is now only occurring in the higher mountain part and no longer on the beach
  • Fixed fires not being lightable after burning out once
  • Fixed exploding trees leaking objects
  • Aligned turtle shell to upper part of tarp to make it easier to find in inventory
  • (audio) Added sound effect to metal door opening/closing
  • (audio) Increased FMOD mix buffer size when system sample rate is high to prevent stuttering audio
  • (audio) Better balancing of wind, falling leaves and animal footsteps
  • (audio) Fixed missing distant calls between mutants
  • (audio) Boar attacks and feet sounds added
  • fixed dead bodies moving away from player when picked up and dropped repeatedly
  • You can now exit room behind metal door, by jumping into pool of water,swimming up, finding rope, jumping into another pool of water, and swimming up and exiting via… geese lake
  • Increased tree draw distance for the Ultra High draw distance setting
  • Smoothed out work scheduler response to lag spikes to prevent it from inducing stuttering
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