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v0.08B was a version released on October 23, 2014. It mainly addressed memory improvements and bug fixes, although it added and improved a large amount of other content.

Dev Notes[]

V0.08B – Memory improvements, new footstep sounds, Fmod implementation, and a bunch of bug fixes!

Hey Everyone,

For this patch we’ve focused on bug fixing and memory improvements and are also really excited to be introducing FMOD audio support. We’ve also improved memory quite a bit and finally got some subsurface scattering rendering on plant leaves.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to

Version 0.08b Changelog[]

  • FMOD audio support added.
  • New tree fall and break apart sound effects! fall sound will now play until tree connects with terrain
  • New ambient sound effects mix and implementation
  • New improved footstep sounds. Running footsteps sounds added. Sand and water depth footsteps. Carpet sounds when in plane
  • Raccoons can now climb trees
  • New art added, cave explorer bloated
  • New art for red plane axe
  • New art for crafted timed bomb
  • Massively optimized 3d roots model
  • Improved collision on gazebo and added in grass cutting to prefab
  • Fixed missing collision on spiked defence structure
  • Fixed small shelter and gazebo collision not blocking enemy vision
  • Energy now drains faster when carrying logs (and faster still if carrying two logs)
  • Added bloom option to graphics menu (turning off will improve GPU performance on slower cards)
  • Fixed overbright small uncuttable plant
  • Items now spin around as upgrade are applied!
  • Fixed issue where new upgrades wouldn’t appear after loading a saved game
  • Fixed timing issues with lighter and walkman stash anims (items would disappear before the hand was off screen)
  • Big sapling is now cuttable and collision no longer blocks player movement
  • Fixed music in plane sequence off by a few seconds
  • Optimized deer model
  • Attack improvements : less chance of double swinging when attacking ground with axe. Axe attack at ground will switch to forward attack if player looks up whilst attacking.
  • Fixed bug where flare gun would stop working after you put it away/load game
  • Fixed body parts rolling (only decapitated heads will roll now)
  • Fixed some player stats not being set on load save game (lizard armor, hunger etc.)
  • Fixed fish cooking instantly on drying rack
  • Improved collision on custom wall piece with window (you can now shoot arrows through window)
  • Fixed bug where you could fall through ocean or lake onto dry ground below
  • Improved lake swim zones
  • Skinny enemy unique animations added!
  • Improved physics on small rocks thrown
  • Fixed (hopefully) player thrown into air after chopping dead enemy up
  • Fixed sprung rabbit traps not resettable after loading a game
  • Thrown rocks and tennis balls can now be used to distract enemies. Hitting trees with items will cause noise that enemies can hear.
  • Thrown flares will now attract enemies to them, and improved feel of throw
  • Cliffs and large rocks will now block building structures instead of letting you build the items underneath them
  • Fixed small cabin door and custom wall door getting stuck in terrain
  • Axe added to blocked cave room
  • Fixed bug that was stopping raft from being buildable via book
  • Fixed bug where cut trees were not saved the first time you saved/loaded a game
  • Fixed bug with escape key if pressed once in building mode
  • Fixed bug where selecting tree houses in book multiple times without actually building them could break building other items
  • Fixed suitcases around plane not having working pickups on loading a saved game
  • Rabbits should now be saved in rabbit cages on save/load
  • Rabbits/raccoons will not disappear from traps if player moves far away
  • Poison will no longer take away armor, only health
  • Added low memory option to graphics menu - will be on by default if 32bit windows or if you have under 4gigs of ram. Will limit/turn off some of the effects to keep memory down
  • Improved memory usage and performance of skin shading. Introduced new skin wrap textures to control where skin is more translucent.
  • Fixed missing audio on weapon fire
  • Increased length fire stays on some weapons
  • Fixed missing sound effect on eating meds
  • More informative text about leaves in inventory
  • Increased amount of impact upgrades have on weapons
  • Tweaked how and when combat/stress music plays
  • Main menu audio now plays throughout loading of game 
  • Fixed pedometer being slow to open and close
  • Fire weapons will no longer be lit when lighting a regular fire
  • Disabled player inventory and game pausing if player is dead
  • Fixed garden not working with seeds
  • Collected seeds are now visible in inventory 
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't cut aloe vera plant
  • Improved motion blur performance on enemies and creatures
  • Music volume now has its own slider in options menu 
  • Cassette tapes are now pickups and have unique names/info in inventory. Search caves and other areas to find them.
  • Closing inventory now removes items from crafting cog 
  • Fixed gui messages and icons appearing over pause menu and fixed red cross appearing on load screen
  • Added option to return to title screen from pause menu
  • Simplified bomb building to use any amount of coins
  • Texture and animation memory improvements
  • Left hand does not play block animation if using non-stick weapon
  • Longer damage trigger added to enemies to fix player ducking from attacks cheat
  • Fixed issues with enemies sometimes standing back up instantly if struck
  • Fixed issue where enemies would sometimes stand in one place forever
  • Less bunching up on turtles
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