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A tree stump in-game

An overturned large tree stump

The tree stump will appear when a tree is chopped down. All axes and melee weapons can break tree stumps. The chainsaw is currently the best tool for breaking tree stumps. Keep in mind that when a tree stump is destroyed, it can no longer grow back without the use mods or possibly console commands, the commands are currently unknown. If Tree Regrowing Mode is on, 10% of tree stumps will grow into trees, every time the player sleeps. The trees that are chosen to be regrown are assigned at random. If you have built over a tree stump, it may regrow through your buildings if this mode is switched on. Attacking a tree stump from different angles will change the amount of hits needed to break one. Attacking from the top with a plane axe will take 11 hits for one to break. Attacking from the sides will take 6 hits to break one with the plane axe. Strength does affect the amount of hits needed to break a tree stump.

Known Bugs[]

  • Sometimes tree stumps will become indestructible, logging out and reopening your game usually fixes this.

Tree Stump Varieties[]

Picture Name Destructible
Skinny Tree Stump.jpg Skinny Tree Stump Yes
Short Tree Stump.jpg Wide Tree Stump Yes
Large Tree Stump.jpg Large Tree Stump No

Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.11 Fixed snow stumps popping in too soon
v0.72 Player can no longer climb parts of the crashed plane, waterfalls, fig trees and old dead tree stumps
v0.64 Fixed tree stumps from old saves not being cuttable in newer builds
v0.63 Fixed issue where stumps to trees would be instantly cut if using a chainsaw in single player games
v0.60 Fixed some cut stumps using wrong/old textures
v0.55 Fixed spears and arrows not sticking into some large tree stumps around the world
v0.43 (Multiplayer) Fixed cutting stumps away from host not not blowing up
v0.42 Added new cheat code: type: regrowmode in title scene to activate/deactivate. When enabled 10% of cut down trees will grow back each night the player sleeps, For multiplayer games this needs to be enabled by host to have an effect on game. Only stumps will regrow into trees, so if you want trees cleared in some areas, for example inside your base, be sure to remove the stumps!

(Multiplayer) Fixed client unable to remove tree stumps when far away from host

v0.33 Fixed tree stumps spawning wrong model in saved games

Fixed cut up tree stumps being wrong size for some tree types in saved games

v0.32 Fixed bug with saved games stumps removal

World navmesh is now correctly updated when stumps are removed

v0.31 Added ability to chop at leftover stumps to remove them

Added stump removal to tree types that didn’t have it yet Blowing up a partially cut down tree no longer removes the stumps (tree needs to first be fully cut down) You can now cut downwards at stumps without clipping through

v0.28 It is now possible to blow tree stumps up by sticking explosive on it!

Cut down thin trees are no longer loaded in saved game as tiny floating pine tree stumps

v0.22 (multiplayer) Fixed client seeing tree stumps host doesn’t arround plane crash
v0.17 New art added: Tree stump roots (replaces old half tree log)

Added new tree stump to beach

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