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Timmy Drawings
One of Timmys many drawings
Added in
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Obtained through
Other Effects
Can be placed on walls
Max. Stack
1 of each?

Timmy Drawings are in part decorative and in part lore items that was added in updated v0.20, v0.36, v0.51 of The Forest.


Timmy's drawings can be found in caves and in various parts of the peninsula. They show that Timmy is still alive after he is carried away by the red man. The drawings depict Timmy's encounters with cannibals and his surroundings. They are mirrored by Megan with her drawings.


It is rather bizarre that Timmy Drawings can be found in several caves, as it would not make sense for the Red Man to take Timmy to all of them, especially considering they don't connect properly. This can be explained by a number of theories.

  1. The cannibals brought the drawings and dropped them in random places in the caves, like they do for other random articles.
  2. The developers have stated all of the caves are connected, so perhaps the Red Man took Timmy through those hidden passages, with Timmy leaving drawings randomly, on their way to the bottom of the Sinkhole to access the vault door.

One drawing seems to indicate that while Timmy is afraid of the cannibals, he is not afraid of the Red Man. This is evidenced by a) the drawing featuring a cannibal holding a head, and b) a drawing featuring Timmy holding hands with a man drawn all in red (while another drawing shows Timmy with his father in blue with an axe, indicating the red stick figure is not dad).


There is reportedly 11 drawings in the game. 9 are listed here. 4 and 7 are the same, as it isn't known which one they are.

# Image IconTheForestMap.png Description Location
1 TimmysDrawing01Farket.png IconTheForestCaveMap.png Added in v0.36
It appears that a cannibal is holding the freshly severed head of passenger.

Cave 1 - Dead Cave - located at the wooden barricade near the walk-in entrance.


2 TimmysDrawing02Farket.png IconTheForestCaveMap.png Added in v0.20
Appears to be Timmy holding hands with an adult as a plane is taking off. The adult may be the player as Timmy looks happy. Timmy is holding his toy

Cave 1 - Dead Cave - Same spot as drawing 3
3 TimmysDrawing03Farket.png IconTheForestCaveMap.png Added in v0.20
Appears to be a cave barricade with crosses on it.

Cave 1 - Dead Cave - Same spot as drawing 2


4 TimmysDrawing04Farket.png ? Added in v0.51
Appears to be the bottom of the sinkhole
5 TimmysDrawing05Farket.png IconTheForestCaveMap.png Added in v0.36
Appears to be Timmy holding hands with the Red Man, Timmy doesn't look happy. Note the Toy is missing an arm and leg compared to the picture where he is happy with his toy and the player. Timmy is holding his toy

Cave 2 - Hanging Cave, bloody table, near the toy head


6 TimmysDrawing06Farket.png IconTheForestCaveMap.png Added in v0.36
Appears to be a picture of the sinkhole with trees surrounding it. Timmy may have been near the large tree around the center of the map.

Cave 5 - Submerged Cave, near a boarded up wall close to the entrance.
7 TimmysDrawing07Farket.png N/A Added in v0.36
Appears to be a picture of Timmy's toy.

It can be found at the beginning of the game in the cutscene and on the crashed plane, but it's not collectible.

8 TimmysDrawing08Farket.png IconTheForestCaveMap.png Added in v0.36
Appears to be Timmy swimming in HC Cave, this picture is found right after the swim

Cave HC - Hell Cave, after a long swimm


9 TimmysDrawing09Farket.png IconTheForestCaveMap.png Added in v0.36
Appears to be the corridor after opening the door with the keycard

Cave HC - Hell Cave by the Vault Door


10 TimmysDrawing10Farket.png IconTheForestMap.png Added in v0.51
Appears to be Timmy and his Dad holding an axe. This picture is similar to the Real! Magazine.

Main Village, far end hut, but it also can be found on the plane, but in not collectible form.



Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Timmy drawing placement icon now matches the top of the placed visual
v0.51 New drawings and story items added near red paint locations in caves and overworld
v0.43 Timmy drawings can no longer be attached to dynamic buildings which do not allow it
v0.37 Caves – Fixed timmy drawing 2 in cave 1 not being pickupable
v0.36 5 Timmy Drawings added to the game

New timmy drawings placing system: Hold timmy drawings while looking at a wall and press the Craft button (‘C’ on PC by default)