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The Plane -- after examination appearing to be an Airbus A320-200[1] -- plays a large role in the story as it is the reason why the player is on the Peninsula in the first place. During the introductory scene there appears to be an explosion from the right side of the plane where the cockpit detaches from the body. After the nose and the left wing of the plane break off, the plane hurtles down onto the peninsula where the body crashes through the bushes and branches before coming to a stop where the beginning of the game takes place. The cockpit spawns every game in the mountain area.



Each new game will bring a new location of the plane crash on the peninsula. There are several set spawn points:

Location Map Nearby Spawn view
Location 1 IconTheForestMap.png Geese Lake PlaneCrashLocation1Zeb.jpg
Location 2 IconTheForestMap.png Film Crew Camp PlaneCrashLocation2Zeb.jpg
Location 3 IconTheForestMap.png Sinkhole PlaneCrashLocation3Zeb.jpg
Location 4 IconTheForestMap.png PlaneCrashLocation4Zeb.jpg
Location 5 IconTheForestMap.png Yacht PlaneCrashLocation5Zeb.jpg
Location 6 IconTheForestMap.png PlaneCrashLocation6Zeb.jpg
Location 7 IconTheForestMap.png PlaneCrashLocation7Zeb.jpg
Location 8 IconTheForestMap.png Center Village PlaneCrashLocation8Zeb.jpg
Location 9 IconTheForestMap.png PlaneCrashLocation9Zeb.jpg
Location 10 IconTheForestMap.png PlaneCrashLocation10Zeb.jpg
Location 11 IconTheForestMap.png PlaneCrashLocation11Zeb.jpg
Location 12 IconTheForestMap.png Main Village PlaneCrashLocation12Zeb.jpg


IconBooze.png 3x Booze
IconPlaneMeal.png 4x Food Tray
IconMeds.png 2x Meds
IconSoda.png 4x Soda
IconPlaneAxe.png Plane Axe
IconPassengerManifest.png Passenger Manifest

Origin of the Crash[]

It is heavily suggested that the plane was brought down by the power obelisk, operated by Dr. Mathew Cross. The power obelisk functions as an EMP-type device, and Dr. Cross knew this before using it. He crashes the plane in order to find a suitable sacrifice to use for Megan in the resurrection obelisk.


In v0.18 new plane and cockpit models were added. Post-v0.18 planes include overhead luggage compartments, a lavatory, and a modified posterior end of the interior. The front of the new plane's model where the cockpit separated also includes a more ripped and bent metal look. After the update, the type of aircraft made more probable the theory that affirm that the plane is an Airbus A320-200[1].


  • It is unknown where the flight originated. However, it is widely speculated that the flight originated in New York City, as several of the suitcases contain a statue of liberty figurine. These figurines are very common tourist merchandise sold in New York City.
  • It is also likely that the plane originated from the Toronto Pearson airport, in Ontario, Canada, as the developers are located in Canada, and the airport code of "YYZ" is shown on the passenger manifest.
  • The logo on the tail of the plane seems to be taken from German airline Lufthansa, which also provides speculation of the flight originating from New York; however, the Lufthansa logo was removed from the cockpit and fuselage in v0.04, most likely to avoid copyright trouble. Also, Lufthansa doesn't operate flights originating from New York with single-aisle aircraft.
  • The aircraft after close evaluation appears to be an Airbus A320-200.[1]
  • The plane axe found in the flight attendant is carried on some Airbus aircraft in the cockpit behind the F/O's seat.
  • Although the plane visibly skids across the ground during the crash sequence, there are no downed trees or damaged terrain behind it when the player wakes up.

Gallery - Release 1.0[]


Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.09 Fixed pause menu sometimes able to get stuck on screen at start of plane crash scene

VR - Fixed missing plane crash audio

v1.0 Added clouds beside window in opening plane cutscene.
v0.73 Fixed player able to pause game during loading screens and before plane crash cutscene
v0.72 Player can no longer climb parts of the crashed plane, waterfalls, fig trees and old dead tree stumps
v0.70 (multiplayer) fixed clients able to see other player on floor during first part of plane crash sequence
v0.69 (multiplayer) Fixed an issue with clients sometimes taking damage when starting on the plane
v0.68 (Multiplayer) Fixed other players visible during opening plane crash cutscene
v0.66 Fixed slightly laggy movement on player camera during plane crash
v0.65 It is no longer possible to take damage before finishing loading & plane sequence (if playing) at start of game
v0.63 (Audio) Added impact event for when arrow hits plane wreckage

Weather system now prevents rain from showing up during the plane sequence Fixed some small overlapping and intersecting items in plane

v0.61 Updated Survival book texture in opening plane scene to display correct name

(Multiplayer) Fixed host camera shaking on plane when client first joins

v0.58 (Audio) Fixed modern axe playing incorrect impact sound when hitting plane wreckage.

Added new hair to player crawling forward during coop plane crash cutscene Improved lod on plane cockpit and fixed some placement/texture issues with cockpit/pilots

v0.55 Suitcases around the plane crash site no longer respawn

Fixed plane recording wrong position sometimes in new games

v0.53 Added a fail safe for plane hull position saving so that it can no longer get lost sometimes (not retroactive)
v0.51 Fixed player camera sometimes facing seat during plane crash sequence
v0.49 Improved animations for client during plane crash sequence and waking up on plane
v0.48 (Multiplayer) Fixed coop players sometimes spawning on top of each other inside the plane

Improved ai pathfinding around cliff edges and plane crash sites Improved resolution on plane seats/tray

v0.47 (Multiplayer) client player body and skin materials are now correct during opening plane crash
v0.46 (Multiplayer) Clients now start the plane crash in separate seats from host, and watch timmy taken away from different perspective
v0.44 (Multiplayer) Fixed player movement breaking if hit while waking up on plane

Added stipple to plane food carts and blue/green tents

v0.43 Audio – added sounds to book opening on plane

Added screen distortion effect to plane tv screens when plane begins to crash

v0.41 Fixed plane lod being drastically lower in save game versus new game for interior
v0.40 Fixed gap between emergency plane door exit and plane wall

Player can no longer die from staying too long in plane crash sequence Fixed camera clipping through plane floor sometimes during intro stand up sequence Fixed player camera occasionally facing the wrong way during planecrash

v0.39 (Multiplayer) Client’s in game day time is now local until end of plane crash sequence for both host & himself

Fixed plane going through water briefly sometimes during crash

v0.38 Fixed incorrect normals on plane seat metal

Plane crash set to nighttime and relit plane and abduction scene Adjusted timmy toy position on plane to make it more visible (particles) Added broken glass particles to plane crash scene Audio – plane crash sound now gradually fades out if plane crash is skipped Survival book pickup added to the start of plane crash sequence

v0.37 Moss added to plane hull shader. Moss will accumulate over the days eventually turning the plane moss covered
v0.36 Fixed timmy’s shirt clipping through body during plane crash
v0.35 Lods – fixed inside of plane vanishing from some distances. Added new lods for anchor and big dead wood to stop them popping on. Fixed camping chairs pop on distance. Fixed tennis team corpses popping on. Fixed dead seaweed popping on, now stipples on.
v0.34 New art added – plane bathroom!

Plane fixes – fixed missing net under seats, fixed small gap in wall. Fixed/improved plane distance lod and cockpit lod (Audio) Added player stand up sfx at end of plane crash

v0.33 Fixed mutants sometimes spawning very close to plane crash on first day

(hopefully)Fixed some issues with enemies running into plane crash and getting stuck Fixed player camera sometimes offset after plane crash when starting a new game directly after saving an existing game

v0.32 Fixed some misaligned elements visible when on floor during plane opening scene and removed soda spawned by player
v0.31 Extra turbulence animation added to plane opening scene

Added stand up animation when first waking up on the plane (Optimization) Plane and yacht shaders now use deferred rendering

v0.30 Passenger manifest is now retrievable from plane in save games if it was not retrieved previously

Fixed plane crash going through water and terrain at some points

v0.29 (Audio) Plane start sequence improved
v0.28c Fixed plane missing collision in save games
v0.28 (Audio) Fixed plane crash SFX playing again if you skipped the intro cutscene after the plane had already crashed

(Audio) retimed plane crash sequence

v0.27 Fixed camera seeing down neck sometimes during plane crash
v0.26d (multiplayer) Lowered chance of enemies finding players straight after plane crash
v0.26 (multiplayer) Fixed plane not aligned for clients if host plays crash sequence all the way through

(audio) New flesh, object smash, tree hit and plane impact sounds for mutant limbs (audio) Hitting plane with weapons now plays sound Fixed camera sometimes offset on plane when starting a new game from within a previous game Improved timmy model/textures during plane crash Improved accuracy of plane collision, can no longer crouch/glitch out of plane side doors

v0.25 (audio) Axe, club and rock weapons now make impact sounds when hitting plane hull

(audio) Ambient sounds no longer briefly heard before plane crash starts (audio) Suitcases, laptops, small pots, food carts and plane seats all have sounds now when pushed Fixed suitcases around plane respawning at runtime when going back and forth to the plane Ensured better randomness of plane crash site roll Fixed bug where camera could be sometimes slightly offset after plane crash

v0.24 New player/timmy animations added to opening plane crash
v0.23 More plane crash animation added – more debris flying around, especially towards end as plane crashes

(performance) New lods made for: Cannibal hut, Cannibal fire details,Massive rock, Background mountains,Plane crash, waterfall, pinetree top heavy

v0.22 (multiplayer) Fixed client seeing tree stumps host doesn’t arround plane crash

Plane crash animations added! Draws now fly open, luggage gets sucked out!

v0.21 (multiplayer) Fixed remote players name showing while game is loading on their end or during their plane crash sequence

Fixed camera looking down neck on plane crash intro

v0.20 Fixed plane hull not getting cut out of nav mesh on load game
v0.19 (multiplayer) Clients now have a different save per server and respawn after loading where they saved instead of in plane (respawn after dying is still located in plane)

Fixed some issues with loaded plane prefab/multiplayer plane prefab- flying seats, missing decals, misaligned geo New plane dirt chunk added to plane crash

v0.18c Plane wing model added!
v0.18b Fixed old plane seat models loaded after loading a saved game
v0.18 New Plane interior art and exterior crash art

New Plane lighting! (more moody, closer to trailer 3) Fixed bug where game would sometimes start with player facing wrong direction in plane Lowered friction on dynamic plane chairs so they’re less ‘sticky’ when pushed around Fixed trees visibly popping in after plane crash sequence

v0.16 New art: Re-done plane seats
v0.12 Fixed crash clearing not removing trees on loading a save game (fixing issue where trees would sometimes block exit from plane or from home you’ve built near crash site)
v0.10 Fixed missing mesh renderer at front of plane crash(animated forward hull)

Animated passengers added to plane crash! – Don’t skip crash!

v0.08d Fixed camera position on during plane crash so you can no longer see down your own neck
v0.08c Fixed plane crash location that was set too steep and where players would die instantly if they fell out of without eating medicine first
v0.08b New improved footstep sounds. Running footsteps sounds added. Sand and water depth footsteps. Carpet sounds when in plane

Fixed music in plane sequence off by a few seconds Fixed suitcases around plane not having working pickups on loading a saved game

v0.08 High detailed plane doors added

Added more randomness to plane crash possible locations

v0.06 Added press space to skip tutorial to opening plane crash

New improved opening plane crash sound effects Improved plane interior textures and resolution musical sting added to player waking up on plane Fixed plane seats vanishing on loading save game Fixed plane crash crazy motion blur bug Day counter now starts at 0 from when you first wake up in plane

v0.04b You can press space to skip opening plane crash
v0.03 New suprise item added to plane

Fixed collision where you could wall walk out of plane

v0.02 Plane exterior collision added
v0.01b Fixed issue where camera would spin during plane crash if a controller was plugged in
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The evidence of the aircraft involved being an Airbus A320-200 follows, the player character sits near the back of plane, and the wings are clearly in display. If the aircraft was an A321 the wings would be much further forward on the fuselage. Secondly the shape of the fuselage and the cockpit windows are designed very similarly to the A320. Lastly the Side-stick seen in the cockpit, which is only used in Airbus aircraft. The evidence for the aircraft being an Airbus A320-200 variant is the sharklets (wingtip device), which were only fitted onto the 200 model.[1][2]