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The Forest
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Endnight Games, Ltd.
Endnight Games, Ltd.
V1.12 - VR
Windows, PS4, VR support
Release date(s)
30 May 2014 (alpha)
Apr 30, 2018 (full release)
Open-world, Survival, Horror
Singleplayer, Co-op

The Forest is an open-world survival horror game that was developed by Endnight Games.



You are the lone survivor in a plane crash, on a strange and seemingly uninhabited Peninsula. Your son has been taken by cannibals, and your main goal is to get him back and survive in whichever way you choose. Shelter and a fire are required for warmth and protection, especially during cold and rainy nights resulting from the dynamic weather. Food and medicine are essential. The food must be cooked or dried to consume, and the player must be wary of which plants may help or hinder them.

Fight or Hide

Use stealth to evade enemies, or engage them directly.

The combat in the game aims to be more "realistic". When a mutant attacks, the player can choose to attack or flee. If the player chooses to attack, multiple hits will be needed before the enemy is killed. If the enemy drops to the ground, a killing blow may be needed before the player can collect body parts for effigies. Various weapons will handle differently, and some will be more effective than others. Mutants have a higher health rate than the player, so it is wise to be cautious around them and attack strategically.

Sometimes, it will be better to run or hide from the enemies. It is possible for the player to evade enemies throughout the entire course of the game by using stealth and strategy. The player can hide in bushes, stealthily kill enemies or throw objects to distract them, cover themselves in mud, make their own improvised suit (not yet implemented), and much more.

Traps can also be used as an indirect means of combat, as well as camp defense. There are a wide range of traps in the game, including snares, which will leave your enemy hanging upside down and alive for you to do what you wish with them; Flip up spikes that will impale the mutant threat; and various kinds of both triggered and throw-able explosives.

Open World, Survival Horror

Defend yourself against enemies and mutants.

The enemies in the game are very complex. They are finite so it will be possible (although very challenging) to kill every single one of them. They have hierarchies meaning there will be leaders and possibly warlords. They will have their own weapons and clothing.

They are not weak enemies. Each one presents a threat.

You could play the entire game without them knowing you exist (although this would mean spending most of your time hiding) these enemies do not wake up and come for the player as they don't know you're on the peninsula. If you kill a mutant without any others being aware they won't automatically know you exist or that you have killed their friend. It won't be until they are aware of your existence that they begin to look for you. Conversely, if you have regular confrontations with the mutants they will begin to become more and more of a threat. They will begin to come after you in the day time. Also, the tougher mutants, which are stronger, faster and can jump higher, the further down in the caves they are, will begin to come for you. This creates further challenges as the player progresses. Another way of making your self noticeable is to cut down lots of trees, build big structures, hunt lots of animals or gather lots of food. The mutants will begin to wonder why this is happening and find the source. Also, if they see a fire out in the forest they will go and investigate. You will need to be careful how you survive if you do not wish to attract attention.

It's important to note that not all mutants will just attack you upon seeing you. These are not mindless beings. They will all react to you differently every time they see you. For example, running away from you, stalking you, calling others for support, running at you in a blind rage, hiding, confronting you and more. You will not be able to befriend them. They interact with one another and you dynamically. They will spend time with each other and if you attack or kill one they will react to this differently each time it happens. Examples of this would be: dragging their dead or injured away, burying their dead, mourning over their injured or dead, running away, going into a rage and attacking you or even rushing in front of a mutant you are attacking and taking the attacks themselves. It begs the question, who's the real enemy? You are in their forest, using their resources and killing them. Endnight games gives you the option to think about it while playing the game.

Peaceful Mode

For those of you looking for a survival experience without the surrealism and horror of the mutants, there will be an option to disable them. Meaning you won't have to face much of the challenges that the peninsula brings.

No enemies mode! Type “Veganmode” on title screen to activate (without the “”) Version 0.03.

Skulls, limbs, and vivid corpses of the other passengers can still be found around the peninsula and in the caves.


On the 30th of April 2018, The Forest had officially been fully released. The game costs $19.99 and is available on PC and PS4.

The development of The Forest began in 2013. The Forest was in an Alpha stage. It had been released to the public as an early access game in Steam on May 30th, 2014. While in its Alpha stage the game could be brought for $14.99 and was only available on PC, more specifically Windows.