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Tennis Ball
A Tennis Ball held by the player.
Item type
Surface world
Carried by Fire Mutant
Obtained through
Used by
Fire Mutant

The Tennis Ball is a throwable object that can be found in The Forest.


They can be used as a distraction and eventually as an incendiary projectile.

When thrown, it will distract any cannibals around the area it lands, and will immediately alert a cannibal if the ball directly hits it. They can also be lit using the lighter, and thrown directly at enemies to cause burning damage. However, igniting a Tennis Ball will also cause instant burning damage to the player.

The Tennis Ball cannot be placed into the player's inventory and must be carried one at a time.

Fire Mutants use Tennis Balls as incendiary projectiles to attack the player's base.


They are usually found near mutilated tennis player's bodies. The greatest concentration of Tennis Balls can be found in the main cannibal village. They are also commonly found in locked suitcases.

A few Tennis Balls can be found in the same area where the Tennis Racket is found.

Known Bugs[]

When picking up a tennis ball, it might glitch out, leaving you unable to drop the ball/throw it. It blocks the access to the survival book and many other things, you can't use a bow, etc.


Update History[]

Update Changes
v0.68 Fixed case of uncollectable tennis ball on body in cannibal village
v0.66 Held small rocks and tennis balls are now dropped when sitting on a bench
v0.48 Fixed flares and tennis balls not having splash effect when hitting water
v0.45 Picking up small rocks/tennis balls when holding logs no longer drops the logs
v0.40 Fixed tennis balls on dead tennis players being scaled too small
v0.37 Fixed animation issues when picking up small rocks/tennis balls while blocking
v0.29 Tennis balls can now trigger trip wire traps
v0.23 Player can now set tennis balls on fire !
v0.14 Fixed bug that would block an explosive holder slot when attempting to place a small rock/tennis ball on it
v0.09 Slowed down tennis ball throw massively so players can play catch together on beach
v0.08b Thrown rocks and tennis balls can now be used to distract enemies. Hitting trees with items will cause noise that enemies can hear.
v0.08 Increased chance of meds and torches in suitcases, lowered chance of tennis balls.
v0.06 Fixed bug where you could throw multiple tennis balls at once
v0.04b Tennis balls no longer infinitely bounce