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General Suggestions

Given the popularity of the forest on PS4, perhaps the wiki could begin to include tips and suggestions for the console community as well.

Would be FANTASTIC if a single mouse click would issue an attack move. Really tired of having to click my mouse 2,3....thousands of times just to try and kill a lizard (which is probably the easiest animal to kill in the game other than turtles). It is even more inconvenient, as you can probably imagine, having this issue when facing cannibals. My best hope is to block (which strangely works every time) in order to survive an attack. I know it has to be the game, being that my mouse works on everything else, and i have this problem no matter what kind of mouse i use. Please, Devs, fix this as soon as it is convenient or, in other words, ASAP!! Thanks!

Another paragraph of suggestions by TheEgotist, now coming back after a month and a couple of weeks. Surving for almost a week on a loaded game, and love the improvements these game devs have done so far.

Perhaps enabling or revising the code/ scripting to make walking up the wooden custom building ramps, the tree houses, and other things that I found very difficult to get into quickly when being spotteed by mutants. I would have to strife left to right to wedge myself up there because walking straight leaves you at a halt, and is also a pain when you accidentally fall to your demise or receive damage because of strifing.
Mutants are still climbing into trees I have cut down, and the piano key alert sound continually plays.
Why can't we eat the racoons/deer that can be hunted? The game is survival, and it would be nice to get anything you can.. at least make deers possible to get venizon from, such as being able to skin deers for warmth and little armor and eating them for energy/ hunger, or drying them for jerky.
As far as building goes, would be nice to be able to save the blueprints even though they are not fully built or not even partially.
P.s: you cannot chop or undo the existing, standing custom walls with: doors, and windows. This was a pain to work around since I wanted to expand, only to find out I could shop down every other custom wall BUT the windowed and doored walls.
As I've tied cloth around both axes in crafting, and save, then exit, then come back to the game, the only upgrades that remain are the teeth and feathers; cloth disapeares before I use it, and resulting me in loosing the cloth that was crafted.
Why is it that mutants are able to see me through walls, multiple walls with many feet in between each, through walls of structures such as tree house or cabin, etc?
When a drying rack is placed over a garden, nothing can be grown in the garden--even if you have planted something there
More crafting recipes? Especially with the rare item, circuit board, many things could be crafted besides only bombs...
What about making cameras able to be salvagable or able to be picked up? Could set up "posts" to watch mutant behaviors or else.
Making wooden, custom floors for bridges or making custom floors able to be put up in the air, or ladders and fences and gates as well.
If Deer is ever made possible to skin and eat, perhaps double their pelts as warmth and floor covering or tapestry for custom build
More furniture, such as chairs, tables, drawer or chest for extra storage of items, etc
Enabling the log sled to also be upgraded with a rope so that it is pulled wherever you go; no need to frantically push when mutants are near or from far away locations?
P.s.s: There may be a bug in where you find the tape player, put a tape in it, play it, you will not receive any energy!

  • Ocean shouldn’t lose render texture on start
  • Ocean shouldn't lose[sic] render texture on start
  • A few different maps that we can play on

It would be great to see fellow survivors every now and then from the crash if this game turns into Multiplayer. Also, when dropping a lot of items at once i can't pick up any more items and i have to reboot. GOOD JOB ON THE GAME SO FAR!

There should be some sort of a trap that could capture the deer and make like a cage for them. The rope should be craft able and you could put it around the deer to lead them to the cage. Maybe add more animals so you could get their skin and craft different things like a meat bag ( bigger storage for meat ), clothes ( for when it rains ), better armor, etc. Live people in the forest that finds you or you find them and they help you with hunting for food and so on. Build a pond so if you done live need water you built your own pond so you can clean the blood off. So far best survival game I've ever played keep up the good work.

I have some suggestions.... been surviving for at least 50 days now on one save....

In inventory items, the cloth and the booze does not show up. The rocks and mutant body parts do not either, and the medicine... I think there may be more.
Why can't logs float in the water instead of going to the bottom? In real life, logs float, and this would be much easier to actually obtain all the logs.
Could trees respawn or regrow or something after a while?
Where did the modern axe go?
There's glitched and bugs with the water and textures. You can either run through the bottom, or the mutants do. Or swim and the mutants only run through the bottom.
Mutants watch me from nonexistant or cut down trees
More types of animals to eat ?
Maybe have a Human NPC that can be a buddy, find food for you or defend you?
What if saving progressed builds was possible? So that 80 logs out of 82 are not just wasted trees.
Building has several glitches. When you press E with a rock in your hand ( that does not show in inventory) and click E with no other supplies but that rock, it will produce the sound as if you are building. Then once you actually get the required materials and put them down, it doesn't auto-complete itself. The blue prints just stay there with the materials filled in.
One time with this glitch, i was trying to make a standing fire and some other things and i somehow had endless sticks although you can see none in inventory?
Making difficulty modes such as peaceful, or one with other humans surviving with you (other characters?), hard mode, etc


cursed_theforest.png Cursed the forest.PNG

Feature Requests

  • The ability to cancel a build, disassemble previously built structures, relocate structures, and reset traps.
  • The ability to craft more items, particularly rope.
  • Catching animals like rabbits and housing them.
  • Perhaps a map that you "Un-fog" as you explore.
  • Creating a spear with a "Stick and knife". This being said, a knife would be wonderful(not even a good one, maybe even a breakable stone knife).
  • The ability to delete built structures.
  • Local Multiplayer would be very fun.
  • A compass (e.g. found in plane) to help with navigating the island. Or a digital compass integrated into the pedometer.
  • A show/unshow option for the "not finished buildings*, like shelters or fires you build on the other side of the map. i build with a friend and this is sometime annoying when u want to start something new
  • The option to trap and hold a cannibal at the home base would be fun
  • Replace walkie-talkie with a headset. In caves, you need both for your light source and the other for a weapon. It is a pain when you are trying to remotely communicate with one hand always occupied.

Suggestion as of December 2018

  • Tree Saplings (acquired by removing tree stumps) which you can then use to plant elsewhere and some sort of fertilizer which either allows trees to regrow faster or increases its chance of regrowing every time you sleep.
  • Underwater mutants and underwater combat (The heavier the weapon the slower its attack speed) Also flippers to increase swim speed or reduces Stamina consumption in water by 50% or a mix between the two (Found somewhere in the caves)
  • More stone related buildables e.g Walls, foundations, roofs and custom sets along with a pickaxe that you can use on large boulders similar to trees that yields large rocks (Boulders don't respawn).
  • Surface caves: Just large holes or small tunnels above ground with makeshift shelters or a few Cannibals sleeping inside them, these would be considered outside areas so no climbing down a rope or squeezing between rocks to get in, just a simple walk in cave. Maybe notes left by survivors before they were eventually found like a family photo or diary pages torn from the book or even other video tapes. So far Endnight has done a great job of making the Forest feel so alive and I personally think this would just add to the immersion.
  • A cooking grill that acts similar to the old pot and can be used to prepare meat that completely fills you up and keeps you full for much longer.
  • Mixing plants, berries and mushrooms with water in the old pot to create Mixers that provides small temporary buffs but can cause negative effects if used to often.
  • More skills similar to Strength and Athleticism, Like Perception which can allow you to see better in the dark or spot resources from further away or Agility which increases jump height and distance.
  • It was speculated that low sanity could cause you to hallucinate... why not make it a feature. Hearing cannibals that aren't there or hearing footsteps right behind you, seeing figures that looks like other survivors or even a plane flying overhead or a boat out in the distance. Really low sanity could cause you to blackout and be dragged into the caves like your first death or even makes you go berserk for a short time where you deal increased damage but you hunger, hydration and health decreases until just above empty.

Other Humans?

Is it possible to find other living humans, not mutants, randomly? If not might it be a thing to think of adding?

I came upon a campsite littered with boxes and burnt corpses and in the bottom left of the screen where the game shows player status and game messages I saw something that said 8/130 passengers. Has anyone else experienced this? Does something happen when you find all 130? Can you find all 130?

I have found about 60 so far but there are some more around the island. I think not all 130 though, but the devs will add more when the map gets bigger. --CptMorgen (talk) 00:27, 10 June 2014 (UTC)
A lot of them are down in the mutant's caves. I spawned in a spot where there was at least 20 hanging from the ceiling. I've also seen pictures of a bunch found at their camps.
When you start the game after the airplan crash u got a passsenger list, when you find someone on the island it will be written down there, dont know if something will happen if you collect all of them.

Better Tree Houses (and Cabins, Too)!

I love the idea of building a tree house in this game, but there are a lot of limitations in the current version that really cuts their potential. Cabins have a lot these same issues, too, but them having a traditional yard helps the work-arounds. These changes would really improve play for people who love to build and craft--whether that's in the air or on the ground.

I would love to see tree houses/cabins be used for more than just saving and sleeping, so here's some initial thoughts:

  • ability to build a fireplace inside for both cooking and heat
  • ability to build a trunk/closet for extra inventory (that isn't sticks, logs, or rocks)
  • ability to build zip-lines in addition to tree bridges and tree platforms
  • the addition of customization in traps
  • more crafting options in the home (i.e. ability to manufacture rope) compared to the options that are available anytime
  • ability to delete structures and have some of the components returned in that process (b/c realistically disassembling a project would damage some components)
  • ability to manufacture rope from cloth in the home
  • the addition of a pulley system that would act as the tree house equivalent to the log sled

More Animal Traps and Animal Ideas

  • There should be a way you can catch deers and house them ( like the rabbits)
  • traps and cages for the squrriels and raccoons and be able to use their fur for stuff
  • A use for tortoises and there shells
  • Everyone enjoys a good bear slaying. So... BEARS? Or WOLVES?
  • More Animals and use of there fur, like some hats or gloves. maybe a mask to wear after you use the head of an animal in crafting. A Bears would be really nice
  • Traps and cages for bigger animals, like bears or wolves
  • Tame wild animals, like wolves

new furniture and text on signs

  • Maybe shelf skin will be a good idea? Many times I had problem with too many skins and furs. Its more important than medi and snacks in my opinion bc we can have only 5 pieces at one time.
  • Who don't need text a sign when for example sign the caves and need to distinguish them for example "katana" "modern axe" etc.

New Animals

More animals, to make the game much more exciting and diversified. Animals that would be nice to see in the game: - Bears - Wolves - Elk - Moose - Coyote - Fox

More Animals would bring much more life in the game and hunting with predators around would be much more challenging, like it is in real life. There would be much more hostile animals and a bigger amount of resources, which would be harder to get and make everything much more challeging. Also some new sounds could be edited, like howling wolves at night or the sound of bears or moose.

Wiki Related Stuff

Overview Pages

Hiho! I believe we should leave overview/general pages out of categories. For example Rabbit of course is part of the Category:Animal, but the general page Animals shouldn't be in the category. Instead, if this is preferred, they should be collected in a Overview or General category. (Naming open to discussion xD) --Himitherz (talk) 09:08, 11 November 2017 (UTC)

All pages need a category of some type, though I get what you mean. Maybe Flora and Fauna :p just kidding. Gameplay might be suited though thats become a dumping ground of a category. I would suggest having a look at wikis that are similar to The Forest. Where do they put their pages of similar nature. Maybe a creatures category?--Farket8238 (talk) 09:20, 11 November 2017 (UTC)

Bugs/Things to Fix

  • When I created my *Houseboat, it disregarded all laws of physics and flew violently into the air. Once I righted it, it had lost its ability to sleep inside it.

Nearly all the times I open the inventory the crashes and tells me there was a runtime error, a problem with a folder or that there are too many heap sections. Besides, each time i play I hurry up to build a shelter and save the game because if not, the game crashes at some moment while i'm playing. What do I have to do? I send u the file? I change some things in the options menu' Please tell me, this is really pissing me of. I am leaving one of the files that the game told me that it had an error.

so i got this game for 15$ and i can't play it because it is not for iox please make it for this because i really want to play and also think of how manny more people will buy and play it so please make it for iix 7

You wanna know what really grinds my gears? Glitch trees. When I see a normal looking tree I think, "Oh wow this is conveniently close to my shelter! Now I don't have to worry about how it falls down the long hill that goes deeper into the forest. It will just roll right next to my shelter." Then I walk up to it and I walk right through the f*cking logs. Not only did I waste brain power thinkning about it, but I also wasted energy running up to it and swinging my axe at it. This is one of the biggest problems I have before having the ocean dissapear from time to time and every thing is defying the laws of physics. Then when i'm fightning a cannibal it hits me in the back and I fly to Narnia for five seconds. After that I go to the airplane crash to get the suit cases on the ground then when I open it I fall through the f*cking ground and then fall through the sky then hit the ground and die. OH WAIT THERE'S MORE. When I kill a shark it comes back from the dead, kills me, then dies again. What the f*ck developers.

  • There's a glitch that let's my friend not able to see trees as he gets close to them. It really ruins his game and prevents him from chopping trees and he runs into them often. PLEASE FIX
  • People that join into my server sometimes get a bug where they can't use the action button or drink or anything and die of thirst. Happened on the second layer of the pit so he was pooched and couldn't get out. REALLY enjoying this game, play with 4 friends for almost 3 hours a day. Curious if there was an email or something we could report bugs and what not too? Thank you
The wiki is not the place to ask about bug fixes, you should contact Endnight Games. Their facebook and twitter pages are linked on their wiki page — Game widow (talk) 23:06, 11 May 2016 (UTC)

Invisible rain ?

This is the first time I post in here and it seems to be in the wrong place. I am sorry for that, but neither do I know how to get it right or how delete this.

I discovered, after the last few updates,when I went back to the game, that I can not see the rain anymore (just sound and wet ground) I also don´t get wet status, only for cold. It´s really odd when the rain is invisible (everyhting else is fine and my graphics are all on highest settings) I would be glad if I can fix it some way

Game Advice

Combat: all mutants have a forward attack, by strafing to the left or right you can avoid all attacks with ease, attack them at a 90 degree angle after dodging for 100% kill rate without damage. including spider and arm mutants. Foraging: you can carry 3 logs at any one time, or 11 sticks, or 6 rocks by spamming E whilst walking with your load, this way you can carry three logs making it a bit easier to carry them to your log sled or wherever. Tip: build your base downhill, that way you can roll logs down saving you walking time. or build a log sled to bring them from farther and bring the logs to the top of the hill and then roll them down. Food: last but not least, make your base next to a fish pond if you can, free guaranteed food, place a drying rack and always have a few hanging to make sure you have food ready for you at your base without having to worry about fires being seen or burning yourself on it. PS: Unless you have 5 stacks of armor and have 5 stacks in your inventory, kill lizards like your life depends on it. It's basically free extra life, no reason not to have ten stacks at the ready at all times. They're easiest to kill with bow and arrow or the weak spear.


Custom Building Disabled in 1.0? I've not been able to use "C" to create a custom floor since the release. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong but its stopped me from playing and building my first base. Maybe there's a "trick" ? I've re-listened to Farket's sultry voice in his custom building videos just to make sure I remembered how to do it. Any help or checks would be appreciated! - Exchangegeek

I have noticed some mutants with what seems to be eye patches are these mutants who I have previously encountered and wounded, and came back to fight me again?

I could need some help to translate the important pages into German to open a new German The Forest wiki. Could we leave a comment on the main page, that we are in search of some capable people? An actual German wiki was opened at so if someone wants to remove the german pages from here, and put them on that wiki, that would be nice.

Hi! Actually, we have set up a German version of the official wiki here as well: - you're very much welcome to join us! VaultAusir (talk) 19:45, 23 July 2014 (UTC)

Hey everybody ! I am french so I apologize for my english first I really like this wiki because there is a lot of data here there is nowhere else in particulary in french So I propose my services to add the french section in language here (I'm better in english translation than in write don't worry) I'm new so I didn't know who contact but if some admin see this and is intertest he just have to contact me ! Have a good day


acrojeuxvideo, check your talk page for information. Brantmeierz(talk) 04:55, 21 January 2015 (UTC)

Is anyone else having the problem where no animals are spawning, and all the cannibles spawn dead/

Hey! Encountering a bug @ start, my camera gets stuck rotating down and right. No control over the camera when this happens. I can fix it temporarily by alt-tab, but it happens again after a few seconds. Any ideas?

How can you Save your Game and later reload it?

They have not yet implemented the save feature once you sleep in a shelter. It will be added in a hotfix eventually. -McVizard

Are the packs of wandering natives that circle the plane ridiculously OP or is my game just derping? also, why put enemies anywhere near our starting zone?!

  • WHY THE CLIMBING AXE NERF??? D': It's only good for 3 caves now and that's it. Can't climb cliffs out of caves or into/out of the pit. One sad day for the Squad.

Hey everybody, I’ve been trying to break down an uprooted tree stump for a while now, and it won’t break down like a regular tree stump. It makes the same sound when hit as well. Was wondering if anyone knew if it could be done or not. I’m on PS4. Help please gamers! -Roastie22 14 August 2020

Does it look like a normal tree stump? If it's a very large tree stump (not from a normal tree), they're decorative and can't be broken. Have you been able to break other tree stumps? Looking at the Tree Stump page, I just saw a bug there "Sometimes tree stumps will become indestructible, logging out and reopening your game usually fixes this." You could try that, or try using the chainsaw if axes aren't working and logging in/out doesn't work. If nothing works and it is a normal tree stump, I guess a last-ditch attempt would be explosives. -Grendal27 (talk) 22:51, 14 August 2020 (UTC)


at least put it on a few day timer so we can get our bearings! <3 other than that, beautiful so far.

Yes, they are OP, because the game devs made them like that. They are suppose to be strong to put a sense of fear into the players to make them choose how they survive on the island. Most of the cannibals wandering around live away from the plane, those are just scouting parties you see roam around, and I guess the game devs decided to make them path to the plane. The Plane did make a lot of noise crashing down so it could've brought them there. -McVizard

Cannibals are scary

I pissed myself, how can I get a refund. Its not like I'm going to play this demon infested game again...

I would wait until they add the peaceful mode without the cannibals. I think the game would be a lot better with them gone so we could enjoy the survival aspect of the island without the cannibals. -McVizard.
A peaceful mode can be selected since v0.49 || when starting a new game. --Himitherz (talk) 09:08, 11 November 2017 (UTC)

Things are cool,i guess,having some problems with the mutants tho

Other than traps to help you with them, some people have tried jumping on certain rocks as the mutants won't be able to hurt you when you're on a rock. -McVizard
True,mutants cannot reach you if you climb on something(tested on boulders,small rocks,fallend trees and hunting shelter).
This isn't a good method to deal with them, because they will just stay there staring at you. You can not escape or they beat you down and you also can't wait them out or you'll starve. The best way is to try and build a fortress as fast as possible.

Hey,can anyone find a link to a video showing the spider mutant?

You can see it in the video at 1:42 here Cool video you should watch anyway. It's under the two trees in the middle of the frame. You can also see two stills of it here Spider_Mutant. Zombeekeeper (talk) 06:28, 5 June 2014 (UTC)

Does anybody here know which file the mutant spawns are under? I'd like to just stop them from spawning entirely for a time being.

Are there any future plans to bring the game to Mac and Linux ?

"You can kill some of the mutants and the glitch may happen,not sure about that,but you also can simply kill them all using the flare gun+inifinte ammo.

I dont really know if they will bring it to mac and linux,you should email the developers."

My game keeps crashing, always around the same time. Always seems to happen as it is approaching night time. Other then that game is amazing thus far.

Are you using an AMD video card? Are there lightnings before you crash?
Does the game not like AMD video cards or something?
I have an older 5700 AMD card and so far I have not had any issues. The game actually runs really well. Zombeekeeper (talk) 05:35, 5 June 2014 (UTC)
Some players may experience crashes when using AMD video cards with outdated software

Why can't I change the options? I have a bug, everytime I save on a shelter and exit the game, the next time I load the game my inventory gets lost, everything I had is gones except for the plane axe and some rocks and leaves... I have survived just with the axe. It pointless to look for the flare gun because as soon as i exit the game I will lose it.

Downloaded The Forest, but when I tried to play it, it said "NOT ON OS X". What am I doing wrong?

I think that it is not available for OS X or Linux at the moment, only Windows. People have successfully run it on other operating systems using Wine, but I'm not exactly sure how well it would work. Brantmeierz(talk) 16:18, 30 December 2014 (UTC)


Here you can upload your own artwork of the game, Enjoy!

The Plane


The Dead Shark.

Mysterious door? how do i get this door open? who knows

Mysterious door? how do i get this door open? who knows

this door comes when you have taken the 2 end at the end of the passage before you go out of the hole in snow biom just before a rope goes down and there is this door

Sounds like the Sacrifice Door - Just place rocks on the pedestal in front of it (press your interact key on it, there should be plenty of rocks on the ground around it). -Grendal27 (talk) 00:43, 27 January 2020 (UTC)