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So I've seen a ton of lets plays on this game and many of them use the Dev Console Commands. They use these after they complete the entire game in a legit fashion, so i was wondering if you still get the steam achievements after you enable the Dev Console?

With other games once you add on mods or commands it will disable the Achievements for that save file. I want to finish the game legit but i just don't have enough time, I'd enable the basics like unlimited resources and give a couple of items but i still want the challenge of hunger, enemys, and weather. I've been playing on this world save up until day 30 on hard Difficulty and i didn't want to ruin my chance of getting any achievements by enabling Dev commands.

                                                                                                           Thanks in Advance!                                                                                                                       ~KornDaddi
  • Hey KornDaddi, if you have a question it's best to create a discussion/talk page on the content you are talking about. Though not many people know this so it's all good. I have created the talk page under console commands for ease. At this stage, you can still get achievements while using console commands, and even using mods like the ultimate cheat menu. Also, if you have questions you can always use the The Forest Wiki discord thats one the main page, it can be easier. Cheers

--Farket8238 (talk) 01:42, 22 May 2018 (UTC)

"advanceday Skips one day ahead, not much use " : Not much use? I think it can be useful for at least 4 reasons : a) for testing the rate of grow of some vegetables - b) for getting the "pacifist" achievement in a fresh, dedicated, game and reach 10th day faster - c) idem for "the worst father" achievement when a player has done most of the game and settlements and just wait for the 100 mark - d) for reaching faster a milestone with stronger and more opponents (especially in Hard Survival) and get a better challenge

"Blackberries additem 210 spawnitem 210 removeitem 210 Consumable Keycard additem 210 spawnitem 210 removeitem 210 Story " Both are number 210. 210 is confirmed for the keycard, and I have edited Blackberries with 211 as it was the code spawning blackberries in vanilla version 1.11