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The Survival Guide is an item which is used mainly to start building different types of constructions. The book shows pictures of all available structures in the game along with the resources needed to build them. The survival guide (along with the lighter) is one of the first items the player starts out with in the game. The survival guide is quickly accessible by pressing the B key on PC or by pressing up on the D-pad on PS4 or by pressing X in VR (Oculus controls)


The survival guide is divided into three basic categories, of which two have multiple subcategories:

  • Basics of Survival Tutorial: a short introduction to shelters, fires and foraging.
  • Construction: allows the player to quickly access different groups of buildings and place them.

These pages have been listed in the order that they appear in:


The cover, with both authors listed.

  • The book's cover is briefly seen during the opening cutscene aboard the Plane. Its title is The Complete Guide to Survival, and the authors are Eric LeBlanc and Sam Sounde.

Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.05 Fixed drying rack showing log icon instead of stick icon in book
v1.0 Switched book todo font to more readable font

Setup dynamic signals / effigies / family effigies book pages

Added sledding tutorial

All plants in the nature guide are now checked off by looking at them briefly in the world

Fixed button hover visual in book remaining active after clicking on a link, and flashing off when going back in previous pages

Calories text in stats pages and inventory item tooltip is hidden unless in a hard survival game

Crafting tutorial now says to open book and doing so will now open the crafting chapter. replaces the tutorial in inventory when acquiring molotov ingredients for the first time

Finished the book drawing buildings! These should make the book feel more enjoyable to look through and make quickly identifying structures easier

Fixed spacing of embedded action icon in between labels

Book texts are now dynamic, allowing translations to smoothly blend in

Added plant/animal specific message when ticking off stuff in nature guide

New check off animals system added with drawings. As you find animals and plants in the world, the greyscale drawings will turn to colored pictures. To activate, look at animals or plants up close for a short period of time.

Next and previous page buttons are now spaced out across both pages

Added small white dash under page numbers

Fixed lighting on text in book and manifest

Fixed dynamic text in book and on manifest so they aren’t visible when book is clipped

v0.73 Fixed camera jerkiness when moving while opening or closing the survival book
v0.67c Fixed strength always displayed as 1 in the stats page (underlying value was not affected)

Fixed a specific case of toggling quickly between book and inventory that could leave the hud invisible

v0.67 Fixed back index button on fire page not working
v0.40 Colored the different sections in the survival guide.
v0.38 Survival book pickup added to the start of plane crash sequence.
v0.35 Updated crafting page.
v0.34 Blur removed from crafting and notes tab.
v0.33 Page numbers added.
v0.29 New pages: Stats page and To Do List.
v0.27 Reorganized survival book pages and entries in each page.
v0.19 Some story items are now stored in the notes section of the book.
v0.15 Decorations page unlocked.
v0.14 Reorganized traps pages.
v0.07 DIY Crafting Guide page unlocked.
v0.06 Brightness of "Click to Place" buttons decreased.
v0.04b Fixed certain items not being able to be selected.
v0.02 More spelling fixes.
v0.01b Fixed spelling error on shelters page.
v0.01 Survival guide added to the game.
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