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Red Suitcase
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Opened when struck with a weapon
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Suitcases can be found throughout The Forest, often near the plane crash at the beginning of the game and along the various beaches. They are usually locked and can be opened by breaking the lock with a melee weapon. Suitcases can usually be found in various colors, but the color doesn't depict the loot in them. As of v0.05 they exist in the colors red, blue, lime green, dark green pink, yellow and yellow-lime. There are also (as of v0.10) purple plaid, black, and teal as well as 2 different model types.


Suitcases will always contain 2-3 IconCloth.png Cloth
They will also contain one other item assigned at random, here are the possible items you can find from suitcases:
IconBatteries.png Batteries
IconBooze.png Booze
IconCash.png Cash
IconElectricalTape.png Electrical Tape
IconMeds.png Meds (Pills)
IconSnack.png Snack
IconSoda.png Soda
IconTennisBall.png Tennis Ball
IconWristwatch.png Wrist Watch


  • Flashlights used to be obtainable from suitcases. Though in v0.20, they were removed to only be found in the game world (caves). They were replaced with the new batteries pickup in the same update.



Update history[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Clothing Suitcase and Hairspray Suitcase have been added.

Fixed suitcases not appearing in caves for clients if host is not also in the cave

Caves - Old suitcases in caves can now be broken

Clothing outfit pickup rolls now give far fewer chances of receiving already owned clothing pieces

Added clothing switch suitcase to some areas near snow and in further cannibal village locations

Player collect and switch clothing system. You can now find specific colored suitcases in the world which have outfits you can change into. Some caves and specific locations have unique outfits.

New pick up item added, Hairspray! Use hairspray with a lighter for a mini-flamethrower. Findable in some suitcases and in specific parts of world.

v0.71 Electrical tape can now be found in some suitcases
v0.69 Added Hard Survival game difficulty, there is a much lower amount of spawned suitcases.
v0.68 Matched color of suitcase cloth with pickup and inventory cloth color
v0.67 Fixed enemies opening suitcases by running into them
v0.62 Suitcases no longer disappear when host is in cave and clients out
v0.57 (Multiplayer) Fixed picking up items in suitcase while full causing it to duplicate as host or remain floating in the air as client
v0.55 Suitcases around the plane crash site no longer respawn
v0.39 Fixed big trunk suitcase launching player when broken apart and minimized amount of broken apart pieces
v0.38 Removed loose sodas and cash pickups from caves, instead these are found on bodies, under bodies, or in suitcases/crates
v0.34 Suitcases now stipple on instead of popping in
v0.33 Added grass displacement to suitcases & food cart
v0.29 (Balance) Large cloth jumpers in suitcase now give 2-3 pieces of cloth
v0.27 (Multiplayer) Fixed suitcases sometimes jittering back and forth for client when stuck between objects
v0.26 Removed some old purses and suitcases from overworld
v0.25 (multiplayer) Improved suitcase syncing between players

(multiplayer) Fixed issue where suitcase “lock” icon would always be visible even after suitcase had been opened (audio) Suitcases, laptops, small pots, food carts and plane seats all have sounds now when pushed (audio) Fixed suitcase smash sound sometimes playing twice when hit and distorting audio (audio) Tuned cliff, item push, and some player sounds Fixed suitcases around plane respawning at runtime when going back and forth to the plane

v0.24 Fixed suitcases sometimes showing as open but having a locked icon above them.
v0.23 (multiplayer) Suitcases now replicate correctly between players! (previously would only work if players were close together and suitcase not not been physically moved)
v0.22 Fixed bug causing suitcases to look open but be closed or the other way around
v0.21 Fixed suitcases spawning items multiples times when hit
v0.20b Fixed batteries in suitcases having torch icon

Fixed suitcase spawned items not visible always (folded jumpers, batteries etc)

v0.20 Removed plastic torch from suitcases, can now only be found in gameworld.

Fixed suitcases cloth sheen icon and chocolate bar pickup icon not rendering Torch in suitcases replaced with new batteries pickup

v0.12 Paper money can now be found in some suitcases
v0.11 Audio-Fixed suitcase open sound using flesh hit sound effect
v0.10 New suitcase art (6 textures variations, 2 model variations) added!

(multiplayer)Fixed Suitcases not being replicated over the network and existing only locally for each player

v0.08b Fixed suitcases around plane not having working pickups on loading a saved game

Increased chance of meds and torches in suitcases, lowered chance of tennis balls.

v0.08 Increased chance of meds and torches in suitcases, lowered chance of tennis balls.
v0.06b Fixed some dynamic objects flying up in air on spawning (boxes, suitcases)