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Needs info about Latin stuff, flintlock pistol, cache and sketches

Year Date Item Description Image
? ? Latin Paper Written in Latin, notes detailing the Christian Missionaries attempts to fend off Virginia and mutant babies with crosses and traps. Notes and sinkhole drawing suggest the mutants and sinkhole predate Sahara Therapeutics' activities on the Peninsula. LatinPaperFarket.png
? Flintlock Pistol Dates were obtained from Wikipedia article Flintlock Pistol. This is an estimation of when flintlock pistols were invented up until when they ceased being used. FlintlockPistolFarket.png
July 14th Beneath The Limestone A story in a magazine (Beneath the Limestone Real Stories of Caving Adventures) titles "Forgotten - A Group of Seven Entered the Cave Only One Came Back" -- perhaps a story not entirely fiction and based on real events, note the crosses on the cover. Cost is 10 cents indicating it is very old. There is no year on the magazine, though based on similar pricing as The Practical Caver, Beneath The Limestone may have been released around the same time CaveStories Diffuse.png
1932 June 5th The Practical Caver Caving magazine CavePractical Diffuse.png
? Lets Camp Magazine Let's Camp! the world's top camping magazine since 1973. Blue Tents match the tents on the peninsula LetsCamp Diffuse.png
? Siblings Missing Newspaper A newspaper clipping reporting on "Siblings Still Missing" a report by Brian Rits -- note that there is the name "Ritz, B." on the flight manifest. Date range based on the Fun Drink can, which has a stay-on-tab with a narrow mouth. StripperNewspaper diffuse.png
1982 June Yacht Photo Polaroid picture of a boat closely resembling the Yacht, dated June 1982 YachtPolaroid diff.png
1982 June Teddy Bear Photo Polaroid picture of a teddy bear, it is assumed to be taken at the same time as the yacht photo TeddyPolaroid diff.png
1984 June 2nd Charles: The Survival Man Magazine found on the Yacht MovieScript Diff.png
1984 May Yacht Magazine Magazine found on the Yacht Yacht Diffuse.png
? Ethical Scientist Magazine Ethical Scientist - a bi-monthly magazine that has an Ancient Artifact on it's cover with the subheading of "Can this device bring back the dead?" ScienceMagazine Diffuse.png
? Survival Guide The Complete Guide to Survival written by TV's Survival Expert Eric LeBlanc (the player character) and Sam Sounde. -- Sam Sounde, the best selling author of "I can't breathe", "The Dark Haired Man" and "SKS - 15 million serial killers. 1 victim." (Serial Killers? - alluding perhaps to lumber industry and nature being the victim?) SurvivalGuideFarket.png
2008? December 8th Bring Down A Plane Email December 8th is correct, 2008 might now be as its really blurred. Its definitely 2000 something. It looks like a 0 or 8 at the end, 8 would be more likely in terms of the timeline PlaneEmail Diffuse.png
2010 June 21st Real! Magazine Exclusive "TV Star's Wife Dies - The tragic Accident Exposed" -- covering the story of our main protagonist Eric LeBlanc, who is on the cover, together with his "famous" axe and his young son Timmy TabloidMagazine Diffuse.png
2015 ? Plane Movie 1 ? PlaneTV.png
2015 ? Plane Movie 2 ? PlaneTV alt.png
2016 June 1st Breathe Magazine Breathe Magazine - Issue 42 of Entertainment Guide A767 is an inflight magazine. It appears after 2010 perhaps a year or two later, given that Real magazine reported on the TV star's wife accident in its June 21 2010 edition. BreathMagazine2Farket.png