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In the ocean, at beaches and on boulders

Starfish are merely decorative creatures found around the shores of the peninsula and in the ocean.

Starfish cannot be interacted with and serve no purpose other than to provide deeper immersion. They are not listed in the Nature Guide of the Survival Guide.


  • Starfish can also be seen deeper inland, usually on large rocks, and away from beaches and shores. It is unknown whether or not their placement inland is intentional or not.
  • Both colorations of starfish seem to be of the Pisaster genus; the pink coloured one is Pisaster bresvispinus, and the purple one is Pisaster ochraceus.


Version History[]

Version Changes
v0.40 (Performance) Lowered amount of starfish and now stippling them in only when closer to player
v0.21 Replaced ugly grass terrain texture and fixed issue where starfish were still spawning on top of it
v0.13 Removed starfish from caves and other strange places. Will now only appear on beach.
v0.01 Starfish added to the game

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