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Stamina, also known as fatigue, is the player's state of exhaustion and it is represented by the thicker, lighter blue bar in the bottom right of the HUD.


Stamina is consumed by performing certain actions such as running, chopping down trees, climbing ropes, and fighting cannibals. It will only refill to the highest point of the corresponding energy bar.

With the addition of athleticism in v0.29, it is possible to more efficiently use fatigue and energy. Athletic activities having to do with movement become faster and more efficient with higher levels of athleticism, allowing the player to make more use out their fatigue, and ultimately their overall energy level. This also affects strength which was also added in v0.29. It will allow you to do more damage which would reduce stamina cost.

What Doesn't Use Stamina[]

  • Walking
  • Doing nothing
  • Swimming (not sprint swimming)
  • Using the Repair Tool
  • Ground attacks with spears
  • Rowing a boat
  • Descending a rope

What Replenishes Stamina[]

IconEnergyMix.png Energy Mix
IconEnergyMixPlus.png Energy Mix +
IconSoda.png Soda

What Decreases Stamina[]

  • Swinging a weapon
  • Sprinting
  • Sprint Swimming
  • Cutting down trees
  • Climbing a rope


Update history[]

Version Changes
v0.68 Added new control option “Sprint Mode” allowing to choose between hold (legacy & default) and toggle, which leaves player running as long as he has stamina, the run button isn’t pressed again, or movement stops
v0.57 Fixed player able to fast climb ropes with no stamina
v0.47 Fixed incorrect stamina drain when doing heavy attacks
v0.44 Fixed held rock and other weapon speed not being affected by low stamina
v0.44 Fixed spear attacks not draining stamina at all
v0.32 Performing a flying axe attack now correctly drains stamina instead of restoring it

Player can now run for a second even if stamina is very low

v0.27 (Balance) Run stamina Cost reduced by 15%

(Balance) Adrenaline rush ! When player’s health reaches grey zone because of an enemy hit he gets half his missing stamina back over 1 second. Has a 2 minutes delay. Fixed player losing stamina if stationary while holding the run key Player can no longer perform heavy swing attack if stamina is very low

v0.25 (balance) Blocking with weapons no longer drains stamina
v0.23 Added Run & Breath silent skills, reducing running stamina cost or increasing lung air breathing duration as player practices those activities

Drinking a soda will now instantly restore some stamina along with energy Fixed issues with stamina calculations when running

v0.21 Fixed heavy swing restoring stamina
v0.19 Fixed judder when sprinting and low stamina

Player must stop running now before stamina will recharge Small delay added to stamina recharge if you run out of stamina while sprinting

v0.17 Player now respawns in MP with full stamina
v0.13 Getting hit while blocking now drains more stamina

Block will fail now when hit if you have very low stamina

v0.07 new rock attack animation, more powerful, uses more stamina

Energy bar now flashes when playing music to make clear that your stamina is getting a boost

v0.02 Stamina recharge now takes longer