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Starving Cannibals
Male and Female Starving Cannibals (left side)
Also known as
Regular Skinny Cannibals
Added in
Surface only
Weapon(s) used
Sticks - Males Only
Single, Double, Triple Strike
Leap Attack
Very Aggressive
Toys with player
Fast weapons
Spawns on Day
Day 1
Normal - 13
Hard/HS - 26
Normal - Male: 43 / Female: 38
Hard/HS - Male: 64 / Female: 57
Difficulty Mode Statistics
Damage Diff
100% more on hard modes
Building Damage
100% more on hard modes
Health Diff
50% more on hard modes
Spawn Chance
50% LESS on hard modes
Attack Chance
150% more likely to on hard modes
Follow Up Attack Chance
150% more likely on hard modes
Fire Damage Resistance
50% LESS damage on hard modes
Heavy Attack Knock Down Chance
75% LESS likely to be knocked down

Starving Cannibals, also known as regular skinny cannibals, are the basic type of skinny cannibal that was added in update v0.01 to The Forest.


Starving cannibals are part of the second main faction of cannibals, the Skinny Cannibals, with the other being the regular cannibals. They are more aggressive and more hostile than regular cannibals, and will immediately attack the player unprovoked as they are hostile from the beginning of the game. Starving cannibals are distinguishable from regular cannibals as they are much skinnier, smaller, are covered in blood and dirt (first variant), do not wear clothes of any sort, and will move on both arms and legs. They are faster than regular cannibals, but are weaker in both health and attack damage. They carry sticks, rather than actual weapons. Often times they will have no weapons at all.

Whereas regular cannibals are a little quieter and growl at the player when attacking and scream when attacked, starving cannibals can be identified before they are spotted by their maniacal uncontrollable laughter.

Starving cannibals are separate from the regular cannibals, perhaps due to being runts or from being exiled from a cannibal tribe. Unlike other cannibals, starving cannibals will be drawn to dead/incapacitated cannibals and animal corpses (even in the midst of battle) and will begin to eat them, displaying their hunger. They can be seen cooperating with other cannibals, but are often hostile towards them as well as the player. Starving cannibals can easily turn on their stronger counterparts if provoked, and the player can exploit this by making a starving cannibal hit another cannibal by accident or vice versa. Eating a live cannibal will result in one of two outcomes: Either the victim scurries away and gets "revived", or the victim continues to get eaten. If a victim has survived a cannibalization attempt, they will be revived and have a different model, which shows their rib cage split open.

Starving cannibals patrol during the day and night, either on their own or in a group of up to 5. These patrols are very disorganized compared to regular cannibals: moving in patrols seems to be much more of a group-scramble with no visible leader than a planned route of patrol, and will not use any source of light.


Update History[]

Version Changes
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