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Siblings Missing Newspaper
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Siblings Missing Newspaper
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Siblings Missing Newspaper is one of the collectible lore items of the game is a newspaper cutout with the headline, "Siblings Still Missing". It is stated that the two children disappeared without a trace.


Report by BRIAN RITS

Special report about a pair of very special children. They haven't been seen since November of last year. Not much is known about what will happen in June.

  "The files on missing children are not very open to the public." says a correspondent. Why is this young child missing we might never know. What will the parents say.

  Last year there were so many missing children. These ones are no different from the others. There are so many files on the children, these are no different.

  By the end of the year none of the children were found. All of them were still missing and unaccounted for.

  The spokesman went on to say many more things.. "we need to protect our children from evil forces". He rambled on for a bit, we aren't sure what he said. The mothers are very sad about all this, we aren't sure what to do.

  "Everyone will be held accountably for this tragedy" they said. We weren't sure who they meant or who they were looking at. Research suggests they might be in shock. They seemed normal to us.

Without a Trace

Annual report about a pair of very special children. They haven't been seen since November of last year. Not much is known about what will happen in June.

Nothing new has been found in the past few months. Someone went to go look for them. They said they would and they never did. We don't know what to think about this.






Some missionaries went...
boat to find them. The...
they had some clues. Th...
very vague, very very...
Who knows if they w...
They had maps so we...
they knew what th...

A number of assumptions can be made about this:

  • Sahara kidnapped the children to use in their experiments
  • Someone else kidnapped the children to use in the obelisk
  • Some Christian Missionaries went on the boat to find them, as they had clues and maps.


It can be found in Cave 3, it is located in an open crate, surrounded by white tents. There are about 4-5 mutant babies and 2 pale skinny mutants surrounding it also. It can be found between the chainsaw and climbing axe. There is an explodable wall right near it. This entire area also has about 3-4 other pale skinny mutants in it.


  • In the 3rd and 4th slide of the Jarius Project's orientation slideshow about "Subject 37B5" and "Subject 82C6" there is a note that states "Multiple limbs might be sibling anomaly" which can be understood as the Sahara Therapeutics experimented with the kidnapped siblings.
  • There is an advertisement for Fun Drink on the clipping, which is the soda of choice for Sahara (with multiple soda machines bearing the brand in the lab and several crates found around the island).


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