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Shipping Containers
Shipping Containers 1.png
Shipping Containers
Official Names
Shipping Containers
Player Given Names
Shipping container den
Shipping crate den
Center left side of map
The Forest Map
Sea level
On Patrol Route
Yes, heavily
Nearby Locations
Cache Island

The Shipping Containers is a unique location in The Forest.


It used to be found on the beach along with two other containers, various packages, and some scattered items. There was a cassette tape, which can be played using the cassette player, stuck in the eye socket of the animal skull decoration on the wall. There were also several medicines and a few packages which can be smashed open to get circuit boards inside the crate.

It is unknown who created and occupied the den. It is most likely a cannibal, going by the style of decoration. However, there is a chance that it was a survivor, because the cassette tape is not an item that the cannibals seem to take any interest in, and the den is very well-organized aesthetically compared to normal cannibal style.

It is unknown why the developers removed it from the game. Perhaps it did not fit the theme of the developing story, or perhaps it was buggy, but either way, it has been removed and is no longer in the game.

It was replaced by numerous crates with circuits boards, coins, booze and is considered as main cannibal camp.


IconElectricalTape.png 1x Electrical Tape
IconCircuitBoardCrate.png Heaps of Circuit Board Crates
IconBooze.png Over 20x Booze scatted on the beach and in the water
IconSmallRock.png Heaps of Throwable Rocks
IconMeds.png Meds (Pills) scatted over the beach
IconCoins.png Coins scatted over the beach
IconShippingManifest.png Cargo Manifest in one of the containers


  • Some sea based plants in the ocean
  • There are no sticks


IconTurtle.png Turtle
IconFish.png Fish


Gallery - Release 1.0[]


Shipping Container Changes[]

The shipping container den has changed extensively since it was added. Here are some images of how it looked in previous patches:

Update history[]

Version Changes
v0.57 Audio – Shipping container area given unique plastic audio event
v0.56 It no longer rains inside the shipping containers
v0.49 Red storage container company logo added

Storage container manifest pickup added

v0.30 Fixed missing collision on plastic panels inside shipping containers
v0.29 New art added: Revised shipping containers
v0.23 (Audio) Shipping containers play metal footsteps
v0.06 New props added: washed up packages and shipping containers