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Carcharodon carcharias
Deeper ocean
1 Shark Head (from the corpses on the shore)
Tries to attack the player if come too close.

Sharks are hostile animals that can be found swimming particular areas of the ocean where the water is too deep to stand in. If the player comes too close, a shark will charge towards them and attack them by biting.


Sharks can typically be seen swimming long before the player is in any danger due to their tell-tale dark shape in the water. If the player gets too close, a shark will turn and charge towards them. A hit from the shark will deal 55 points of damage regardless of armor worn, but long as some distance is kept, they ignore the player. The player has to be rather close to the shark in order to provoke a bite, and bites can be dodged by jerking to the left as it tries to bite you. It will not immediately try to bite again, but will instead swim off for a bit. Sharks can be killed from the shore or any platform out of the water with 2-3 arrows or 1-2 spears. The shark will flail with each hit and, when dead, the body will sink to the bottom.

On the PC version of the game, setting the ocean quality to flat makes the detection of sharks and other underwater creatures or objects an easier task.


Sharks can be found at certain locations, they aren't everywhere in the oceans. Here are the locations listed on The Forest Map IconTheForestMap.png

Multiple shark corpses can be found washed up along the shore line which currently serve no functional purpose and are only there for aesthetics. Their heads can be used when cut off to create trophies. Seagulls tend to fly around and land on the dead sharks.

Dead Sharks[]

You can find dead sharks in some area of the beaches. These appear to be great white sharks. They are much larger than the ones in the ocean. It isn't explained in the game why this breed of shark are found dead on the beaches. 3 can be found under water near the shipping containers as well. The only way to get shark heads is from these sharks. Sharks produce no material or meat when you kill them.


As of update v0.67, sharks now spawn in multiplayer. If you die to a shark or by drowning, you will not be able to be revived. This means all your stats will be reset. You will lose all your strength and athleticism gains. Consider reloading if this occurs.

Known Bugs[]

  • Rarely sharks can be seen swimming on the beaches, and through rafts and the boat.


Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed some held animal heads in wrong position on other players

Improved cut geometry when chopping dead shark heads!

v0.73 Fixed sharks disappearing for clients when killed
v0.72 Fixed wrong shark head on mounted version

New shark head cut model with better cut detailing

v0.69 Optimized dead shark ragdolls when players are far away
v0.67 Sharks now spawn in multiplayer

If a player dies to a shark or by drowning, they can not be revived

v0.65 Larger animal heads (shark, crocodile and deer) have collision so the player cannot stand inside them.
v0.47 (Multiplayer) Fixed bug where clients could be kicked from game if attempting to chop shark head
v0.41 Better scale/position of deadshark head when held by player

Chopping dead sharks will now leave a headless ragdoll

v0.36 Fixed dead sharks sometimes duplicating on contact with player
v0.34 Added dying in water animation when drowned or killed by shark

Sharks now swim at varying depth and can be killed

v0.27 It is now possible to harvest heads off the following animals: Boar, Crocodile, Deer, Goose, Lizard, Rabbit, Raccoon, Seagull, Shark, Squirrel, Tortoise.
v0.26 (audio) sound event now plays when player is attacked by a shark
v0.25b Fixed sharks missing from ocean!
v0.23 Sharks attack player more often now

Small material tweaks: Darkened cave entrances to match albedo of surrounding rocks, brightened ghost experimental material to make it easier to see during day, tweaked clouds, fixed sheen on raft rowing stick, tweaks to plants material/spec settings. Improved look of held molotov. Improved shading on dead sharks and live sharks.

v0.20 Fixed sharks swimming through sand sometimes
v0.19 Lowered amount of sharks and moved further away from shore to avoid sand sharks
v0.16 Fish and sharks are now also in multiplayer games!

Better shark ragdoll

v0.04 Dead sharks now ragdoll
v0.03 House boat buildable (Warning : buggy!! – especially with sharks. Also, may sink)
v0.02 Sharks added to the game

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