Sahara Therapeutics is a large company that deals with genetic experimentation. They own or once owned the Peninsula, which includes the company's extensive underground research laboratory located deep beneath the forest floor. The company's primary concern seemed to be dealing with youth and longevity, as evidenced by the advertisements posted around the research lab, and the Jarius Project itself, which is featured prominently in an orientation slideshow found within the lab.

An additional Sahara laboratory, known as "Site 2", is referenced in the ending cutscene of the ending when the player activates the Power Obelisk to crash a plane in order to resurrect Timmy. Several years after the events of The Forest, an older Timmy looks at a bulletin board in his apartment; a map of an island can be seen with a location on its north-western peninsula circled. It is speculated that this will be the setting for The Forest's sequel, Sons of the Forest, and that you will play as Timmy.

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