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'''Sahara Therapeutics''' is a large company that deals with genetic experimentation. They own or once owned the [[Peninsula]], which includes the company's extensive underground [[Sahara Laboratory|research laboratory]] located deep beneath the forest floor. The company's primary concern seemed to be dealing with youth and longevity, as evidenced by the advertisements posted around the research lab, and the [[Jarius Project]] itself, which is featured prominently in an orientation slideshow found within the lab.<br>
An additional '''Sahara''' laboratory, known as "Site 2", is referenced in [[Story#Happily Ever After?|the ending cutscene of the ending]] when the [[player]] activates the [[Obelisk#Power Obelisk|Power Obelisk]] to crash a plane in order to resurrect [[Timmy]]. Several years after the events of ''[[The Forest]]'', an older Timmy looks at a bulletin board in his apartment; a map of an island can be seen with a location on its north-western peninsula circled. It is speculated that this will be the setting for ''The Forest's'' sequel, ''[ Sons of the Forest]'', and that you will play as Timmy.

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