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Sahara Therapeutics is an American company working in medical treatments. One of their major concerns was youth and longevity, which their Jarius Project was based on. Their research was based in two locations, a peninsula in Canada, where the Forest takes place and a "Site 2". Site 2, is referenced in the ending cutscene of the ending when the player activates the Power Obelisk to crash a plane in order to resurrect Timmy. Several years after the events of The Forest, an older Timmy looks at a bulletin board in his apartment; a map of an island can be seen with a location on its north-western peninsula circled. It is speculated that this will be the setting for The Forest's sequel, Sons of the Forest.

Known employees[]

Name Working Place Description
Dr. Mathew Cross Sahara Laboratory representing Jarius Project, working with The Resurrection Obelisk and The Power Obelisk
Nancy Helen Head of HR Sahara Therapeutics has sent the Termination Notice Email to Dr. Mathew Cross
Sasha Bondi Office received the Bring Down A Plane Email from Dr. Mathew Cross
Karl Thomas Peterson Unknown owner of the Keycard #72003